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PO Box 7507, Schphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1118 ZG

Phone : +31 20 601 12 22

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Martinair is a Holland based cargo flight fleet. Legally it is known as Martinair Holland N.V. This Dutch company is famous for providing on time service to several companies and handle a huge amount of cargo transfer from a part of the world to another corner with apt efficiency. That is the reason behind this humongous popularity of this airlines. This is a subsidiary of Air France KLM and is headquartered at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This airlines mainly focuses to the cargo shipment across the world. It flies to 20 different destinations. But along with that, they provide charter flights as well. Recently they started providing passenger flights as well.


Book your cargo flight on time


If you are booking your cargo shipment with Martinair, the first and foremost thing you should go for is a timely booking. Martinair is a busy cargo flight fleet. It operates in several countries and that is the reason that you may find them rejecting your last minute cargo delivering request. You have to book your slot pretty early or you can block a slot if you assume that there will be a delivery within a time frame. This is one of the most trusted and hugely used cargo shipment fleets in the world. So you better be ready from your end than looking for another option!


Food and beverages


The KLM people take good care of their passengers. They will offer you amazing food and amusing services. The time you board the flight, you will be welcomed with a refreshing bottle of water and a towel. You will be given a headphone to entertain yourself. After settling down, you can order from a bunch of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Beverages are prepared by expert chefs, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of it. After that you will be offered freshly prepared steamed food. The food includes every type of platter available in the world. You can choose your food as per your choice. The platter also includes a full plate salad and a mouth watering desserts. You are going to get snacks and beverages in between your meals. You can ask for extra snacks at any point. The air hostesses are there to serve you as per your requirement.


Special menu


You can get the a la carte menu of KLM. This is a high end and exceptionally mouth watering platter available for you. People flying from India, Japan, Korea, China and other Asian countries can ask for Asian foods from their favourite restaurants and KLM is ready to serve you with that. You are going to get some amazing food items here. But the menu differs with the length of the flight and the course of its destination. You do not need to worry at all as KLM will still take good care of your taste buds. In case of European flight, the continental dishes prepared at Mandarin Airlines are the best ones available. The food will soothe your taste buds and this is the speciality of the Mandarin Airlines that they offer such amazing food menu to their passengers.




On 24th May 1958, Martinair started its journey with one flight and five people as employees. This was the dream company of Martin Shroder and John Block. In 1963, Shroder sold 49% of its share to four different companies; 12.25% each. In later years KLM purchased more than 50% of the share and now KLM owns more share than Shroder himself. In 1966, the name of the company gets changed to Martinair Holland. In 1967, Martinair started its business with the United States making it one of the most amazing and worthy flights of this region. In 1971, Martinair became fully jet powered.


Baggage allowance


Baggage allowance feature is quite lenient compared to other airlines companies. Depending on the class you are travelling in and the destination you are visiting, your baggage allowance differs. If you are travelling through economic class on inter continental or European flights, you will be able to carry a single bag of 23 kg. In case of the business class passengers of inter continental and European flights, two bags of 32 kg are allowed. If you are a flying blue silver, gold platinum member of if a member of elite plus or SkyTeam Elite, you can carry another extra bag with you. Your musical instruments can also visit with you in the cabin, but for that you have to buy another ticket. This information may change in due course of time and for the latest information you should always check the website of KLM.


Cargo destinations


The cargo transport facilities are well built in case of Martinair. It offers its services to 20 different destinations in the world. You have to choose your flight and your time according to that. Check the offerings of the company on their website and then go for the services.

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Get the Latest updated Martinair flights route map. Guided information of Martinair destinations and hub airports. Martinair serves near about 0 domestic destinations and international destinations around the world. Martinair fly to over 0 destinations worldwide including most popular city domestic and international. Martinair has expanded its fly range of domestic and international routes in conjunction with its code-share partners.

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Martinair is located in Netherlands at PO Box 7507, Schphol Airport , Amsterdam, , Netherlands . Direct official website of Martinair is and customer care phone number is +31 20 601 12 22.

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You can visit the official website and check the latest update route map of Martinair. If you are a travel agent or travel company you can simply use the GDS system (Amadeus, sabre, Worldspan, etc.) to get an updated destination map of Martinair. Still, you are facing difficulty to find Martinair routes you can visit and call direct Martinair customer care number +31 20 601 12 22. The Customer service agent of Martinair gives you the best and latest routes information.

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1. How many destinations does Martinair fly to?

Martinair flights to 0 domestic destinations and international destinations including Netherlands and around the world.

2. How can find latest destinations of Martinair?

You can visit official website of Martinair here or can call direct Martinair customer care phone number at +31 20 601 12 22. Also you can download complete destination map from airlines maps guide website at

3. How many destinations Martinair fly worldwide?

Martinair fly 0 around the world including domestic and international.

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You can visit guided website airlines map and can get all routes map and download XLS file of Martinair routes.