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1 Gad El Haq, Sheraton Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt, 11799

Phone : +202 226 944 65

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FlyElyEgypt is the first budget airline in Egypt enabling people to reach their dream destinations at affordable fares, helping them discover the World. FlyEgypt is an equity funded airlines with class charter operations. FlyEgypt is committed to offering safe and secure air transport services. The best in class with a sophisticated hiring process, and with a deep commitment to efficiency and cost optimization.


FlyEgypt History

FlyEgypt was founded in the year 2014 under a single charter operator and the operations of the airlines began on 12th February 2015. The first flight was scheduled to fly between Cario and Jeddah. The route between Zurich and Marsa Alam was scheduled on 11th July 2015. The German Aviation Authority did ban FlyEgypt on 5th November 2018 and so did other European tour operators like Thomas Cook Group and TUI Group due to regulatory violations. The airlines resolved the issues within a short time. And FlyEgypt was permitted to resume its services in Germany on 23 December 2018. 


FlyEgypt Overview

FlyEgypt owns 7 aircraft and 2 more aircraft are ordered to be part of the airlines. The headquarters of the airlines are in Cario, Egypt. The company has employed 600 employees. The chairman of the airlines is Tarek Talaat Moustafa. The aircraft's model used by the airlines is Airbus 320 and Boeing 737. The International Air Transportation Association (IATA) code for the airlines is FT and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) code for the airlines is FEG.


FlyEgypt Destinations and Hub

The main operating bases of FlyEgypt are Hurghada International Airport, Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport and Borg El Arab Airport located in Egypt.  The data collected as of December 2018, FlyEgypt has scheduled its airlines for the following destinations

Alexandria- Borg El Arab Airport, Assiut- Assiut Airport, Hurghada- Hurghada International Airport, Luxor- Luxor International Airport, Sharm El Shiekh – Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, Sohag- Sohag International Airport in Egypt. Amman- Queen Alia International Airport in Jordon. Kuwait City- Kuwait International Airport in Kuwait. Jeddah – King Abdulaziz International Airport and Lyon- Lyon Saint-Exupery Airport in France.

FlyEgypt Speciality

The airlines guarantee their commitment to the safety, comfort and services as key factors to the customer and they intend on maintaining a good and long-lasting relationship with their customers. The airlines also provide online and offline services for booking and payment of tickets for the customers. Customer can also purchase FlyEgypt travel services from Travel Agents, Online Portals, FlyEgypt Offices and website. The airlines offer both Economy and Business Class services, including Special Meals facility and Services.

FlyEgypt Baggage Allowances

The airlines offer Free Baggage Allowance facility that provides the customer with some Baggage free of extra charge. The amount of your free Baggage allowance and restrictions on size are provided on the E-Ticket. The airlines also provide the customer of transporting over 100kgs of excess baggage and/or bulky items (such as cycles or wheelchairs). It can be done if the airlines are notified in advance. If the customer fails to do so, then the airlines have the right to refuse carriage of such excess baggage and/or bulky items. Any excess baggage which you wish to transport as air cargo must be handed in at least 24 hours before you check-in for your flight.

FlyEgypt Food, Beverages and Seating

Food: The airways does not give any free or complimentary meals along with the ticket price. You can, however, order from the menus that they have while travelling. You just need to order and pay then and there.

Beverages: there are no complimentary drinks as well. The drinks can be however ordered as and how you please to. There are certain rules on how many alcoholic drinks can one consume and the likes. More information can be read through from the website

Seating: there is no compulsion to endeavour to honour advance seating requests. However, airlines cannot guarantee any particular seat. The airlines have the right to assign or reassign seats at any time, even after boarding of the aircraft. This may be necessary for legitimate reasons including but not limited to operational, safety or security reasons

FlyEgypt Airlines booking:

The airlines also provide online and offline services for booking and payment of tickets for the customers. Customer can also purchase FlyEgypt travel services from Travel Agents, Online Portals, FlyEgypt Offices and website. The airlines offer both Economy and Business Class services, including Special Meals facility and Services.

FlyEgypt airlines classes:

There are two main categories or classes of travel namely:

Economy class- the benefits are lesser in numbers, the price complimenting the same. The economy class usually does not have a lot of liberties whatsoever.

Business-class: It is one step ahead of the economy class in terms of services, benefits as well as the price that is there.

FlyEgypt routes map

Get the Latest updated FlyEgypt flights route map. Guided information of FlyEgypt destinations and hub airports. FlyEgypt serves near about 0 domestic destinations and international destinations around the world. FlyEgypt fly to over 0 destinations worldwide including most popular city domestic and international. FlyEgypt has expanded its fly range of domestic and international routes in conjunction with its code-share partners.

FlyEgypt Details.

FlyEgypt is located in Egypt at 1 Gad El Haq, Sheraton Heliopolis , Cairo, , Egypt . Direct official website of FlyEgypt is and customer care phone number is +202 226 944 65.

Steps to find all FlyEgypt route map.

You can visit the official website and check the latest update route map of FlyEgypt. If you are a travel agent or travel company you can simply use the GDS system (Amadeus, sabre, Worldspan, etc.) to get an updated destination map of FlyEgypt. Still, you are facing difficulty to find FlyEgypt routes you can visit and call direct FlyEgypt customer care number +202 226 944 65. The Customer service agent of FlyEgypt gives you the best and latest routes information.

FlyEgypt route maps & Destinations

Looking for direct FlyEgypt flights, routes or flight schedules operated by another FlyEgypt? Search for FlyEgypt below to view their route map, destinations, and time schedules. You can download all domestic and International maps of routes served by FlyEgypt. Note: FlyEgypt may cancel any destination including domestic and international. The does not take any guarantee any promising information displayed on this page all information about FlyEgypt taken from various sources for complete information you may call FlyEgypt phone at +202 226 944 65 or visit official website

List of FlyEgypt destinations

Here you can find total 0 of all FlyEgypt route map. Overview of all FlyEgypt flights and destinations: 

FlyEgypt destinations.

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FlyEgypt FAQ's

1. How many destinations does FlyEgypt fly to?

FlyEgypt flights to 0 domestic destinations and international destinations including Egypt and around the world.

2. How can find latest destinations of FlyEgypt?

You can visit official website of FlyEgypt here or can call direct FlyEgypt customer care phone number at +202 226 944 65. Also you can download complete destination map from airlines maps guide website at

3. How many destinations FlyEgypt fly worldwide?

FlyEgypt fly 0 around the world including domestic and international.

4. Where can download all FlyEgypt route map?

You can visit guided website airlines map and can get all routes map and download XLS file of FlyEgypt routes.