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Air Transat:

With the slogan, ‘Vacation is calling’, Air Transat is known to be Canada’s number one Leisure airline having its headquarters at Montreal, Quebec. The airlines serve over 60 Destinations in about 25 countries. It is owned, administered and operated by the Transat AT inc. The Transat AT Inc is a popular integrated International tourism company that specializes in all types of holiday travel and offers vacation packages, hotels and air travel across America and Europe.

Air Transat History:

The airline made its maiden voyage on November 18th 1987 by travelling from Montreal to Acapulco. Six years later, the company also acquired Nationair's maintenance base and the other aircraft. Air Transat is known to be Canada's largest airlines after Air Canada and WestJet. Only 13th February 2011, Air Transat flight number TS 163 was operated with their first-ever female flight crew travelling from Cancun to Vancouver.

On the 13th February 2009, the company announced a joint venture of 5 years with CanJet.

Air Transat Overview:

Nowadays, the company books over 3.5 million passengers every year and the net revenue earned are 42.6million every year. The airline has also won many awards which includes the 2012 and 2018 Skytrax World’s Best Leisure Airline Awards. The airline was also awarded the Travellife certification in 2018 due to its commitment to sustainable development. Till now, the company has over 5,000 employees.

The airline has a total of 39 aircraft. They have recently decided to replace the A 310-300 by the Airbus 321 LR.

Air Transat Destinations and Hubs:

The Air Transat is the business unit of the famous Tourism company Transat AR inc. The airline with its massive fleet covers an entire area of 60 different Destinations across 25 countries all over America and Europe. Air Transat also specializes in all types of chartered flights travelling from 19 Canadian cities to different vacation destinations mainly to the 15 Southern Countries in the winter season and to the 11 European countries in the summer. Airline service to some of the destinations is also available throughout the year. In the summer season, the main popular destination in Europe and the winter season, the popular destinations are Caribbean, Mexico, United States and Central America. The airline is also known to operate many years round flights from Europe to home bases like Toronto and Montreal.

The Air Transat specialities:

The Air Transat also provides individual needs to all the passengers. They offer special services and other programs to make the travel of all the commuters as comfortable as possible.

  • Special needs and other medical equipment’s: The company tries to make all the trips as safe as possible. There is medical and first aid support on the flight and the attendants are well trained.

  • Group travel is also allowed. Whenever you are travelling in a group, there is a special discount which is available and for more details, you can contact the travel agent.

  • All your pets and assistant dogs are also allowed on the plane. They are kept with specially trained personnel.

Air Transat Baggage Allowance:

Like all other airlines, the Air Transat has some specific baggage allowance rules that must be followed.

  • For Eco budget package: Checked baggage is not included with the ticket. To avail a discount of a minimum of 20% for your first checked baggage, you must pay at least 24 hours before departure.

  • For Transat Package: You are allowed to keep one checked baggage.

If you are transporting or shipping a checked package that is huge and oversized and cannot be transported with all the other luggage, the Air Transat airline provides a cargo feature through its partners where they can provide direct, quick and economical cargo delivery services to every corner of the world.

Air Transat Food and Beverage:

Like most of the Flights, the Air Transat does not have any provision of complementary services.

Air Transat Food: The airlines don’t provide any sort of complimentary food with the ticket. You have to pay in then and there and order something from the menu.

Air Transat Beverage: The airline also doesn’t provide any complimentary drinks. You can choose from the wide range of collection and pay in the flight to avail the drinks.

Chef' Menu and Special Food request: You can pre-order food either of your choice or from Daniel Vézlna' menu 24 hours before the departure.

Air Transat Booking:

You can get the tickets from the official site mentioned before.

Air Transat Classes:

There are mainly 3 classes of travel:

Economy class: You can choose your desired seat. The leather seats along with the 4 way headrest is kept for the most comfortable journey.

Option class: Special perks which includes selection of your seat and a glass of wine.

Club class: Exclusive perks including more space and cushions for the most comfortable journey. Special beverage and other items are also provided.


If you are looking to make Air Transat reservations visit our website or can book with direct Air Transat official website You may call our toll free number 888-220-0490 or direct Air Transat number +1 877 872 67 28. Get more information about Air Transat Reservations and Flights Tickets to click below.

Air Transat Reservations and Flights Tickets

Baggage policy.

Find the latest updated Air Transat baggage policy at Air Transat baggage policy and allowance or you can visit the official website of the Air Transat's baggage page . You may call +1 877 872 67 28 for baggage rules.

Air Transat baggage policy and allowance

Online web check-in.

Visit Air Transat site for web check-in and navigate to manage to bookings. You may have the option of online Air Transat Web check-in and boarding pass if still, you are facing any problem please call +1 877 872 67 28.

Air Transat Web check-in and boarding pass

Cancellation and Refund.

It's very easy to claim Air Transat cancellation and Air Transat refund call direct phone number of +1 877 872 67 28 or visit official site manage bookings. You may have the option to refund or cancellation.

Air Transat Cancellation and Reimbursement

Hub Airports

Air Transat route map

Air Transat destinations.



Malaga Airport



Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport




Amsterdam Airport Schiphol



Calgary International Airport




Amsterdam Airport Schiphol



Pearson International Airport




Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport



Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport




Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport



Pearson International Airport



Air Transat FAQ's

1. How much in advance can I book Air Transat my pre-order?

You get to pre-order as longs as the Air Transat flight number and date are displayed in the pre-order category on their website and 96 hours in advance at the least before departure.

2. Can I be denied boarding in Air Transat if my name or title on the booking does not match the details on my photo identity card?

Yes, you can be denied boarding if your name or title on the booking does not match the details on your photo identity card. That’s why it is recommended to check that all the details you have provided to the airline while booking the ticket matches with the documents you are planning to use for the verification purpose, that includes government authorised id proof or other documents.

3. What is required to enter the airport terminal and check-in at the counter?

The necessary things to make an entry at the airport terminal or a check-in counter is your documents and ID proof (government approved) and hardcopy of your electronic ticket. Once, the entire things mentioned before are verified by the authority you will be given your boarding pass.

4. What is allowed in cabin baggage Air Transat?

Air Transat allows their passenger to carry one handbag in cabin baggage per person along with one other personal item which can be anything between a briefcase, a handbag or a laptop bag.

5. Can we carry food and alcohol is allowed in Air Transat flight?

Yes, you can bring your food onboard with Air Transat as long as it is properly packed and sealed. The airline will count that as a part of your checked-in or cabin baggage. Charges might be levied on them depending on the weight. Alcohol can be carried in checked-in baggage.

6. How can I pre-book Air Transat extra baggage and its charges?

The Air Transat airline allows their customers to pre-book their extra baggage online or over the phone. They even offer an attractive discount if you pre-book your extra luggage 24 hours before your departure.

7. How can I get discounted coupons Air Transat airlines?

If you visit the official website of Air Transat you will find an option called “Air Transat Promo Codes”. Here you will find attractive offers on various flights. They even give out discounts in collaboration with many other travel websites.

8. Does Air Transat have WIFI?

Yes, several airbuses under Air Transat offer WIFI service to its customers, making sure their flight was as entertaining as their comfort.

9. Does Air Transat provide food? veg /non-veg. And can I carry my snack onboard to eat?

Air Transat does provide food including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian keeping in mind the preferences of the customers. They, have their menu curated based on different travel destinations keeping up with the cuisine of the place. You can bring your snack too on board.

10. How I can make a reservation with direct Air Transat airlines?

Making a direct reservation with Air Transat is very easy as all you have to do is visit their official website and follow the instructions provided.

11. How can do date change in Air Transat airlines flight?

You can change your date in Air Transat airline up to 24 hours before your flight. To do so, you will have to visit their official website and make changes in your flight date following the instructions given to you or you can call up their customer service for convenience.

13. What onboard services will Air Transat offer?

Onboard Air Transat offers you to select the seat of your choice. They have options between Club Class, Economy Class and Option Plus. You get a whole lot of options in entertainment on board with your touch-screen at your disposal.

14. Will Air Transat have air-conditioned buses to take people to the aircraft?

No, Air Transat will not be offering the service of an air-conditioned bus to take people from the airport to the aircraft.

15. Can I interline my Air Transat flight with other domestic and/or international airlines?

Yes, Air Transat offers its customers to interlink their flight with other domestic and/or international airlines.

16. How to book tickets for Air Transat airlines?

Booking tickets with Air Transat is as easy as it can get. You can get your tickets from Their home page takes you to the booking ticket area directly.

17. Do I get free drinks on a flight of Air Transat?

No, Air Transat does not provide any kind of meal for free to their passengers that include drinks too.

18. Does Air Transat offer duty-free on board?

Yes, Air Transat offers duty-free on board. They have an “In-flight duty-free boutique” available.

19. How much will it cost me to upgrade my flight with Air Transat?

The charge depends on different destinations you’re travelling to. However, you can expect it to range somewhere between $200-$400.