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United Airlines Cancellation Policy 2023

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United Airlines Flight Cancellation Overview 

Flight Cancellation can be due to various unavoidable reasons. Here, the most important concern about United flight cancellation for you could be the United refund policy. It becomes more stressful when you don’t know about the proper process of doing it.

Let's discuss briefly all the necessary information related to the United cancellation policy when you claim a refund, and it is equally essential to get familiar with the flight refund policy also.

United Airlines Flight Cancellation 

Here we are discussing the methods of United Airlines flight cancellation. If you wish to cancel the flight due to any reason such as; bad weather, new events arising in your schedule, strikes, and the increasing condition of COVID-19 in your destination, and more. 

Here are the methods through which you can proceed with United Airlines flight cancellation; 

  1. Online- From the official website of United Airlines
  2. Offline- Walk to your nearest airport and request the staff for cancellation.
  3. Walk to the nearest United Ticket Office. 
  4. Phone- From the United Airlines App.
  • Click here to download the United App from Playstore.
  • Click here to download the United App from the Apple Store

United Flight Cancellation: With or Without Penalty? 

Before discussing the United Airlines cancellation penalty, please note that different policies and penalties are applied based on your billing region. United Airlines follows specific policies in Argentina, Columbia, France, and Taiwan

Here are the most relevant points we are highlighting related to the United Airlines cancellation penalty; 

  • Depending on the rules of the fare purchased, a cancellation fee or a penalty is applied. 
  • Most fares are non-refundable and are not eligible for voluntary refunds. And if the refund is not eligible then, no penalty exists in this case. 
  • A total of $150 non-refundable is applied as a penalty plus a processing fee for each lost ticket.
  • You can cancel your United flight ticket 24 hours prior to departure without any cancellation penalty. This is only possible if you have made the booking 7 days or more before the departure. 

United Airlines Flight Cancellation Fees

Not in all cases the penalty or cancellation fee is waived. Depending on the fare type, billing and cancellation region, and the time you request to cancel the booking united flight change fee is applied. 

What are United Airlines flight cancellation charges?

Fare type

Cancellation charges in $

Basic Economy

Not Permitted


200 USD for domestic flights

400 USD for international flights


Award Ticket

When you cancel your flight with united airlines then, they refund the ticket amount while keeping 10% of the total fare. But one should note that the right to withdraw does not apply to the promotional fares. You need to take reference from the fare rules of your individual tickets.

United Flight Cancellation For Ticket Types

The cancellation process for each flight differs and is mentioned below.

United Flight Cancellation For Ticket Types

Basic Economy Ticket

Passengers can not cancel the basic economy tickets unless they choose to cancel them within 24 hours of the ticket purchase. One more condition that makes the basic economy tickets valid for cancellation is that the flight departure date should be 7 days far from the date of ticket cancellation.

Non-Refundable Ticket

If passengers want to cancel non-refundable tickets after 24 hours of the ticket purchase they will be required to pay extra charges as cancellation fees depending on the fare class.

After paying cancellation charges, you can use the unused value of the booking to book a new trip. The new trip date should be within 1 year of the original ticket purchase date.

Refundable Ticket

For the refundable ticket type, the passengers are free to make cancellations as per their choices but it should be done before the flight departure.

The refund amount of the United Airlines refundable tickets will be issued to the passenger within 7 business days to the original credit card.

Award Ticket

Cancellation charges are different for the different types of memberships. We are listed below the charges levied on the type of membership.

Cancellation charges

General Member

Premier Silver

Premier Gold

Premiere Platinum

Premier 1k

With Redeposit












United Airlines COVID-19 Flight Cancellation Policy 

United cancellation policy is not in the rule if your flight is adjusted, or canceled, and service to your destination is restricted, then you are not required to pay anything extra and qualify for a refund without any penalty. Also, you can postpone your flight as well. 

If always recommend to check with the national immigration COVID-19 travel policies. Because this information tends to change and modify with changing times and the situation of COVID-19 in your region. Read here about the United Airlines Covid-19 updates

How To Cancel A United Airlines Flight Online? 

If you have booked your ticket through a travel agent, then you can directly call them to cancel your ticket. To cancel a United Airlines flight ticket online, from the official website, follow the steps explained below; 

  • Step-1 Browse the official website of United Airlines
  • Step-2 Find “My Trips” and click on it.
  • Step-3 Enter the confirmation number and last name. Submit your details.
  • Step-4 Click “Search”.
  • Step-5 Choose “Cancel Flight”.
  • Step-6 Confirm it to move ahead.
  • Step-7 After confirming, you will get an option to choose between travel credit or refund. Choose the option which is appropriate for you.
  • Step-8 Once you have received the email confirmation, you have successfully canceled your United Airlines flight via online mode.

How To Cancel A United Airlines Flight Offline?

If you want to cancel a united airlines flight, then you can directly contact united airlines customer care. The Support helpdesk provides you with 24x7 services and gives the best solutions to your queries. Customer support shall guide you with the essentials of United cancellation policy, which can be done offline. 

What is United Airlines Cancellation Policy?

When talking about United Airlines cancellation policy, please note that the airline follows a varied refund policy depending on the fare type purchased, and the destination. The airline reserves the right to allow passengers to cancel or change their flight when they are not able to catch up with their already booked flight. Here are a few important points explained below related to United Airlines' cancellation policy:

  • Passengers should cancel their flights from the same medium they have chosen for booking their flight.
  • If passengers are willing to cancel their tickets, the cancellation charge will be deducted from each single passenger ticket value of the same booking.
  • Apart from canceling the flight, the passengers can also choose to change or postpone their flight depending upon availability.
  • Basic economy tickets cannot be changed, but a refund can be claimed within 24 hours of the booking.
  • Cancellation charges differ from state to state and the billing region.
  • All credit card refunds will be issued within seven business days.
  • The refund process time is 20 business days when the mode of payment was not through a credit card. 

United Cancellation Policy for Different Reasons for Cancellation

1. Cancellation Due to Death

Immediate Family Members: If you encounter the unfortunate loss of an immediate family member, United Airlines may offer flexibility in its cancellation policy. The immediate family typically includes spouses, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, and in-laws. Reach out to United's customer service with the necessary documentation to discuss your options and any potential fee waivers.

2. Cancellation Due to Illness

Personal Illness: In the event of a serious personal illness that prevents you from traveling, United Airlines may provide options for rescheduling or canceling your flight. Medical documentation may be required, so make sure to communicate your situation with their customer service representatives for assistance.

Travel Companion's Illness: If your travel companion falls ill and you need to remain by their side, United may offer flexibility in rebooking or canceling your flight. Notify the airline about the situation and provide relevant documentation to explore the available options.

3. Cancellation Due to Jury Duty

Official Jury Duty Summons: If you receive an official summons for jury duty that conflicts with your scheduled United flight, they may provide options for rescheduling without penalties. Make sure to inform United Airlines promptly and provide documentation as proof of the jury duty obligation.

While United Airlines demonstrates empathy in such situations, it's important to review their policy for any specific exceptions or limitations. Certain fare types, promotional offers, or third-party bookings may have unique terms and conditions. Familiarize yourself with the fine print to understand your rights and obligations.

United Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy

United Airlines' 24-hour Cancellation Policy


We are talking about United Airlines' 24-hour cancellation policy, meaning that the request to cancel the flight was made within 24 hours of booking. Here are certain points to remember about United Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy; 

  • Under this policy, the passenger will get a full refund of the ticket value if the cancellation was made within 24 hours of the flight ticket purchase.
  • The flight departure should be scheduled after 7 days from the reservation. 
  • The airline has a dedicated 24-hour policy for flexible booking, which includes changing flights, seats, and also flight cancellations
  • Despite the refund initiation from the airlines, certain banks or payment gateways may deduct some amount from the total value. 
  • This 24-hour flexible cancellation policy applies to each and every class- including the basic economy. 
  • The refund isn’t applicable if the booking was made using FareLock. 
  • Before you cancel your flight following this policy, read more about the United Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy

United Airlines Cancellation Made After 24 Hours

Here, we are talking about when the cancellation request is made 24 hours after booking a flight that is scheduled to depart after 7 days after the booking.  Different rules apply to the type of ticket a passenger has booked from the airline; 

  • For non-refundable tickets, you should know that most tickets of this kind do not offer the facility of claiming refunds. 
  • On the basic economy tickets, no refund can be claimed after 24 hours of the booking. But in some cases, you can opt to apply to shift the value of your current ticket to your new ticket with the travel credits.
  • If you have booked a refundable ticket, then you can get the refund in its original form. You need to cancel your flight and then claim a refund before your flight departs. A cancellation fee may be deducted from your ticket value depending on the type of refundable tickets you have. There are around 20 different kinds of refundable tickets available for passengers on United Airlines. 
  • For award tickets, you will get the option to either redeposit your miles or use them for another trip. No, redeposit fee will be charged unless you are categorized as a “No-Show”. In No-show cases, you will be asked to pay a fee of 125$ to redeposit your mileage points. 

What Happens If The Airlines Cancel A Flight?

If united airlines cancel flight the flight then an alternative flight is arranged for the passengers within the least possible time. If not assigned then the passengers can claim a complete refund of the ticket price from the airline.

Can I Cancel My United Airlines Flight?

Passengers can cancel their United airline flight as per their ticket type. United Airlines allow passengers to cancel their tickets but the cancellation rules are different for each fare type. We advise travelers to read the cancellation and refund policy in advance to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. 

How To Waive Off United Cancellation Fee?

United Airlines often issue cancellation fee waivers in large numbers when it is going to cancel or delay some flight. This helps them to manage the crowd who will get affected by the change in the flight from the airline's side. The cancellation fee waiver reduces the crowd at the airport for refund claims.

  • To apply for such cancellation fee waivers, find the change or cancel trip option on the home page.
  • Login and enter your PNR number and last name.
  • When you log in using your ticket details, you will get the option to choose a cancellation fee waiver. Choose it and do as what is directed.

Strategies to Avoid Cancellation Fees on United Airlines

Flexibility is Key:

One way to avoid cancellation fees on United Airlines is by booking a flexible fare option. United offers several fare classes, some of which allow changes or cancellations without incurring hefty fees. Opting for a flexible fare upfront can provide peace of mind and flexibility if your travel plans unexpectedly change.

Check the 24-Hour Rule:

United Airlines, like many other carriers, follows the U.S. Department of Transportation's 24-hour rule. According to this rule, passengers who book a flight directly with the airline have the right to cancel their reservation within 24 hours of booking without incurring any fees. Make sure to review your itinerary and take advantage of this window if you need to make changes or cancel your flight.

Utilize Elite Status or MileagePlus Program:

If you're a frequent traveler or a member of United Airlines' MileagePlus loyalty program, you may be entitled to certain benefits that can help you avoid cancellation fees. Elite status or higher-tier memberships often offer more flexibility, including waived fees for flight changes or cancellations. Ensure you're familiar with the benefits associated with your membership level to take full advantage of any fee waivers.

Travel Insurance:

Consider purchasing travel insurance that includes trip cancellation coverage. While this won't directly avoid United Airlines' cancellation fees, it can provide reimbursement for non-refundable expenses in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as illness, emergencies, or natural disasters. Read the policy details carefully to understand the coverage and exclusions.

Special Circumstances and Policies:

In certain situations, United Airlines may have specific policies that waive cancellation fees. For instance, if your flight gets canceled or significantly delayed by the airline, they may offer fee waivers or rebooking options. It's essential to be aware of these policies and promptly contact United Airlines' customer service for assistance.

Negotiation and Flexibility:

If none of the above strategies work in your situation, it's worth reaching out to United Airlines' customer service and explaining your circumstances. While not guaranteed, the airline might show some flexibility or offer alternative solutions to help you avoid or reduce cancellation fees. Polite and clear communication can go a long way in such cases.

United Airlines Cancellation Fee for Award Tickets

1. Cancellation Fees for Award Tickets

General Rule: United Airlines typically charges a fee for canceling award tickets. The amount of the fee depends on various factors, including your MileagePlus elite status and the timing of the cancellation.

MileagePlus Premier Elite Members: United Airlines extends certain benefits to its MileagePlus Premier Elite members. Depending on your elite status tier (Silver, Gold, Platinum, or 1K), you may enjoy reduced or waived cancellation fees for award tickets. Review the specific benefits associated with your elite status to understand the potential fee reductions.

Timing of Cancellation: The timing of your award ticket cancellation can also impact the fee. United Airlines generally imposes higher fees for cancellations made closer to the departure date. It's advisable to cancel your award ticket well in advance to minimize any potential charges.

2. Waiver of Cancellation Fees

United Airlines Schedule Change: If United Airlines initiates a significant schedule change to your flight, such as a time or routing change, they typically waive the cancellation fee for award tickets. In such cases, you may be eligible to cancel your ticket without incurring any penalties.

Global Events or Exceptions: In exceptional circumstances, such as global events or unforeseen disruptions, United Airlines may announce temporary waivers of cancellation fees for award tickets. These waivers are usually communicated through official channels, so it's essential to stay updated on any announcements or notifications from the airline.

3. Making Changes vs. Canceling

Changing Dates or Routes: If you need to modify your travel plans but not cancel your award ticket entirely, United Airlines may allow you to change the dates or routes of your flight. While this may involve certain fees, it could be a viable option to consider instead of complete cancellation.

Refunds and Reinstatement: When canceling an award ticket, you may have the option to request a refund of the miles or points used for the booking. Additionally, if you decide to reinstate the miles or points after canceling, United Airlines may charge a reinstatement fee. Review the specific terms and fees associated with these processes.

United Flight Change Policy

United Flight Change Policy

United Airlines Flight Change Policy allows passengers to modify their booked flights within a specified timeframe, subject to ticket conditions and availability. Change fees and fare differences may apply. Request changes through United Airlines' official channels and review refund options if applicable. For precise details, visit their website or contact customer support. Like cancellations, the passengers have 24 hours to make any changes to their flights without paying a penny for it. The flight departure date should be 7 days far from the date of cancellation. 

We are mentioning below, the flight change charges for each ticket type.

  • Basic economy tickets are not allowed for making changes.
  • Non-refundable ticket holders do not need to pay any charge.
  • Refundable ticket holders will not be charged.
  • Award ticket holders are freed from paying any change charge.

United Airlines Refund policy

United Airlines refund policy offers their passengers a simplified approach to saving their money. All the passengers can readily claim a refund for their ticket value depending on the kind of ticket they have booked with United Airlines. Here are the key points you should know about the United Airlines refund; 

  • Not all tickets qualify for a refund, you always need to check the ticket qualification for a refund. You can go to My Trips to cancel and check if the reservation was of refund type or not. 
  • The mode of payment is important to calculate the number of days in which you'll receive a refund. Payments made with credit cards are refunded in 7 days and other modes of payment require up to 20 business days to process. 
  • The refund amount depends on various factors, such as partially traveled tickets will give you a different amount of refund. 
  • The refund is credited back to the original mode of payment. 

Read about the United Airlines refund policy here

How To Claim A Refund From United Airlines?

As mentioned, cancellation is concerned with the refund. Refund depends on various factors such as billing region, and time of cancellation request proposed. To claim a refund from United Airlines for the  United airlines canceled flight, you need to follow the steps explained below.

  • Visit the official website of United Airlines.
  • Go to Refund Forms and Policies
  • And then click on “Request a Refund” to get a refund form
  • In the form, select your flight number
  • Review your personal information. 
  • Give all your contact details, then give confirmation about the refund. 

Read about the United Airlines refund policy before processing the request for a refund. 

Change Or Cancel Your United Flight

It is always better to change your flight rather than to cancel it as it allows you and the airlines both manage things more efficiently. If you have dates on your mind then changing flights is the best option. Tickets with a billing address outside the US or basic economy tickets may have flight-changing charges.

United Airlines Cancellation Percentage

The cancellation percentage of united airlines flights is approximately 2% of the total scheduled flights. On-time flight percentage of United Airlines is 78%.  The passengers must check flight status before reaching the airport.

Rebook United Airlines canceled The Booking

  • To rebook the United Airlines flight, you just need to go to the official website.
  • Find the “My trips” tab.
  • Enter your confirmation number and last name to access the dashboard.
  • To rebook your flight, select Change your flight.
  • Choose to edit.
  • Enter details like the date of travel or destination and then add or remove a flight.
  • And now, here is your turn to choose your new flight.
  • Choose to continue and select the new flight option. 
  • Finish the booking process.
  • The difference in the fare charges may apply.

Using Credits from Cancelled Flights

Navigating the labyrinthine world of credit utilization demands a keen understanding of the terms and conditions set forth by airlines. While each carrier may have its own specific policies, here are some general guidelines to consider:

Timing Is Everything:

The expiration dates of flight credits are as diverse as the destinations they offer. It is crucial to ascertain the validity period of your credits to ensure they are not wasted. Some airlines might impose tight deadlines, necessitating prompt action to avoid disappointment. Therefore, be vigilant and stay informed about the terms associated with your flight credits.

Flexibility Is Key:

Embracing the allure of spontaneity can prove advantageous when utilizing flight credits. Maintaining an open mind and being flexible with your travel plans can help you make the most of the available options. By considering alternative dates, destinations, or even routes, you may uncover hidden gems and seize new opportunities for exploration.

The Power of Research:

Delving into the vast ocean of possibilities is a crucial step towards optimizing your flight credits. Thoroughly research the destinations you've always dreamed of visiting, as well as the airlines that serve them. Take into account factors such as seasonal variations, weather conditions, and local events to curate a truly unforgettable experience.

Partner Airlines and Alliances:

Expanding your horizons by exploring partner airlines and alliances can unlock a world of possibilities. Many airlines have agreements that allow you to utilize your credits with a broader network of carriers. By capitalizing on these partnerships, you can cast a wider net and discover new destinations, while still making the most of your flight credits.

Engage with Customer Support:

When it comes to unraveling the intricacies of credit utilization, the importance of effective communication cannot be overstated. Engage with the customer support teams of both the airline from which you received the credits and any potential partner airlines. Seek clarity on any questions or concerns you may have, as their expertise can be invaluable in navigating the process smoothly.

Utilizing United Future Flight Credits for Rebooking

United Future Flight Credits for Rebooking

Familiarize Yourself with the Terms:

Understanding the terms and conditions associated with your United future flight credit is crucial. Each credit may have specific rules and limitations, such as expiration dates and eligible destinations. Take the time to carefully review the details provided by United to ensure you maximize the value of your credit.

Accessing Your Credit:

To begin the rebooking process, visit United Airlines' official website or contact their customer support team. They will guide you through the necessary steps to access and apply your future flight credit. Be prepared to provide the relevant information, such as your original booking details, to expedite the process.

Explore Available Options:

United Airlines offers a wide range of destinations, both domestic and international. Take advantage of this opportunity to consider alternative routes and explore new places. Be open to flexibility in your travel plans, as it can enhance your options and increase the chances of finding a suitable flight within the parameters of your future flight credit.

Online Booking or Customer Service:

Depending on your preference, you can choose to rebook your flight online or seek assistance from United's customer service team. If you opt for online booking, ensure you enter your future flight credit information accurately during the checkout process. Alternatively, if you prefer personalized assistance, reach out to United's customer service representatives who can guide you through the rebooking process.

Additional Costs and Upgrades:

It's important to note that your future flight credit may not cover all costs associated with rebooking. Taxes, fees, and fare differences might still apply. If you're interested in upgrading your travel experience, such as choosing a higher class or adding extra amenities, be prepared to cover the additional expenses beyond the value of your future flight credit.

Keep Track of Expiration Dates:

Future flight credits typically have expiration dates, so be mindful of the timeline. United Airlines usually provides ample time for you to utilize your credit, but it's essential to keep track of the deadline. Proactively plan your rebooking to avoid any last-minute surprises.

United Airlines Cancellation and Refund FAQ's

☞ Can I make changes to the single passenger?

No, you can not make changes to the single passenger if there are more people on the booking. The changes will be applied to the whole reservation.

☞ Can you cancel your United Airlines flight and get a refund?

  • On refundable tickets, you can get refunds even after 24 hours of the booking but that will greatly depend on the kind of ticket you have booked.
  • For Non-refundable tickets, if you have canceled the tickets within 24 hours of the booking then only you can claim a refund.
  • Yes, there are certain conditions for the cancellation and the refunds for the tickets you have booked for your journey. If you have booked refundable tickets, it is easier to claim a refund for the cancellation.

☞ Can I cancel my flight online?

Yes, you can cancel your flight online by visiting the official website of United Airlines.

☞ Can I get my money back if United Airlines cancel my flight?

Yes, if you have booked a refundable ticket then you can get the refund amount in the original form.

☞ Do United Airlines have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, They do have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Under this policy, if the passengers cancel their flight within 24 hours of the booking, they will not be charged any cancellation amount.

☞ Can I cancel a United Airlines flight within 24 hours?

Yes, all customers will have 24 hours from the time of their original booking to cancel their United Airlines reservation without being charged a United Airlines cancellation fee, regardless of fare selected.

Note: The 24-hour grace period as per The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC). When you book tickets from the United States. 


☞ Can I get United Airlines compensation for a 2 hour flight delay?

You're legally entitled to get compensation if the delay is the United Airlines responsibility and either: the replacement flight delays your arrival by 2 or more hours. your United Airlines flight was canceled less than 14 days before departure.

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