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TAAG Angola Airlines

TAAG Angola Airlines

Rua da Missao 123, PO Box 79

Luanda, CP 3010, Angola

Phone : +244 923190 000

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TAAG Angola Airlines

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TAAG Angola Airlines:

TAAG Angola Airlines EP is a state-owned national airline of Angola. The airline is based in Luanda and it operates all Boeing flights on all the domestic routes with Angola, medium-haul services in the whole of Africa and long haul services to countries such as Brazil, Cuba, China and Portugal. The alliance was originally known as DTA in 1973 but later it gained the flag Carrier status in 1975 and is now a well-known member of both the International Air Transport Association and the African Airlines Association.

TAAG Angola Airlines History:

The origins of the airline carrier can be traced back to 1937 when the president of Portugal decided to create an airline in Angola. On September 1938, DTA was found as the main division of the administration of railways, all the harbours and the air transportation of Portuguese West Africa. It was owned and maintained by the government and the airlines began its operation on the 17th of July 1940. The first route to be operated was One running between Luanda and Pointe Noire with connections to Aeromaritime services to Europe. The airline came to be known as TAG on the 1st of October 1973 after the airline was reorganized and reconstituted.

TAAG Angola Airlines Overview:

The airline was founded in September 1938 and began its operation only on the 17th of July 1940. The main hub is the Quatro de Fevereiro Airport and the only subsidiary is the Angola Air Charter. With a small fleet size of 12 advanced aircraft and with the slogan TAAG always your company, the airline is known to connect over 31 destinations in the whole world. The government of Angola is the parent company and the headquarters are at Luanda, Angola. According to a recent census the company earns a profit of over 5 million US dollars. The Airline was about 3268 employees.

TAAG Angola Airlines Destinations and Hubs:

As of October 2014, TAAG Angola Airlines serves 31 destinations which include 13 domestic routes, 11 routers in Africa and three in Latin America, two in Europe and three in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region.

For more details on the destinations and hubs connected by the airlines, visit the official website or you can search through Google.

TAAG Angola Airlines Specialties:

Like most of the other Airlines, TAAG Angola Airlines provides all its passengers with special benefits.

  • Special entertainment and candies are provided for the children.
  • All types of medical equipment and first aid kits are available in the flights.
  • The airline allows the safe transportation of pregnant women
  • Special assistance is provided to all the passengers with difficulty in mobility
  • All sorts of pets and assistance dogs are allowed on the flight. You will have to provide a medical certificate along with the pet. Special care will be taken so that the journey is comfortable.

TAAG Angola Airlines Baggage Allowance:

Like most of the other Airlines, TAAG has some Baggage rules which all the passengers have to follow.

Hand Luggage

  • In domestic flights, the maximum weight of hand luggage allowed is 5 kgs for economy class and 8 kgs for executive and first-class.
  • In all the international flights, the maximum weight allowed is 8 kgs for all the classes

Hold Luggage

This luggage is usually transported in the cargo section of the plane and cannot be accessed while you are travelling. The hold luggage allowance varies is on the type of route and the type of seating.

For excess luggage, you will have to pay in extra either beforehand via online or at the time of boarding.

TAAG Angola Airlines Food and Beverage:

Unlike most of the other Airlines, TAAG Angola Airlines provides complimentary food and complimentary beverage to all the passengers regardless of their class of sitting.

The airline promises to provide all the passengers with board meals during the usual meal hours and the meal preparation, the menu and the complexity depend on the flight class. The business and the first class are offered higher quality meals and variations.

TAAG Angola Airlines Special meals: The airline offers a special meal to all the passengers who request them without any additional cost. All you have to do is mention the meal whenever you are booking the flight ticket.

TAAG Angola Airlines Booking:

You can book the flight tickets from the official website that has been mentioned above.

TAAG Angola Airlines classes:

There are three types of classes:

  • Economy class: You will be getting a comfortable trip with complementary services and LED screen for entertainment.
  • Business-class: Special meals and a lounge at the airport for complete comfort and relaxation.
  • First-class: Exquisite luxury trip with all types of services and amenities.


If you are looking to make TAAG Angola Airlines reservations visit our website airlinesmap.com or can book with direct TAAG Angola Airlines official website http://taag.com/ You may call our toll free number 888-220-0490 or direct TAAG Angola Airlines number +244 923190 000. Get more information about TAAG Angola Airlines Reservations and Flights Tickets to click below.

TAAG Angola Airlines Reservations and Flights Tickets

Baggage policy.

Find the latest updated TAAG Angola Airlines baggage policy at TAAG Angola Airlines baggage policy and allowance or you can visit the official website of the TAAG Angola Airlines's baggage page http://taag.com/ . You may call +244 923190 000 for baggage rules.

TAAG Angola Airlines baggage policy and allowance

Online web check-in.

Visit TAAG Angola Airlines site for web check-in http://taag.com/ and navigate to manage to bookings. You may have the option of online TAAG Angola Airlines Web check-in and boarding pass if still, you are facing any problem please call +244 923190 000.

TAAG Angola Airlines Web check-in and boarding pass

Cancellation and Refund.

It's very easy to claim TAAG Angola Airlines cancellation and TAAG Angola Airlines refund call direct phone number of +244 923190 000 or visit official site http://taag.com/ manage bookings. You may have the option to refund or cancellation.

TAAG Angola Airlines Cancellation and Reimbursement

Hub Airports

TAAG Angola Airlines route map

TAAG Angola Airlines destinations.



Maya Maya Airport



Quatro de Fevereiro Airport




Cabinda Airport



Quatro de Fevereiro Airport




Cabinda Airport



Soyo Airport




Catumbela Airport



Quatro de Fevereiro Airport