Condor Airlines baggage policy and allowance

Find the complete guide of the Condor Airlines baggage policy and allowance baggage policy. Condor Airlines baggage policy and allowance baggage policy, allowance, fees, restrictions, and charges.

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Condor Airlines

Find the complete guide of the Condor Airlines baggage policy and allowance baggage policy. Condor Airlines baggage policy and allowance baggage policy, allowance, fees, restrictions, and charges.


Headquarter: Germany

Condor, lawfully fused as Condor Flugdienst GmbH, is a German relaxation aircraft situated in Frankfurt. It works booked trips to recreation goals in the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and the Caribbean. Its fundamental base is at Frankfurt Airport from which the majority of its long stretch flights withdraw; auxiliary bases for Mediterranean flights are Munich Airport which likewise includes long stretch flights, Hamburg Airport, Hannover Airport, Düsseldorf Airport, Stuttgart Airport, and Leipzig/Halle Airport.


Condor is Germany's second-biggest business aircraft dependent on armada size and travelers flown. It is headquartered at Gateway Gardens close to Frankfurt Airport. It is an auxiliary of the British Thomas Cook Group, yet at the same time bands together with its previous parent Lufthansa using the Lufthansa Group's Miles and More program, its business lounges at Frankfurt Airport, and as interline accomplices.


Carry-on Baggage Allowance







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Carry-on rules

  • The amount of carry-on you are allowed to bring into the cabin on your Condor flight depends on the flight zone of your destination and the booked fare.
  • For safety reasons, the ground staff and cabin crew must stow excess, unpermitted items of baggage in the cargo hold with the other checked baggage.
  • Small bags must be stowed under the seat while larger hand baggage may be stowed in the overhead locker. Passengers seated in exit rows, behind cabin separation walls, or in the Business Class must stow all hand baggage in the overhead bins.
  • If the permitted allowance for carry-on is exceeded, excess baggage charges will be charged at check-in. Higher charges may apply at gate (zones 1-2: $85 / €75 / £65; zones 3-5: $110 / €100 / £85).
  • Liquids may only be transported in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml. All containers must be packed in a plastic bag (max. 1 liter).
  • The Condor safety team has banned any carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices from all our flights, both as checked baggage as well as a carry-on

Please note: On USA-bound flights, there are stricter security regulations, including those that apply to the passenger and carry-on security checks. We, therefore, recommend that you allow more time than with for flights with departures to other countries.

What items are allowed in your carry-on?

Pointed or sharp articles, for example, blades or scissors are not permitted in your grasp stuff! Likewise, the USA specialists restrict lighters of any sort from being conveyed in checked stuff, hand things, and on the explorer's individual. It would be ideal if you ensure that you don't welcome a lighter on trips to or interfacing through the USA.

Rules on Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels (LAG)

The standards on fluids, mist concentrates, and gels apply to all flights leaving from air terminals in the European Union, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, the USA, and Canada. If it's not too much trouble note that different nations outside the EU have additionally adjusted their guidelines to these standards.


We encourage you to get these plastic sacks ahead of time and pack the LAGs that you need to convey in your grasp stuff before you venture out from home.


Drug and exceptional dietary items (for example child food) required on board during the flight can be conveyed outside the plastic sack. These things should likewise be introduced at the security checkpoint. When requested to do as such, travelers must have the option to show that the LAGs are really the things secured by the exclusion (for example by indicating a remedy for medicine).


On the off chance that things and sacks don't consent to the predetermined size, you won't be permitted to accept them the airplane.


Obligation Free things, (for example, drinks or corrective things) that were purchased upon the arrival of the trip in the air terminal Duty-Free zone or onboard an airplane can be conveyed in a fixed pack if it contains the receipt or proof of procurement.


Condor has no impact over these lawful guidelines and encourages travelers to mull over them when arranging their outing and to restrict their hand stuff to the basic necessities.


All data is pulled from carrier sites as an asset. Carrier sites are the power and can change whenever. We are not liable for inconsistencies. This page kept going refreshed on 16 June 2019. For the most recent data please visit the accompanying connection.

Baggage Allowance and Fees

Are you planning to fly with Condor Airlines? Find solution's you need to know about Condor Airlines baggage allowance, fees and charges and restrictions.

Carry-On Baggage

Condor Airlines passengers are permitted to bring on-board the aircraft one piece of cabin baggage, plus one personal item, such as a briefcase, camera bag or small backpack. Your carry-on baggage should fit into the Condor Airlines overhead bins or under the seat in front of you.

Carry-on baggage cannot exceed 114 centimetres in combined width, length and height; this includes any wheels and handles– with the exception of some of the musical instruments that fit in the Condor Airlines overhead compartment space or under-seat space available at the time of boarding.

Baggage must meet carry on size limits of Condor Airlines.

Due to limited overhead space, Condor Airlines passengers travelling on flights with 50 seats or less are only permitted to carry one personal item on-board the Condor Airlines aircraft.

Limits apply on certain routes. Visit the Condor Airlines website for more information.


No maximum weight applies to carry-on baggage.

However, this varies across airports. Visit the Condor Airlines website for more information.

Checked Baggage

When travelling with Condor Airlines, the most common fees for passengers travelling in a domestic, Condor Airlines may charge some of the extra fees for extra baggage the information given on Condor Airlines official site

This may wary between routes. Visit the Condor Airlines website for more information.

Excess Baggage

When travelling with Condor Airlines, separate excess baggage fees are applied for each limitation you exceed size, weight and quantity. Generally, this varies between geographic regions. Please visit the Condor Airlines website for more information and exact fees.

Special Items

Condor Airlines permit a wide range of sporting equipment and special baggage on Condor Airlines flights. Due to the size of baggage, some of the items may be counted as a standard checked bags. However, Condor Airlines will be considered as overweight or oversized items. As such, charges and certain restrictions will apply by Condor Airlines. Please visit the Condor Airlines website directly.

Condor Airlines on and bringing pets on board.

Dogs, cats and household birds (birds are only allowed on domestic Germany flights) can be carried on-board for $125 one way to/ from most destinations. The fee is $200 for travel outside the Germany.

The pets must fit within a carrier box that, in turn, fits under the seat in front. The carrier counts as one piece of Condor Airlines carry-on luggage.

Condor Airlines carry on and Condor Airlines prohibited items.

Items that are not permitted in your Condor Airlines flights cabin baggage include:

  • Hoverboards,
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7,
  • Fireworks,
  • Bleach,
  • Firearms.

Condor Airlines baggage policy and allowance FAQ's

1. What is Condor Airlines' checked baggage / hold luggage policy?

Condor Airlines' standard checked baggage / hold luggage policy details follow:

  • 2 bags standard, up to 10 bags maximum (up to 4 bags on Condor Airlines Connection)
  • Maximum dimensions: 62 inches or 157 centimeters (length + width + height).
  • Maximum weight: 50 pounds or 23 kilograms.

Excess baggage fees
Checking excess baggage, meaning three or more bags per passenger, on Condor Airlines flights will cost $85-$95 per bag.

Overweight baggage fees
Overweight and Oversized bags is considered any bag weighing more than 50lbs. The fees for checking overweight baggage on Condor Airlines are charged in addition to any standard, excess or oversized baggage fees. Bags weighing more than 99lbs are not accepted as checked luggage on Condor Airlines.

Oversized baggage fees
Most bags with a sum of weight, length, and height of larger than 62 inches will be considered oversized. Condor Airlines oversized baggage fees are charged in addition to any standard, excess, or overweight fee.

2. Are there fees for baggage on Condor Airlines?

Yes, fees might apply. They are determined by the type of fare you purchased, your destination, if you are an active Germany military personnel and/or dependent, if you have status with Condor Airlines' frequent flyer program, status with an affiliated carrier, or if you have a Condor Airlines sponsored credit/charge card.