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TAP Portugal Web Check-in Online And Boarding Pass


Victoria Programme Apartado 50194, Lisbon, Portugal, 1704-801

+351 218 431 100


Founded - 1946

Key people - Antonoaldo Neves


TAP Portugal

Check-in arrival time at airport:

Domestic: 60 minutes before scheduled departure
International: 90 minutes before scheduled departure

Minimum required check-in time with baggage:

Domestic: 30 minutes before scheduled departure
International: 60 minutes before scheduled departure

TAP Portugal Web check-in

TAP Air Portugal is the national airline of Portugal, with its headquarters at Lisbon Airport. The airlines have been members of the Star Alliance since 2005. TAP Air Portugal airlines operate approximately 2500 flights per week in 34 countries over the world. The traveller can do the TAP Air Portugal check-in straightforwardly from their home or office where they feel easy. Following completion of the Tap Portugal check-in procedure, airlines provide all online check-in passengers with the option of printing their boarding passes from their computers. Additionally, the boarding pass will be sent by the airline to the traveller's registered email address. Here from the below-mentioned steps the travellers can get help and proceed accordingly with the TAP Air Portugal airlines check-in procedure.

Here Are The Ways To TAP Air Portugal Airlines Check-In

As with any other airline, the TAP Air Portugal flight check-in process is mandatory for all travellers. The web check-in process is preferred by most travellers because everyone prefers to save time, which is wasted while in the queue at the airport for the check-in process. There are lots of options to select while doing the TAP Air Portugal check-in process, so while following the check-in process, if the traveller finds difficulty at any point, he can contact customer care at the toll-free number +351 218 431 100.

Web Check-In

The major advantage of TAP Portugal's online check-in process is that the traveller has to do only a few formalities at the airport. After the online check-in process, which saves most of the time and means there is no need for a traveller to reach the airport 3–4 hours before departure. The online check-in process offers the TAP Portugal early web check-in option, in which the travellers can check in 48 hours before the departure of the flight. A traveller can use their laptop to do the check-in. Here in the content, we explain the steps of the check-in procedure to help out the traveller.

Steps to do TAP Portugal web check-in 

Here below are the detailed steps to do the TAP Portugal airlines flight check-in procedure:

  • Select the TAP Portugal online web check-in option. From where the user directly moved to the official webpage of the airlines i.e. TAP Portugal airlines web check-in.
  • Fill in the following details such
  • First and last name of the traveller.
  • If the traveller has a PNR number, enter that number.
  • Else enter the flight number which is written on the ticket number.
  • Select a particular seat, and for that, the traveller has to pay an extra fee and click the confirmation option.
  • After the mandatory option is selected by the traveller the boarding pass will be displayed on the screen. At this point, the traveller can take a printout of the boarding pass, and the airline itself sends the boarding pass to the traveller's registered email address.

The TAP Portugal Airlines Web Check-in option always offers many advanced options to the traveller like modifying the seat cabin, adding a meal and many more.

Mobile Check-In

TAP Air Portugal check-in online is accomplished by using the airline's official mobile application. The airlines' official mobile app helps travellers check their provided information and confirm their seat reservations. In the below, we explain the steps in detail.

The procedure to do the mobile check-in

To do the TAP Air Portugal Airlines online check-in with a mobile device, the travellers have to fill out all the mandatory information one by one to complete the whole check-in procedure.

  • Install the official website of the airline.
  • Enter the first and last name of the traveller
  • A traveller can get their travel details while entering the PNR number or a ticket reservation number.
  • Now the traveller can select the seat which he wants to while paying the charges for it.
  • During the selection of the seat, the traveller can also select the meal.
  • There are more additional facilities are present, and the traveller can select as per their requirements.
  • After the completion of the check-in process, the boarding pass will be sent to the registered email id.
  • Now travellers can print the boarding pass.

Kiosk Check-In

The Airlines check-in can be made by the traveller at the airport, where the traveller can add their ticket details on the kiosk check touch screen device. At the kiosk check-in counter, the touch screen device allows the passengers to make the check-in process by themselves easily. 

Below are the steps to do the  Kiosk check-in

To complete the kiosk check-in, the traveller just needs to enter the general details regarding the ticket on the touch screen kiosk device. In terms of procedure, the self-service kiosk check-in and the TAP Air Portugal airlines web check-in online procedure are similar.

At The Ticket Counter

The check-in process at the ticket counter is preferable for those travellers who are not comfortable with the online check-in procedure, and people who need special assistance can opt for the airport check-in option. The traveller must arrive three hours before the domestic flight check-in counter or four hours before the international flight check-in counter.

  • The traveller has to report to the check-in counter at the time.
  • Initially, the traveller has to give the all details such as personal, number of bags etc.
  • After giving the details of the flight, the check-in process gets completed.
  • At last, a boarding pass will be generated in printed form.

TAP Air Portugal Airlines Check-In & Boarding Cutoff Times

The TAP Air Portugal Airlines check-in process offers a 36 hours prior check-in facility before the departure of the flight while doing the online check-in via web or mobile. All travellers who travel with TAP Portugal Airlines are advised to be at the airport 4 hours before the departure of the international flight or 2 hours before the departure of the domestic flight. To complete the check-in procedure, the traveller must have the booking reference number or e-ticket number to get the accurate details for the trip to the flight. We detail the checked baggage and cabin baggage restrictions for the traveller below.

Check-in With Bags

In every flight of TAP Air Portugal, the piece concept is more applicable rather than the weight concept.

  • In the top executive setting class, two bags are allowed with a maximum weight of 32 kg each. which does not mean that a traveller can hold one bag weighing 64 kg. Travellers have to carry two bags, and one bag must be under 32 kg.
  • If the traveller is in the classic or basic class, he is only permitted to bring one piece of luggage weighing 23 kg free of charge.
  • All basic and classic cabin passengers are allowed two checked bags of 23 kg on any intercontinental flight and flights to and from Venezuela.
  • The size of the bags must be less than or exactly 158 cm.

Check-in Without Bags (cabin luggage)

The cabin bags and the shoulder bags are the same for any airline.

  • Any piece of personal item or bag can be a female shoulder bag or it can be a computer bag. The dimension of the purse and bag must not be more than  40x30x15 cm.
  • A traveller in economy class can carry an 8-kg bag on their shoulder, according to the baggage policy listed under TAP Air Portugal's check-in policy.
  • The airlines provide an 18 kg weighted bag in their cabins for Executive Class passengers.
  • Any kind of handbag must be within the 115 cm dimension not more than this.

Check-in With Pets 

While carrying the pet along with the flight during the TAP Air Portugal Airlines check-in, the traveller has to consider the following points.

  1. Space must be there on the aircraft for the pet.
  2. Pet allowance depends upon the class and the type of aircraft.
  3. Make sure that the destination location country also accepts the pets.
  4. Weight limitation of the pet along with its carrier.
  5. The pet must be more than 3 months old.
  6. Travel has to mention the breed of pet and how many pets a traveller carries on the flight.
  7. Only dogs and cats are allowed to carry during the flight, and else all species are carried in the TAP Air cargo.
  8. According to the seat availability a traveller can carry more than one pet.


The boarding procedure is the way the travellers can enter the flight and go to their particular seat, which is written on their ticket. 

  • Go to the Airport
  • Get your bags checked and your boarding pass printed
  • Location of your terminal or gate
  • Guests should wait for the boarding call before entering the plane
  • The boarding pass must be checked
  • Follow the signs for the boarding area and make your way to the plane
  • Climb aboard the Flight


☞ Is this mandatory to do check-in online with TAP Portugal airlines?

As with any other airline, TAP Air Portugal Airlines offers several ways to make the check-in process easier, such as online and offline. The traveler can complete the entire check-in process from their laptop or mobile device while doing online check-in. The check-in option is available 36 hours before the departure of the flight, and within these 36 hours, the traveler can complete the check-in process. Most travelers prefer online check-in because it saves a significant amount of time that be used while waiting in long lines at airports.

☞ The TAP is a component of the TSA pre-check procedure.

Yes, It's available on Tap and TAP Express flights. Travellers who use the fast track services are given priority at the security check-in while scanning their boarding pass.

☞ Why can't a traveller check in with TAP?

The online check-in facility is not available

  • If the traveler needed to confirm the credit card information used to make the booking at the TAP counter or during the check-in process.
  • The traveler who has a confirmed booking on one of TAP's or TAP Express' flights.

☞ Is TAP Air Portugal airline strict with the baggage weight and size?

TAP airlines are extremely strict about the size and weight of their passengers' luggage. So while travelling with Tap airlines the traveller has to make sure that their bag falls within the size and weight limitations. If the traveller is carrying the excess weight they have to pay the charges for that.

☞ Do TAP Air Portugal airlines offer free food during the flight?

Defiantly yes, the traveler who travels on long-duration flights and any intercontinental flights, then they can get complimentary meals. The meal food quality is high, with served with authentic flavors. Moreover, travelers can have a list of options for their meals from which they can select the desired type of meal.

☞ What are the charges for seat selection on the TAP Air Portugal flight?

TAP Air Portugal airlines charge for seat selection like any other airline. During the check-in process, the traveller has the option to pay for the desired seat.

  • The travellers have to pay 15 dollars extra for the selection of the seat while flying with TAP Air Portugal.
  • To select the desired seat after the check-in process the traveller goes to the “Manage my booking” option on the official website and does the updating.
  • At the airport, if the traveller is waiting for the Seat allotment then TAP Air Portugal airlines provide it free of cost.

☞ Why do travellers utilize Skyscanner to do bookings for TAP Air Portugal flights?

To get the best price for the air ticket, the traveller uses Skyscanner. Skyscanner simply compares flight tickets from over 1200 airlines and travel agencies to find the best deal on an airline ticket. To do the booking with Skyscanner there are no hidden charges. It offers the lowest rate and best option for the trip. While doing a booking for TAP Air Portugal, the traveller has to look for the rating while making the ticket reservation from the various agents and airlines because Skyscanner gives the rating based on the services the various websites offer to their travellers while making the reservation. Additionally, it removes the rating as well if the particular organization does not provide the required facilities to the travellers. This offer is the best way to get the flight ticket for the TAp air Portugal airlines.

☞ Is it better to do the check-in as early as possible?

The best way to get the best selection of seats is to do the check-in as early as possible because while doing the check-in early a traveler has maximum alternatives to select the desired seat. If the traveler is a passenger of the Basic and economy class then he must have to do the seat selection as early as possible because, in this section, the choice for selecting the seat depends upon a first come first serve basis. Hence, the check-in process must be completed early.

☞ Does the Tap Air Portugal flight check the carry-on bag weight during the flight?

The given rules and regulations for the bag policy must be considered as per the airline's policy. Once a passenger is on board, the correct policy for the overhead section and under the seat of a plane remains the same. As a result, never bring the extra weight as a carry-on bag because TAP Air Portugal frequently asks passengers to weigh their luggage. If the weight is more than 8 kg, which is the maximum weight that a traveler can carry, there is a penalty.

☞ Is the TAP Air Portugal airline good?

The recommendation for any airline is based on the overall rating they get from travelers. Tap Air Portugal Airlines gets a 3-star rating for the services they offer to their travelers. There has always been negative feedback from the clients, which is based on the long waiting lines, flight delays, and bad experiences while taking assistance from customer care. The rating which is acquired by the airlines depends upon the various factors:-

  • The customer care executive services
  • The check-in facility
  • Lost and found baggage facility.
  • If the flight is delayed, then after that what services are offered by the airlines
  • On-board travel experience
  • Refund claim
  • Reschedule flight ticket
  • Services offered at the airport

☞ Can you get TAP Portugal boarding pass online?

Yes, it is possible to receive a boarding card for TAP Portugal through the website. After you have completed the online check-in process, it is time to select a seat and print your boarding card.

☞ Why is TAP Portugal's online check-in not working?

There is a possibility that this issue is due to a combination of factors, including those listed below. This may be due to technical difficulties, incorrect information, or flight restrictions.

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