Air Transat baggage policy and allowance

Find the complete guide of the Air Transat baggage policy and allowance baggage policy. Air Transat baggage policy and allowance baggage policy, allowance, fees, restrictions, and charges.

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Find the complete guide of the Air Transat baggage policy and allowance baggage policy. Air Transat baggage policy and allowance baggage policy, allowance, fees, restrictions, and charges.

Air Transat

Headquarter: Canada

Air Transat is a Canadian entertainment transporter arranged in Montreal, Quebec, working arranged and agreement flights, serving 60 objectives in 25 countries. The airplane is guaranteed and worked by Transat A.T. Inc.


Air Transat speaks to extensive experts in endorse takeoffs from 19 Canadian urban zones to travel objectives, for the most part to 15 countries in the south during winter and in 11 European countries during summer. In like manner, a couple of objectives are given the whole year round by the airplane. All through the mid-year season, its principal objectives are Europe and in the winter season the Caribbean, Mexico, United States, and Central America, anyway the airplane works various all year excursions to Europe from their Toronto and Montreal bases. Its essential Canadian entryways are Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport, and Vancouver International Airport. The transporter in like manner has undertakings at Calgary International Airport, Edmonton International Airport, Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport among others.

Carry-on Baggage Allowance







51.00 cm

40.00 cm

23.00 cm



20.00 in

16.00 in

9.00 in


*dimensions for the given unit were not provided, automatic conversion occurred

Carry-on rules

For the complete Air Transat baggage policy, and for information on baggage size, excess baggage charges, and transportation of sporting, medical, or other equipment, choose your destination or point of departure below and the applicable type of baggage.

Baggage weight allowed according to the class.

Each passenger is permitted one piece of a carry-on bag and one personal item, subject to size and weight restrictions. The total combined weight must not exceed 10 kg.


Economy class

Option plus

Club class


10 kg (22 lb)

10 kg (22 lb)

15 kg (33 lb)



1 bag per person.


23 x 40 x 51 cm (9 x 16 x 20 in) (including wheels and handles)



Excess baggage charges

Any carry-on bag that exceeds the above weight or size cannot be carried on and must be checked. Excess charges may apply. Payable at Air Transat check-in counter.


Some examples of carry-on items: Carry-on bag; Roller bag; Backpack; Cat or small dog in its carrier; Folding strollers; Booster seat; Equipment/infant beds (BedBox® etc.); Small musical instrument.


Some examples of items exempt from the carry-on restrictions:

  • Essential medical equipment (CPAP, bags with essential health items, etc.)
  • Diaper bag (for passengers with children under 2 years of age)
  • Child safety seat for use onboard the plane
  • Mobility aids (crutches, wheelchair, walker, etc.)
  • Funeral urn

Personal Items


1 bag per person.


16 x 33 x 43 cm (6 x 13 x 17 in)




Some examples of personal items: Handbag or briefcase, Camera bag, Laptop computer bag, Bag of items from the duty-free shop, Wedding dress, Sports bag or equipment (e.g. squash, badminton racquet)

Additional information

For information on liquids, gels and/or aerosols restrictions, please refer to Security and restrictions.

Fragile or perishable articles must be placed in carry-on baggage, as these items will not be accepted as checked baggage. These items include:

  • Jewelry; Money; Silverware; Electronics; Laptop computers; Personal audio/video devices; Negotiable documents; Securities; Samples of business documents; Other valuables
  • Smoking materials
    • 1 lighter per passenger, packed in the allowable 1 plastic bag per passenger (due to liquid content).*
    • No lighters in checked baggage
    • 1 book of matches per passenger, carried only on your person
    • Electronic cigarettes: stowed unused in carry-on baggage at all times. Carriage in checked baggage is prohibited.*

Specific country restrictions may also apply.

You may carry Epi-Pens or hypodermic needles only for personal medical use. The needle guard must be in place and the needle must be accompanied by the medication in its original labeled container or with a signed doctor's certificate.

Currencies accepted

Rates are fixed and collected in the currency shown below. At Air Transat counters we accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express only.

  • Departures from Canada: Canadian dollars
  • Departures from United States, Caribbean, Latin & South Americas, Mexico: U.S. dollars
  • Departures from the U.K.: Pounds Sterling
  • Departures from Europe (including French West Indies) and the Republic of Ireland: Euros / local currency where required

*At least 24 hours before departure. Certain conditions apply; consult our baggage policy.



For the all-out Air Transat things system, and for information on stuff size, plenitude stuff charges, and transportation of wearing clinical, or other apparatus, pick your objective or reason for trip underneath and the important sort of things.


Each explorer is permitted the slightest bit of compact bag and one individual thing, subject to gauge and weight constraints. Without a doubt the joined weight must not outperform 10 kg.


As Air Transat isn't a signatory of the IATA Interline Agreement, we can't recognize stuff moved from another transporter, nor would we have the option to move it to another airplane. To ensure your things goes with you if it's not all that much difficulty present the aggregate of your checked stuff to us at your air terminal of flight when you check-in. Air Transat can't be responsible for stuff that isn't checked in around at that point. Thank you for your appreciation.


Fragile or short-lived articles, including drug or clinical devices, money, embellishments, flatware, equipment, PCs, sound/video contraptions, easily proven wrong reports, insurances, the trial of business records, or various resources (other than garments) won't be recognized as checked things. Any such things declared or found in checked stuff will be reliant upon removal before the stuff being alluded to being recognized for carriage by the Carrier.


The Carrier won't be committed for mischief to fragile, significant, or transient things where such damage is the delayed consequence of the normal flaw, quality, or negative behavior pattern of the thing being alluded to. Unsuitably or deficiently stuffed things will be recognized at the Carrier's propriety and, where recognized, compensation may be blocked in like manner from asserting the before referenced parts.


The Carrier expects no commitment for the delay in the movement of any fleeting things recognized as checked stuff aside from in the event that it has failed to take each and every reasonable measure to keep up a vital good way from such deferral.


It is firmly recommended that you purchase go security before your excursion, to cover each such extraordinary. Direction your development or assurance administrator.


Air Transat will do everything possible to pass on your handled stuff on a comparative excursion as you. In any case, should your checked stuff be carried on a resulting flight (for prosperity, security or operational reasons), have certainty that it will be passed on to you to no end from cash on hand, as fast as could be normal in light of the current situation, aside from if appropriate laws anticipate that you should be accessible for Customs room.


All information is pulled from airplane locales as an advantage. Airplane destinations are the power and can change at whatever point. We are not at risk for inconsistencies. This page was propped up revived on 31 May 2019. For the latest information please visit the going with the association.

Baggage Allowance and Fees

Are you planning to fly with Air Transat? Find solution's you need to know about Air Transat baggage allowance, fees and charges and restrictions.

Carry-On Baggage

Air Transat passengers are permitted to bring on-board the aircraft one piece of cabin baggage, plus one personal item, such as a briefcase, camera bag or small backpack. Your carry-on baggage should fit into the Air Transat overhead bins or under the seat in front of you.

Carry-on baggage cannot exceed 114 centimetres in combined width, length and height; this includes any wheels and handles– with the exception of some of the musical instruments that fit in the Air Transat overhead compartment space or under-seat space available at the time of boarding.

Baggage must meet carry on size limits of Air Transat.

Due to limited overhead space, Air Transat passengers travelling on flights with 50 seats or less are only permitted to carry one personal item on-board the Air Transat aircraft.

Limits apply on certain routes. Visit the Air Transat website for more information.


No maximum weight applies to carry-on baggage.

However, this varies across airports. Visit the Air Transat website for more information.

Checked Baggage

When travelling with Air Transat, the most common fees for passengers travelling in a domestic, Air Transat may charge some of the extra fees for extra baggage the information given on Air Transat official site

This may wary between routes. Visit the Air Transat website for more information.

Excess Baggage

When travelling with Air Transat, separate excess baggage fees are applied for each limitation you exceed size, weight and quantity. Generally, this varies between geographic regions. Please visit the Air Transat website for more information and exact fees.

Special Items

Air Transat permit a wide range of sporting equipment and special baggage on Air Transat flights. Due to the size of baggage, some of the items may be counted as a standard checked bags. However, Air Transat will be considered as overweight or oversized items. As such, charges and certain restrictions will apply by Air Transat. Please visit the Air Transat website directly.

Air Transat on and bringing pets on board.

Dogs, cats and household birds (birds are only allowed on domestic Canada flights) can be carried on-board for $125 one way to/ from most destinations. The fee is $200 for travel outside the Canada.

The pets must fit within a carrier box that, in turn, fits under the seat in front. The carrier counts as one piece of Air Transat carry-on luggage.

Air Transat carry on and Air Transat prohibited items.

Items that are not permitted in your Air Transat flights cabin baggage include:

  • Hoverboards,
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7,
  • Fireworks,
  • Bleach,
  • Firearms.

Air Transat baggage policy and allowance FAQ's

1. What is Air Transat' checked baggage / hold luggage policy?

Air Transat' standard checked baggage / hold luggage policy details follow:

  • 2 bags standard, up to 10 bags maximum (up to 4 bags on Air Transat Connection)
  • Maximum dimensions: 62 inches or 157 centimeters (length + width + height).
  • Maximum weight: 50 pounds or 23 kilograms.

Excess baggage fees
Checking excess baggage, meaning three or more bags per passenger, on Air Transat flights will cost $85-$95 per bag.

Overweight baggage fees
Overweight and Oversized bags is considered any bag weighing more than 50lbs. The fees for checking overweight baggage on Air Transat are charged in addition to any standard, excess or oversized baggage fees. Bags weighing more than 99lbs are not accepted as checked luggage on Air Transat.

Oversized baggage fees
Most bags with a sum of weight, length, and height of larger than 62 inches will be considered oversized. Air Transat oversized baggage fees are charged in addition to any standard, excess, or overweight fee.

2. Are there fees for baggage on Air Transat?

Yes, fees might apply. They are determined by the type of fare you purchased, your destination, if you are an active Canada military personnel and/or dependent, if you have status with Air Transat' frequent flyer program, status with an affiliated carrier, or if you have a Air Transat sponsored credit/charge card.