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Air India Reservation Policies

Planning a trip with Air India? Understanding the airline's reservation policies is crucial for a smooth travel experience. In this article, we'll walk you through the key points of Air India's reservation policy, helping you navigate the booking process, ticketing and payment, baggage allowance, flight changes and cancellations, check-in procedures, special services, travel documents, delays and cancellations, frequent flyer programs, code-share and interline flights, privacy and security, as well as how to get in touch with their customer support. Let's dive in!

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Effortless Air India Flight Booking and Reservation Options  

Air India offers convenient flight booking and reservation services for travelers. Passengers can easily book Air India flights and make reservations through various channels including; 

  1. Online: Via the airline's official website (
  2. Offline: Walk to the nearest Air India Office located in your region. 
  3. Fill out the Form: You can easily book the Booking form, go to Contact Support >> Fill Classification as “Other- Query” from the drop-down>> Select Query- Booking >> then select according to your requirements >> click on Next. 
  4. Mobile App: Download the App to manage your flight reservations. 
  • Click here to download from Playstore for Android. 
  • Click here to download it from the Apple store for iPhone.

Destinations and Hubs 

Destinations and hubs are vital aspects of an airline's network. Destinations refer to the cities or airports an airline serves, connecting travelers to various locations worldwide. Hubs, on the other hand, are strategic airports where airlines concentrate their operations, facilitating efficient connections and transfers. The airline covers all the Indian cities, and here are the International places where Air India flies; 

United States

New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, London, and more. 

United Arab Emirates


Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia

Jeddah, Damman, Medina


Toronto, Vancouver


Sydney, Melbourne, Perth












Milan, Rome



Hong Kong

Hong Kong




Kuala Lumpur






Kuwait City





Sri Lanka





Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi. 


Kabul, Kandahar




Air India Booking Process: Steps to Book an Air India Flight


When it comes to booking a flight with Air India, the process is designed to be seamless and user-friendly. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time flyer, understanding the booking process is essential to secure your seat on the plane. In this section, we'll walk you through the steps of reserving your flight with Air India.

Step 1: Navigate to the Official Website or Mobile App

To begin your booking journey, open your preferred web browser and visit the official Air India website or launch the Air India mobile app. Both options provide a user-friendly interface that makes the booking process a breeze.

Step 2: Enter Your Travel Details

Once you're on the Air India website or app, you'll find a search bar prominently displayed. Start by entering your departure city and destination, along with your intended travel dates. Don't forget to specify whether you're looking for a one-way or round-trip ticket.

Step 3: Explore Flight Options

After entering your travel details, click the "Search Flights" or similar button to proceed. The system will swiftly generate a list of available flights based on your preferences. You'll be presented with various options, including different departure times, layovers (if applicable), and fare classes.

Step 4: Choose Your Flight

Review the list of available flights, taking note of the flight numbers, departure times, and fares. Consider factors such as your travel schedule, budget, and any preferences you may have. Once you've identified the flight that suits your needs, click on it to select it.

Step 5: Provide Passenger Information

With your flight selected, you'll now need to provide passenger information for each traveler. This includes full names, dates of birth, contact information, and any special requirements you might have, such as meal preferences or assistance for passengers with disabilities.

Step 6: Select Additional Services (Optional)

Air India offers a range of optional services that you can add to your booking for a more tailored travel experience. These services may include seat selection, extra baggage allowance, priority boarding, and more. Take a moment to explore these options and select any that align with your needs.

Step 7: Review and Confirm Your Booking

Before finalizing your reservation, take a moment to review all the details you've provided. Double-check the travel dates, passenger information, selected services, and the total fare. If everything looks accurate, proceed to the payment page.

Step 8: Make Payment

Air India offers a variety of secure payment methods to choose from. You can pay for your booking using major credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and other online payment options. Follow the prompts to enter your payment details and complete the transaction.

Step 9: Receive Booking Confirmation

Congratulations! Once your payment is processed successfully, you'll receive a booking confirmation via email or SMS. This confirmation will include essential details such as your flight itinerary, booking reference number, and receipt of payment.

Meals on Air India Flights

 In Air India flights, passengers are required to select preferred meals before the flight, and if not, classic Indian vegetarian meals are served in all the cabin classes. Meals are served based on the scheduled time of your flights. The airlines offer complimentary meals on all flights, whether domestic or International flights. Learn more about the Air India flight meals and curate your menu accordingly.  Here’s what to expect on International Flights;


Up to 5 hours,    

One major meal

5 to 9 hours    

One major meal & one minor meal

9 to 11 hours

Two major meals

11 hours & above         

Two major meals & one minor meal

Types of major meals

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshments 

Types of minor meals

Meal/beverage or snack 

Document Requirements for Air India Travel

Traveling with Air India is an exciting adventure, and ensuring you have the necessary travel documents is vital for a seamless journey. From booking your flight to checking in and going through security, having the right documentation on hand is essential. In this article, we'll guide you through the essential travel documents you need when flying with Air India.

Passport: Your Key to International Travel

If you're embarking on an international journey with Air India, a valid passport is your primary travel document. Ensure that your passport is current and will remain valid throughout your entire trip. Check the expiration date and make sure it meets the entry requirements of your destination country. Keep your passport in a safe and easily accessible place throughout your journey.

Visa: Entry Permission to Your Destination

Depending on your nationality and the country you're traveling to, you might need a visa to enter your destination. Air India strongly recommends researching and obtaining the necessary visa well in advance of your travel date. Each country has specific entry requirements, so make sure you understand the type of visa you need and any associated documentation.

Boarding Pass: Your Ticket to the Flight

Your boarding pass is a crucial document that grants you access to the aircraft. After completing the check-in process, either online or at the airport, you'll receive a boarding pass. This document includes essential information such as your flight details, seat assignment, gate information, and departure time. Keep your boarding pass handy as you go through security and when boarding the plane.

E-Ticket: Proof of Booking

Your e-ticket serves as proof of your flight reservation with Air India. It includes vital information such as your booking reference number (PNR), flight itinerary, fare details, and any additional services you've purchased. Ensure that you have a copy of your e-ticket either printed or accessible on your mobile device when traveling.

Photo ID: Confirming Your Identity

Having a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or national ID card, is essential for domestic flights and can serve as an additional form of identification for international travel. Make sure the name on your ID matches the name on your booking and other travel documents.

Travel Insurance: Financial Protection

While not mandatory, having travel insurance is highly recommended. Travel insurance provides financial protection against unexpected events such as trip cancellations, flight delays, lost baggage, medical emergencies, and more. Make sure to have a copy of your travel insurance policy and emergency contact information readily available.

Health Documents: Meeting Health Requirements

For international travel, some countries may require specific health documents, such as vaccination certificates or health declarations. Research the health requirements of your destination and ensure you have the necessary documents to comply with their regulations.

Seating Arrangement in Air India Flights 


The specific seat types may vary depending on the aircraft type and the class of service. Here are some common types of seats you may find on Air India flights:

  1. Economy Class Seats: These are the standard seats available in the economy cabin. They typically offer a comfortable seating arrangement with adjustable headrests, seatback pockets, and foldable tray tables. The legroom and seat pitch may vary depending on the aircraft configuration.
  2. Business Class Seats: Air India's Business Class offers a more luxurious and spacious seating experience. These seats are designed for enhanced comfort and privacy. They often feature lie-flat or angled lie-flat configurations, allowing passengers to rest and sleep more comfortably during long-haul flights. Business Class passengers also enjoy additional services such as priority boarding, premium dining options, and access to airport lounges.
    1. First Class Seats: On select long-haul routes, Air India may offer First Class seats. These seats provide the highest level of luxury, privacy, and comfort. First Class cabins typically feature spacious seats that can convert into fully flat beds, allowing passengers to rest and sleep comfortably during the flight. Passengers in First Class enjoy premium amenities, personalized service, fine dining options, and exclusive access to airport lounges.

Covid-19 Policy in Air India Airlines 

As per the latest guidelines for International travel, the airlines issued the guidelines on 29th December 2022. It is always best to visit the official Air India website or contact their customer service directly for the most up-to-date information regarding their COVID-19 policies. 


                                                           image credit: Air India Airlines

The guidelines speak that all travelers should preferably be fully vaccinated as per the approved primary schedule of vaccination against COVID-19 in their Country and In-flight announcements about the COVID-19 pandemic including precautionary measures to be followed (preferable use of masks and following physical distancing) shall be made in flights/travel and at all points of entry.  

Flying Return- Air India Loyalty Program For Frequent Flyers 

Flying Returns is the loyalty program offered by Air India, for frequent flyers. It is designed to reward and recognize the airline's loyal customers by offering various benefits and privileges based on their travel activities.

As a member of the Flying Returns program, frequent flyers can earn points called "Miles" for every eligible flight they take with Air India or its partner airlines. The number of miles earned depends on factors such as the class of travel, distance flown, and the fare paid. These miles can then be redeemed for a range of rewards, including free flights, upgrades, hotel stays, car rentals, and a variety of merchandise.

The Flying Returns program consists of several membership tiers, each offering different levels of benefits. The tiers include; 

  • Base
  • Silver Edge 
  • Golden Edge, and 
  • The Maharajah Club. 

The higher the tier, the greater the privileges and advantages. Members progress through the tiers by accumulating qualifying miles or segments within a specified period.

Some of the key benefits of the Flying Returns program include priority check-in, priority boarding, extra baggage allowance, access to exclusive airport lounges, and special discounts on selected Air India services. Additionally, members may receive bonus miles during promotional campaigns or when booking tickets through the program's dedicated website or mobile app.

How can I join the Air India Frequent Flyer Club? 

To join the Flying Returns program, individuals can sign up for free through the Air India website or by completing a physical enrollment form at an Air India office. Upon enrollment, members receive a unique membership number and can start earning miles immediately. They can track their mileage balance, view upcoming flights, and manage their account through the program's online portal.

Air India Customer Ranking And Reviews  

  1. Airlines Quality Ranking by Skytrax. The ranking is based on the comfort of seats, amenities, food & beverages, IFE, cleanliness, etc, and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff. 
  2. Airlines Customer Reviews- By TripAdvisor


                                                                                        image credit: Air India Airlines

How to Contact Air India Airlines Customer Service?

Live Chat: You can ask all the queries from the live chat support, the airline has named it “Maharaja” referring to the king. 

Form: There’s an option to connect with the airlines via form, simply write the question and push the submit button and the airlines shall answer via email. 

Air India Telephone Number:  You can call the airline directly and clear any kind of query, dial +91 124 264 1407 or +91 202 623 1407 

Social Media: Get in touch with Air India Airlines agents via connecting the social media platforms: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Air India Airlines Telephone Numbers 

If you wish to contact the airlines via call, always pick the number of the regional office of your area. Here you shall find Air India Airlines reservations number; 

USA: +1 - 888 634 1407 (Toll-Free)

Canada: +1 - 888 634 1407 (Toll-Free)

UK: +44 - 0800 048 9254 (Toll-Free)

Australia: +61 - 3 701 98270 (Toll-Free)

France: +33 - 1 874 06644

Germany: +49 - 6925511337 

Singapore: +65 - 800 101 4016 (Toll-Free)

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Air India FAQ's

☞ How do I talk to a live person at Air India?

Quickly make a call on the helpline number +91 22 26 26 5555 on your phone and listen to the Air India IVR properly. Press a number to select your preferred language. Again press a number to talk to a Air India live representative and wait for the response.

☞ Is Air India OK to fly with?

Air India fleet has an excellent safety record. There have been no fatal accidents involving Air India aircraft in the last ten years.

☞ What is Air India lost and found phone number?

Please contact a Air India employee right once at +91 22 26 26 5555, if you notice that there are goods missing from your bag you can directly ask Air India agents via call +91 22 26 26 5555.

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