Why should you study in Ireland?

Be the best to get an excellent opportunity to study in Ireland.

Posted on June 13, 2020 by Nancy

Why should you study in Ireland?


You may find many reasons to complete a master’s degree from your home country. But, go to study abroad if you want a diverse learning experience! There are many benefits to studying abroad once you have picked a destination country wisely. In this regard, Ireland can serve your interests the best.

Ireland is famous for its top-quality education across the world, having a solid foundation for excellence. The country is ranked 14th in the world’s happiness index report of 2018. In this race, Ireland has surpassed the US, Germany, UK, and France. If you are interested in knowing more about Ireland, read the article till the end!


Top Reasons to Study Abroad In Ireland

An academic degree from a foreign university can add more to the qualification of the individuals. So, why not look for opportunities to get a bachelor's or master's from an international education institution to ensure a bright future ahead.
Here are given a few essential reasons why Ireland is best for students from developing countries to acquire a degree in their designated field.


Excellence system of education

First thing first, the universities of Ireland offer the best education in almost every field of study. So, you don’t have to worry about the selection of desired discipline for admissions. Moreover, you look for study programs with futuristic opportunities.
Ireland has a proven track record of the world’s best study programs owing to the presence of research-based educational institutions. However, selection of appropriate university makes a big difference, so better to get assistance from education consultants in Islamabad for securing your seating in one of the top foreign universities. It will help you save time and effort with surefire success!


Plenty of learning opportunities

Interestingly, you have a lot of things to see and do while studying in Ireland. The country has mesmerizing beauty and extensive historical background. So, you can devise your activities according to your choice for a marvelous learning experience both formally and non-formally.

Moreover, educational institutions offer various types of fun and entertainment opportunities to the local as well as international students for cultural collaboration. Getting part in such events bring a lot of happiness in students’ life. Why not enjoy life, along with learning?


Post-study career opportunities

Once you have completed the education from a renowned educational institution, the world is yours! It is because you can get the opportunity to work in a prestigious organization, depending on the nature of your studies.

Ireland offers a productive working environment for individuals with proven educational background. You will be surprised to know that many multinational companies, such as Deloitte, Skype, IBM, L’Oréal, have their headquarters in Ireland. Most importantly, you can get a post-study work visa as an international graduate.


Welcoming society with rich culture

Ireland is a country with friendly people who welcome foreigners with an open heart. According to the Global Peace Index Report 2019, the country Ireland holds a place among the top 15 safest countries of the world.

In this way, Ireland is the safest heaven for international students from developing and underdeveloped countries. You will be able to find people with straightforward ways of communication, lush green landscapes, and historic buildings. Music lovers can also find peace in the country as it has the finest music and Irish dancing moves!


Opportunity to learn a new language

Although the majority of people speak English, Irish and Gaelic are also used for the medium of communication. So, you can also get the opportunity to learn regional languages besides speaking English. Why not go and explore something new when it comes to speaking?


Your gateway to green card

Most of the students from developing countries opt for studying abroad to secure their future. In this regard, Ireland is one of the best destinations for study. The primary reason is that students can apply for a green card. This enables the international students to get the work permit to stay and earn for Even the students without having a work permit can get part-time jobs. Students enrolled in an Irish Department of Education and Skills recognized university for one year are allowed to work 24 hours weekly. The minimum wage per hour is set 9.55 Euros – so, you can earn a handsome amount of money along with your studies.

Consult with experts to discover more about study abroad!

Summing up, Ireland is a good option for students from developing countries, especially Pakistan. It is because aspirants can find the country suitable in terms of educational opportunities and cultural exposure.

However, the competition is really high in the country, so you have to prepare the best to ensure admission to Irish universities. Therefore, acquire the services of education consultants in Islamabad for understanding the requirements, enrollment, and visa process.

Remember! Your dream to study abroad can turn into a reality with a practical approach towards the admission process. Be the best to get an excellent opportunity to study in Ireland.