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Camair-Co Web Check-in Online And Boarding Pass


3, Avenue Général De Gaulle - Bonanjo BP: 4852, Douala, Cameroon, 00000

+237 233 50 55 50


Founded - 2006

Key people - Ernest Dikoum



Camair-Co Check-in arrival time at airport:

Domestic: 60 minutes before scheduled departure
International: 90 minutes before scheduled departure

Camair-Co Minimum required check-in time with baggage:

Domestic: 30 minutes before scheduled departure
International: 60 minutes before scheduled departure

Camair-Co provides a web-based check-in option for its customers. You can make this reservation through Camair-Co's website or mobile app. After this, the passenger can also make a seat selection and download the electronic boarding pass.

Remember that web check-in for your Camair-Co flight opens 24 hours prior to departure. and closes a few hours before takeoff.

If you have any questions about your online check-in with Camair-Co, you can call their toll-free number at +237 233 50 55 50. Camair-Co offers a free, always-open hotline for your convenience.

Before reaching the Camair-Co airport, the travel documents must be arranged which are as follows:

  • A valid passport or government-issued identification
  • E-ticket number
  • The name and details of your Camair-Co flight

Procedure Of Check-in For Camair-Co

Here are the different ways to do it:

  • Check-in Online
  • Check-in at Airport
  • Check-in Counter
  • Check-in Desk

Camair-Co Web Check-in Steps

Here are the steps for Camair-Co Airline Web check-in:

  • Go to Camair-Co Airline's main webpage (
  • Click on the Check-in option to access Camair-Co
  • Type in relevant information like the confirmation number and the passenger's name
  • Please select the continue button
  • Reserve a seat on an Camair-Co flight and make a payment
  • Now, Complete the check-in process
  • Download your boarding card from Camair-Co airline

Camair-Co Mobile Check-in Steps

To use Camair-Co's mobile check-in service, you can follow these steps:

  • Access Camair-Co App from your mobile
  • Select the Mobile Check-in facility option from the menu
  • Enter your surname and Camair-Co e-ticket number
  • follow the on-screen instructions
  • After this, your check-in will be confirmed
  • Now download your Camair-Co Boarding Card or save it on your phone

Camair-Co kiosk Check-in Steps

To use Camair-Co's kiosk check-in service, you can follow these steps:

  1. You have to go to the airport and find the Camair-Co kiosk check-in area
  2. Touch the kiosk screen to start the check-in process
  3. Enter your Camair-Co e-ticket number and your last name
  4. Review your Camair-Co flight details and confirm your check-in
  5. print your boarding pass

Camair-Co Ticket Counter Check-in Steps

To use Camair-Co's ticket counter check-in service, you can follow these steps:

    • Go to the airport and look for the Camair-Co ticket counter.
    • Present your Camair-Co booking confirmation to the agent at the counter.
    • The agent verifies your booking
    • Then confirm the check-in request
    • The agent will issue your boarding pass.

Camair-Co Boarding pass

Passengers must show both their boarding pass and a government-issued photo identity card to the gate agent before boarding an Camair-Co flight. So that passengers can board the plane.

Get a boarding pass at an airport Kiosk

Steps to get a boarding pass from an airport kiosk for an Camair-Co flight:

  • Go to the Camair-Co airport
  • Find the Camair-Co kiosk check-in area
  • Enter your booking confirmation number then your last name.
  • Select your flight
  • Confirm your Details
  • Print or download the boarding pass

Get a boarding pass at Airline Check-In Counter

Follow the steps given below to collect the boarding pass at the Camair-Co airline check-in counter:

  • Go to the airport
  • Find Camair-Co airline's check-in counter
  • Show your ticket to the agent at the counter
  • An agent will verify your booking and confirm your check-in
  • Now you can get your boarding pass

What Happens If You Fail To Camair-Co Web Check-In?

If you miss your Camair-Co web check-in deadline, you will need to check in at the airport. You can do this over the counter or at a self-service kiosk. To do so, you must present a suitable identification card and your ticket and may be forced to rebook your flight.

While flying with Camair-Co, passengers can expedite the check-in process by arranging all their travel documents in advance using any of the above options.

Camair-Co Web check-in and boarding pass FAQ's

☞ How early can you check in for Camair-Co?

You are able to complete this action between 30 hours and 1 hour before the time that the flight is scheduled to take off. This service can only be utilised by logging into the Camair-Co website or via the mobile application.

☞ Can you get Camair-Co boarding pass online?

Yes, it is possible to receive a boarding card for Camair-Co through the website. After you have completed the online check-in process, it is time to select a seat and print your boarding card.

☞ Do you really need to arrive 2 hours before an Camair-Co flight?

To ensure that you have sufficient time to check in and go through security, it is highly advised that you be at the airport at least two hours before the time that your Camair-Co aircraft is scheduled to take off.

☞ What happens if I forget to print my Camair-Co boarding pass?

You will still be able to board your flight with Camair-Co even if you fail to print your boarding pass and instead present it on your mobile device instead.

☞ Why is Camair-Co's online check-in not working?

There is a possibility that this issue is due to a combination of factors, including those listed below. This may be due to technical difficulties, incorrect information, or flight restrictions.

☞ What is official website for Camair-Co airline?

The official website for online check-in with Camair-Co is

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