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Best Tips For Drone Photography While Traveling You Should Know

Posted on May 19, 2021 by Alex

Best Tips For Drone Photography While Traveling You Should Know

Did you just buy a camera drone? Then, you should check out these essential tips and the kind of destinations to capture such amazing and beautiful pictures!


Most travelers and photographers are now using drones to improve their pictures and videos — Even, while traveling, be it at weddings, concerts, or other events. Drones have also become quite popular among travelers. After all, these gadgets can provide beautiful aerial shots that you wouldn't be able to get with a normal camera. In this modern era, photography levels are really touching the height while traveling. Whether you’re planning to brave Chadar Trek in India or enjoy Thailand’s full moon party, just plan your getaway and book Malaysia Airlines Reservations to travel across your dream destination. Also, consider taking your drone for a spin and come home with some utterly unique footage.


Before you embark on a journey with your drone, here are some things to keep in mind:


Drone Photography Tips for Travelers


Choose the right one for you


There are different kinds of drones out there. However, since you’ll be traveling, you’ll want something small, lightweight, and easy to pack. Adorama’s wide selection of drones shows that there are quite a few options when it comes to travel-friendly drones. For instance, the DJI Mini 2 is foldable and ultra-light. Its 31 minutes of flight time gives you 4K footage with a 10km video transmission.

Another ultra-light pocket-sized model is the DJI Mavic Mini. With 30 minutes of flight time, it offers 2.7K video footage and 4km of HD video transmission. Regardless of what drone you choose, it’s best to research it first so you’re sure it suits all your photography and videography needs.


Find a good camera bag


You can travel with a drone the same way you would with a typical camera — meaning you need a protective bag. Camera inserts are an option, but you’ll have to fit them inside a backpack. On the other hand, having a separate camera bag allows you to easily access your drone while preventing it from scratching against other objects. The Independent's list of camera bags represents that there are several options designed for travelers. The Peak Design messenger bag, for example, is compact and lightweight. It also comes with interior dividers to separate your things, plus waterproof fabric to protect your precious gadgets from getting damaged.


Understand the local laws


You’re probably already imagining what kind of amazing shots you’ll be able to take with your trusty drone — perhaps while you're scaling the Eiffel Tower or getting overhead shots of the peaceful Beihai Park in China. These will certainly make for beautiful footage, but they’re also illegal and will get you fined thousands of dollars. If you really want to use your drone on your trip, plan your itinerary carefully. You’ll need to research if the places you’re going to are no-fly zones. Paris, Japan, Great Britain, and China (to name just a few) have restrictions when it comes to drones. For starters, you’ll need to acquire a permit from the tourist spot or the country’s civil aviation authority. Permits take time, so make sure you apply weeks before you need it. If you’ve been granted a permit, make sure you follow the regulations and always carry the permit with you at all times.


Be mindful of wildlife and locals


Some locations don’t require you to have a permit to fly a drone. For instance, New Zealand allows drones, as long as you are compliant with their regulations. The basic courtesy of using a drone is not flying them close to people, infrastructure, or even animals so you can avoid injury and any other accidents.


Destinations to Try for Drone Photography


Like we said, as long as you’ve got a permit and follow regulations, you can fly a drone just about anywhere. But here are just a few suggestions:


If you want to travel to islands:


The islands of Micronesia are extremely remote, and you get blue waters, palm tree forests, and beaches that make for beautiful shots. The clear waters also allow you to get footage of underwater scenes from overhead. Meanwhile, the Philippines has at least 7,000 islands that offer geologic wonders, tropical beaches, and more. You can go island-hopping on the smaller islands and have the drone capture your journey. Taking footage of islands is always refreshing to see.


If you enjoy deserts:


There's something about deserts that are fascinating to capture, more so from the surreal perspective of a drone. For instance, Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve have Sahara-like sand dunes — but they have the backdrop of snow-capped mountains. You can get footage of swirling sands from overhead as well. Another interesting dessert is the Atacama desert in Chile. Instead of sand, its landscape is similar to that of Mars'. It has thick salt deposits called playas, alluvial fans, and dry desert plateaus connected to mountains.


If you love mountains:


Mountains always make for majestic shots. If you're up for an adventure, consider visiting the Trango Towers in Pakistan. Take note that you need some climbing skills, but it's worth the surreal views you can get with your drones. These mountains stand between the Middle East and Asia, and lie under a blanket of snow — something you probably didn’t think would exist in Pakistan. Another location is the world-famous Swiss Alps. The lower temperatures here can help make your drone batteries last longer, giving you more time to get shots of those beautiful snowy caps during sunrise.


If you’re simply fond of nature:


Are you looking to capture lush greenery as far as the eye can see? You can take your drone for a spin in New Zealand. Here, there are plenty of beautiful walking routes, such as the Ryde Falls Walk and Tama Lakes Walk. If you want a bit more emotion in your videos and photos, the Scottish Highlands can provide you some moody scenes — boasting dark lakes and deep green mountains. There are also abandoned ruins to add to the atmosphere.


In the Nutshell


You may think that bringing a drone while traveling takes a lot of effort, what with the acquisition of permits and knowing all the aforementioned regulations. But it's worth the trouble to get hours of breathtaking videos and photos and unforgettable experiences. So, plan your round trip and book cheap flight tickets to across the world only on AirlinesMap. The most choosable online portal by thousands of travelers. Plan your trip now and get ready to add some adventure on your trip!

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