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Finnair Flight change Policy 2023

airlines Finnair

Tietotie 11A, Helsinki Vantaa Airport, Vantaa, Finland, 1053

+358 9 818 0800


Founded - 1923

Key people - Topi Manner


Finnair Flight Change Policy


Finnair is the national flag carrier airline of Finland, and it is one of the oldest airlines in the world, with a history dating back to 1923. The airline is known for its high-quality service, modern fleet, and extensive network of destinations. Booking a Finnair flight can be an exciting experience, but sometimes plans change. Whether it's due to unforeseen circumstances or a change in travel plans, Finnair understands that sometimes passengers need to change their Finnair flights. That's why the airline has a comprehensive Finnair Flight Change Policy that aims to make the process as seamless as possible.

Reasons for Changing a Flight

  • Schedule Conflicts: Changes in personal or work schedules can necessitate altering flight dates or times. It could be due to unexpected events, rescheduled appointments, or conflicts with other obligations.

  • Travel Delays or Cancellations: Unforeseen circumstances such as severe weather, natural disasters, or technical issues can result in flight delays or cancellations. In such cases, passengers may need to change their flights to reach their destination as quickly as possible.

  • Missed Connecting Flights: If a previous flight is delayed or canceled, causing a missed connection, passengers may need to change their subsequent flights to ensure they can still reach their final destination.

  • Personal Emergencies: Sudden personal emergencies, such as illness, accidents, or family emergencies, may require travelers to reschedule their flights to attend to urgent matters or be with loved ones.

  • Change in Travel Plans: Travel plans can evolve for various reasons, including a change in destination preferences, the addition of new travel companions, or a desire to extend or shorten the duration of the trip. In such cases, modifying flight itineraries becomes necessary.

  • Mistakes in Booking: Errors during the booking process, such as selecting the wrong dates, misspelling passenger names, or inputting incorrect travel details, can prompt the need for flight changes to rectify these mistakes.

  • Upgrades or Downgrades: Passengers may decide to upgrade their travel class or downgrade to a different fare type, which involves changing their existing flight reservation accordingly.

  • Frequent Flyer Benefits: Loyalty program members may want to utilize their earned benefits, such as using miles or points to upgrade their flights or access additional services. This can involve changing the existing flight reservation to accommodate these benefits.

  • Travel Restrictions or Visa Issues: Changes in travel restrictions, visa requirements, or entry regulations of a particular destination may necessitate modifying flight itineraries to comply with the updated guidelines.

  • Flight Preferences: Passengers may request changes to their flights to align with personal preferences, such as choosing a different seat assignment, adjusting meal options, or opting for specific amenities available on alternative flights.

How to Change Your Finnair Flight

Changing your Finnair flight is a straightforward process that can be done through various methods. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to change your Finnair flight:

  • Visit the Finnair Website: Open your web browser and go to the official Finnair website. Ensure you have a stable internet connection.

  • Navigate to the "Manage Booking" Section: Look for the "Manage Booking" or "My Trips" option on the website's homepage. It is usually located at the top of the page or in the main menu.

  • Enter Your Reservation Details: Click on the "Manage Booking" or similar option and enter the required information to access your reservation. This typically includes your last name and the booking reference or e-ticket number.

  • Retrieve Your Booking: After entering the necessary details, click on the "Retrieve Booking" or similar button. The website will search for your reservation and display your flight details.

  • Select the Flight You Want to Change: Identify the specific flight you wish to change from the list of your bookings. Click on the corresponding "Change Flight" or "Modify Booking" button next to that flight.

  • Choose the New Flight: Finnair will present you with available flight options for your desired date and time. Select the new flight that best suits your needs and schedule. Keep in mind that flight changes are subject to availability.

  • Review Fare Differences: Depending on the fare rules and availability, there may be fare differences between your original booking and the new flight. Finnair will display any additional amount you need to pay, if applicable. Take note of this information.

  • Confirm the Flight Change: Once you have selected the new flight and reviewed the fare differences, proceed to confirm the flight change. Look for the "Confirm" or "Proceed" button on the website and click on it to finalize the modification.

  • Make the Payment: If there are any fare differences or change fees associated with your flight change, you will be prompted to make the payment. Follow the instructions provided on the website to complete the payment securely.

  • Receive Confirmation: After successfully completing the flight change process and making the necessary payment, you will receive a confirmation of your modified booking. The confirmation may be sent via email or displayed on the website. Make sure to save or print the confirmation for your records.

Tips to Smooth Finnair flight change policy:

Understand the Policy: Familiarize yourself with Finnair's flight change policy before making any bookings. Take the time to read and understand the terms and conditions regarding changes, including fees, restrictions, and eligibility.

Book Flexible Tickets: If your travel plans are uncertain or subject to change, consider booking a more flexible ticket. Finnair offers different fare types, and choosing a ticket with more flexibility will give you greater options if you need to modify your flight later on.

Contact Finnair Early: If you need to change your flight, it's advisable to contact Finnair as soon as possible. Early notification allows for better availability and more favorable options for changes. Avoid waiting until the last minute, as it may result in limited choices and higher fees.

Have Your Booking Information Ready: When reaching out to Finnair's customer service, have your booking details on hand. This includes your reservation code, flight number, and passenger information. Providing accurate and complete information will help expedite the change process.

Be Clear about Changes: Clearly communicate the specific changes you need to make to Finnair's customer service representative. Whether it's a change in travel dates, passenger details, or any other modifications, provide the necessary information to ensure accuracy.

Consider Online Options: Finnair offers online platforms where you can manage your booking and make certain changes yourself. Explore their website or mobile app to see if you can easily modify your flight dates or other details online.

Check Fees and Fare Differences: When making changes to your Finnair flight, be aware of any applicable fees and fare differences. Finnair's customer service will inform you of the charges involved, including change fees and any additional costs due to differences in fares.

Stay Calm and Polite: Dealing with flight changes can be stressful, but it's important to remain calm and polite when interacting with Finnair's customer service. A positive and respectful attitude can go a long way in receiving helpful assistance and achieving a satisfactory outcome.

Consider Travel Insurance: Depending on your travel plans and circumstances, it may be worthwhile to invest in travel insurance that covers flight changes. Travel insurance can provide financial protection in case of unforeseen events or emergencies that require flight modifications.

Keep Documentation: Throughout the flight change process, keep a record of all communication, including confirmation emails, receipts, and any agreements made with Finnair's customer service. These documents will serve as proof and reference if any issues or discrepancies arise.

What are Finnair Change Fees?

A Change fee is a fee that airlines charge when you make changes to your itinerary, such as changing your flight dates or destination. Finnair change fee policy allows customers to make changes to their reservations, but it comes with a fee. There are three types of fares on Finnair – Light, Classic, and Flex.

Fare Type  Eligibility to Change Travel Date or Flights
Economy Light  No
Economy Classic Yes
Economy Flex Yes
Premium Economy Light No
Premium Economy Classic Yes
Premium Economy Flex Yes
Business Light  No
Business Classic Yes
Business Flex Yes

How Much Does Finnair Change Fee Cost?

The cost of the Finnair change fee varies depending on the fare type and the destination. For Blue and Blue Plus fares, the change fee is $75 for domestic flights and $100 for international flights. For Blue Extra fares, the change fee is waived. Finnair also offers a flexible fare option called Blue Flex, which allows customers to make changes to their reservations for free.

Change Type Fee Amount (in $)
Change of flight date $75-300
Change of flight time $50-200
Change of passenger name $100-250
Change of destination $150-400
Change from non-refundable to  
refundable ticket $100-300
Change from economy to business $200-500
Change from economy to first $300-700
Change from business to first $150-400

When Does Finnair Change Fee Apply?

Finnair's change fee applies when you make changes to your reservation after you've purchased your ticket. It's important to note that the change fee is in addition to any fare difference that may apply when making changes to your Finnair itinerary.

How Can You Change Your Finnair Reservation?

If you need to make changes to your Finnair reservation, you can do so online or by calling Finnair's customer service. To make changes online, log in to your Finnair  account and navigate to "Manage Trips." From there, you can make changes to your itinerary, such as changing your flight dates or destination. If you prefer to speak to a customer service representative, you can call Finnair's 24/7 customer service line.

Fees for Changing Your Finnair Flight


Finnair charges fees for changing flights, and the amount you'll pay depends on several factors, including:

  • The type of ticket you purchased
  • How close to the departure date you're making the change
  • The new flight you're booking

If you have a basic economy ticket, you'll typically have to pay a fee to change your flight. However, if you have a standard economy, premium economy, or business/first class ticket, you may be able to change your flight for free, depending on the fare rules.

If you're making changes within 24 hours of booking your flight, you may be able to avoid fees under Finnair's 24-hour flexible booking policy.

Restrictions for Changing Your Finnair Flight

While Finnair aims to make changing your Finnair flight as easy as possible, there are some restrictions to keep in mind. Here are a few:

  • Finnair Basic Economy tickets can only be changed for a fee, and the fee can be substantial depending on how close to the departure date you're making the change.
  • If you're changing to a more expensive flight, you'll need to pay the difference in fare.
  • If you're changing to a less expensive flight, you may receive a travel credit for the difference.

It's also worth noting that Finnair may have restrictions on which flights can be changed. For example, some Finnair flights may not be eligible for changes, or changes may only be allowed up to a certain number of hours before the flight's departure time.

What You Need to Know Before Rescheduling Your Finnair Flight

Before you begin the rescheduling process, there are a few things you should be aware of to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience:

  1. Finnair Rescheduling Policies: Finnair allow passengers to reschedule their flights under certain circumstances, such as illness, death in the family, or severe weather conditions. However, the airline has strict policies regarding rescheduling, and passengers are advised to familiarize themselves with these policies before initiating the process.
  2. Rescheduling Fees: Finnair charges a fee for rescheduling flights, which varies depending on the type of ticket and the date of the flight. Passengers are advised to check their ticket conditions before rescheduling to avoid any surprises.
  3. Time Limits: Finnair has strict deadlines for rescheduling flights, and passengers must adhere to these deadlines to avoid losing their tickets or incurring additional charges.

Steps to Reschedule Your Finnair Flight


Now that you're familiar with Finnair rescheduling policies and requirements let's take a look at the steps to reschedule your Finnair  flight:

  1. Contact Finnair: The first step to rescheduling your Finnair flight is to contact the airline's customer service team. You can reach them via phone +358 9 818 0800, email, or live chat. Provide them with your booking details and explain the reason for rescheduling.
  2. Check Eligibility: Finnair's customer service team will determine your eligibility for rescheduling based on your ticket conditions and the reason for rescheduling. If you meet the eligibility criteria, they will provide you with options for rescheduling your flight.
  3. Choose Your New Flight: Once you've been given the options for rescheduling your flight, you'll need to choose a new flight that suits your schedule and needs. Make sure to check the date, time, and destination of the new flight carefully to avoid any errors.
  4. Pay the Rescheduling Fee: Finnair charges a fee for rescheduling flights, which varies depending on the type of ticket and the date of the flight. You'll need to pay this fee to complete the rescheduling process.
  5. Confirm Your Rescheduled Flight: After paying the rescheduling fee, confirm your new flight details with the Finnair customer service team. They'll provide you with a confirmation number, which you should keep safe for future reference.

Finnair Flight Change Policy FAQ's

☞ What is Finnair Flight Change Within 24 Hours?

Finnair Flight Change Within 24 Hours is a service that allows passengers to change their flight without any penalty fees. This service is available for passengers who have booked a flight on Finnair and need to change their flight within 24 hours of the original booking.

☞ Who is Eligible for Finnair Flight Change Within 24 Hours?

Passengers who have booked a flight on Finnair directly, through their website or mobile app, are eligible for theFinnair Flight Change Within 24 Hours service. This service is also available for passengers who have booked a flight through a travel agency, as long as the booking was made within 24 hours of the original booking.

☞ How to Change Your Finnair Flight Within 24 Hours?

To change your Finnair flight within 24 hours of booking, you can follow these simple steps:

☞ How much does it cost to change a Finnair flight?

The cost of changing a Finnair flight depends on several factors, including the type of ticket you purchased, how close to the departure date you're making the change, and the new Finnair flight you're booking.

Finnair Domestic 


Finnair International



☞ Can I change my Finnair flight online?

Yes, you can change your Finnair flight online by visiting the "My Trips" section of the airline's website

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