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Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy 2024

Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy

Posted on March 19, 2024 by Admin

Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy 2024

Alaska Airlines is the fifth-largest airline, headquartered in Washington DC. It is among the top carriers in the country and connects the United States to several international destinations through popular routes like Seattle to Chennai.

Alaska Airlines flight Cancel

To cancel an Alaska Airlines flight, you can follow these steps:

Visit the Alaska Airlines Website: you can easily access the Alaska Airlines reservation page by typing into your web browser This should take you to the Alaska Airlines website, where you can see manage reservations.

Access Your Booking: The "Manage Trips" or "My Trips" section is on the manage reserves page. This should allow you to access your booking by entering your confirmation code and last name.     

Select the Flight to Cancel: Within your booking details, identify the flight you wish to cancel and select it.

Confirm Cancellation: Once you've reviewed the cancellation policy and decided to proceed, follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation of your selected flight. 

Check for Refunds or Credits: After confirming the cancellation, check for any refunds or credits that may apply to your booking. This information should be provided on the confirmation screen. It's worth noting that if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of the initial purchase, you are typically eligible for a full refund according to Alaska Airlines' refund policy.

Receive Confirmation: After completing the cancellation process, you should receive a confirmation email or message confirming the cancellation of your flight. 


Alaska Airlines Refund Policy

Refund Policy


Cancellation within 24 Hours of Purchase

- Tickets canceled within the first 24 hours of initial purchase will be fully refunded to the original form of payment, provided they were bought at least 24 hours before departure.

Refund Processing Time

- All eligible tickets will be refunded within 20 business days if purchased by cash and within 7 business days if purchased by credit card (may take 7-14 days to reflect in the credit card account).

Refund Method

- Refunds for tickets purchased by credit cards will be made to the original form of payment.

Refund Request for Electronic Tickets

- Refund requests for fully unused electronic tickets purchased online via can be made online. - For other refundable electronic tickets, contact Alaska Airlines for refund requests.

Refund Request for Paper Tikets

- Refund requests for paper tickets require physical inspection by Alaska Airlines. - Paper tickets can be taken to the place of purchase or mailed to Alaska Airlines with return mailing address.

This table provides a clear overview of the Alaska Airlines refund policy, including details on cancellation timeframes, refund processing times, and refund methods.

Here are some additional tips related to Alaska Airlines cancellation policy:

Cancellation Fees: Remember to check if there are any extra fees when you cancel your booking. Sometimes, you have to pay extra money depending on when you cancel and what type of ticket you have. Read the rules before you cancel, so you know how much it might cost.

Flexible Booking Options: Alaska Airlines has some special tickets that let you change or cancel your flight without paying extra fees. This can be really helpful if your plans might change. Check if you have one of these tickets to make changes more easily.

Cancellation Deadline: Make sure you know when you can cancel your flight without getting in trouble. If you wait too long, you might have to pay a fee. The deadline is usually based on when your flight is supposed to leave, so keep an eye on the time.

Travel Insurance: If you have travel insurance, it might help you if you need to cancel your trip. It can cover the fees you might have to pay or other costs. Read your insurance policy to know what it covers and how to use it.

Stay Informed: It's important to keep checking if there are any new rules or changes to Alaska Airlines' cancellation policy. Sometimes, the rules can change, so it's good to know what's happening before you make any plans.