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SKY Airlines

Kayl Plaza, Guzeloba mah, Ay - 1, Sok No1, Lara, Antalya, Turkey, 07230

Phone : 600 600 2828

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SKY Airlines

It is an airline that is based at Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez Airport in Santiago. It is one of the biggest airlines in the World and is the second-largest airline in the country that is behind its rival, LATAM airlines. It is also the first airline that operates under a low-cost model in its country. It serves lots of roads around the world such as Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Uruguay.  It also operates charter flights in South America and Chile.  There are several aircraft in the fleet and have several programs that help you fly at a low-cost.


SKY Airlines


Sky airline has regular flights and also has charter flights that operate in South America and Chile. It has a fleet size of 20 aircraft and has roots to over 18 destinations. Its headquarters are based in Santiago, Chile. This airline is very big in the airport transportation sector and provides safe, fast and customer my specific solutions that help customers fly safely to lots of destinations around the world. You can find out more information on their website.


SKY Airlines history


Skyline has a long history. It was controlled by its founder Jurgen Paulmann, German Chilean businessman and the brother of the billionaire of retail man Horst Paulmann. It begins his operation in December 2001 and the first flights wherefrom Santiago20 chilly in the month of June in 2002. Since 2005 it is a full member of IATA.


Since 2001 it has signed lots of agreements call the codeshare agreement with TACA airlines for domestic flights in Chile and Peru and between both countries. It also has operations between Colombia and Chile. The airline is now transitioning into a low-cost carrier model during 2015 and 2016 to reduce cost.  Using low-cost carriers will make it cheaper and more available to people who want to travel and economic classes.



SKY Airlines Overview


Sky airlines are very famous and are the second largest airport in the country. It has a fleet of 20+ aircraft and has routes to over 18 destinations.  It has won many rewards such is the best regional airline in South America in 2000 1415 and 2016. In addition, it is one of the most punctual airlines of 2016. It has shifted its current fleet to Airbus A320s. It is expected to expand its current fleet to 25 planes by 2019. Its former fleet consisted of Boeing 737 but was replaced by the family of Airbus A320s. 


SKY Airlines Destination and Hubs


SKY airlines have routes to over 18 places or destinations. It travels all around the country and also charters flights to South America and Chile. Since it covers so many destinations, there are also economic classes available. Some of the destinations are


  • Arica


  • Calama


  • Santiago


  • Iquique


  • Antofagasta


  • Copiapo


  • La Serena


  • Concepcion


  • Peurto Montt


  • Osorno


  • Valdivia


  • Temuco


  • Balmaceda 


  • Punta Arenas


  • Buenos Aires


  • Mendoza


  • Lima


SKY Airlines Speciality


Sky Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in this country. With many destinations and headquarters in Chile, you are bound to travel by this Airline if you live in that country. There are lots of programs to help people travel in economy class. There is an app called low-cost finder on its website which helps you find seats at the lowest cost possible. The also additional services like managing your booking and planning your trip. You can also carry pets. People with special needs also get top priority.  To know more you can visit their website.


SKY Airlines Baggage Allowance


You can have your hand luggage for free without any additional cost. But if you have a zero fair, then the hand baggage will have a cost.  Most guidelines for hand baggage and suitcases are the same as other airports. Your hand baggage cannot be more than 8 KG and carry-on luggage cannot exceed more than 20 KG.


SKY Airlines Food and Beverages


The airline gives out high-class cuisine at great heights. You can purchase food and snacks with cash all deserve your food through their website. You can also purchase drinks but there is a limit on the amount that you can purchase. Food and drinks are also complimentary in higher classes such as PLUS or FULL class. 


SKY Airlines Booking


You Can book your seats and your tickets directly on the website. Sky does not provide extra seat service but you can choose your seat through the web portal. Choosing your seat at Zero fare has the additional cost. Other higher classes do not have an additional cost.  You can also plan your menu on the website. There are also other services like booking hotels, cars, travel packages and airport transfers. Group booking and two words are also available. You can also guess your flight status and find out all the different destinations that SKY airline travels to.

SKY Airlines routes map

Get the Latest updated SKY Airlines flights route map. Guided information of SKY Airlines destinations and hub airports. SKY Airlines serves near about 0 domestic destinations and international destinations around the world. SKY Airlines fly to over 0 destinations worldwide including most popular city domestic and international. SKY Airlines has expanded its fly range of domestic and international routes in conjunction with its code-share partners.

SKY Airlines Details.

SKY Airlines is located in Turkey at Kayl Plaza, Guzeloba mah, Ay - 1, Sok No1, Lara , Antalya, , Turkey . Direct official website of SKY Airlines is and customer care phone number is 600 600 2828.

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You can visit the official website and check the latest update route map of SKY Airlines. If you are a travel agent or travel company you can simply use the GDS system (Amadeus, sabre, Worldspan, etc.) to get an updated destination map of SKY Airlines. Still, you are facing difficulty to find SKY Airlines routes you can visit and call direct SKY Airlines customer care number 600 600 2828. The Customer service agent of SKY Airlines gives you the best and latest routes information.

SKY Airlines route maps & Destinations

Looking for direct SKY Airlines flights, routes or flight schedules operated by another SKY Airlines? Search for SKY Airlines below to view their route map, destinations, and time schedules. You can download all domestic and International maps of routes served by SKY Airlines. Note: SKY Airlines may cancel any destination including domestic and international. The does not take any guarantee any promising information displayed on this page all information about SKY Airlines taken from various sources for complete information you may call SKY Airlines phone at 600 600 2828 or visit official website

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Here you can find total 0 of all SKY Airlines route map. Overview of all SKY Airlines flights and destinations: 

SKY Airlines destinations.


SKY Airlines FAQ's

1. How many destinations does SKY Airlines fly to?

SKY Airlines flights to 0 domestic destinations and international destinations including Turkey and around the world.

2. How can find latest destinations of SKY Airlines?

You can visit official website of SKY Airlines here or can call direct SKY Airlines customer care phone number at 600 600 2828. Also you can download complete destination map from airlines maps guide website at

3. How many destinations SKY Airlines fly worldwide?

SKY Airlines fly 0 around the world including domestic and international.

4. Where can download all SKY Airlines route map?

You can visit guided website airlines map and can get all routes map and download XLS file of SKY Airlines routes.