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Philippine Airlines Web check-in and boarding pass

Philippine Airlines

PNB Financial Center, Pres. Diosdado Macapagai, CCP Complex,, Pasay City, Philippines, 1709

+632 777 59 32


Founded - 1935

Key people - Lucio C. Tan, Sr.


Philippine Airlines

The Philippines airlines are the only international carriers that provide multiple seating classes, including business, premium, economy, and regular economy. The following content describes the various methods of Philippine airline check-in. A traveller can complete the Philippine web check-in process via mobile, web, or at the airport. This Philippine check-in process is required for all travellers and must be completed on time, or else the boarding will be denied by the airlines. Here below, we explain every step in detail so that anyone can do the Philippine Airlines flight check-in easily.

Here Are The Ways To Philippine Airlines Check-In

The Philippine check-in online process comes before boarding. The boarding pass is full of travel details like ticket numbers, terminal numbers, etc. For any web-related questions, passengers can contact the airline customer service at (+63) 919-056-2255. In the following content, we explain the procedure of Philippine web check-in online and Philippine airlines flight check-in offline, both ways. While doing the online or offline check-in, travellers have to follow the steps to do the Philippine check-in process easily and comfortably.    

1. Web Check-In

The Philippine airline online check-in details are:-

  • Philippine Airlines passengers can use their PNR number to do Philippine web check-in and reserve their preferred seats.
  • Specifically for the economy class, check-in starts 48 hours before departure and closes 12 hours before departure.
  • With the Philippine early check-in, the traveller can check in as soon as possible to select the desired seat for a very low amount.

Steps to do Philippine web check-in

1. Visit the official website of the Philippine airlines

2. Select the click on the tab

  • If the traveller check-in with the booking number then
  1. enter the booking number
  2. First and last name of the traveler
  3. Select the term and condition button
  4. Then make the Philippine airlines flight check-in
  • If the traveller does check in with a frequent flyer then
  1. Select the option “frequent flyer”
  2. Enter the Frequent flyer number
  • Write the first and last name
  1. Check the term and conditions
  2. Check-in
  • If the traveler does check-in with an E-ticket then
  1. Select the E-ticket option
  2. Write down the first and last name
  3. Check the term and condition option
  4. Check-in
  • Select the particular flight
  1. Confirm the check-in
  2. After all the steps traveler gets the electronic boarding pass at their registered email.

2. Mobile Check-In

To do Philippine check-in via mobile applications, the traveller has to

  1. The traveller has to select the check-in button.
  2. Write down the booking reference number
  3. Enter the first and last name
  4. Select the check-in option
  5. After confirmation, the mobile boarding pass will appear on the screen.
  6. Take the screenshot and at the airport, you can show this.

3. Kiosk Check-In

Travellers can opt for the option of self-kiosk check-in at the airport for Philippine check-in. Not all airports have this facility. With the Philippine airlines online check-in option, travellers have the option of pre-seating and printing their boarding pass from the kiosk check-in counter.

Procedure to do the Kiosk check-in

  1. Reach the self-kiosk check-in counter, and enter the ticket reservation number.
  2. Enter the first and last name.
  3. Travellers can change their tickets as well
  4. Confirm the check-in after all the details are submitted. 
  5. Print the boarding pass.
  6. Before check-in, the traveller can pay for the extra baggage charges.
  7. Self-tagging of the bag is also done with the self-kiosk check-in because after the completion of the Philippine web check-in procedure, it generated the bag slips which must be attached or tapped on the bags and that bag is dropped on the bag counter.
  8. After that boarding pass, a print option is enabled and the traveller gets it.

4. At The Ticket Counter

To do the check-in at the airport

  • For domestic flights, the traveller must arrive at the airport two hours before departure.
  • For international flights, travellers must arrive at the airport three hours before the flight departure time.
  • If the passenger is flying domestically, he must report to the check-in bag counter 45 minutes before departure for document verification.
  • If the traveller is flying without checked baggage on a domestic flight, he has only 15 minutes to get to the boarding gate before departure.
  • If the traveller is flying internationally, they must report to the check-in baggage counter 60 minutes before their flight arrives.

Philippine Airlines Check-In & Boarding Cutoff Times

Philippine Airlines checks-in policy, allowing free baggage for all passengers except those in economy class.

1. Check-in With Bags:

  • The Philippine flight check-in allowing free baggage facilities for all their travellers, but people who travel with economic class cannot have this facility because the air ticket price of this class is very less.
  • The number of free bags depends on the class of the air ticket.
  • If any class of seating provides a free baggage allowance (FBA), it is noted on the ticket.
  • If the traveller is flying from Asia to the Philippines on Economy Saver or Economy Classic, he may bring a 25-kg bag.
  • If the traveller is flying business class, he can check in with 35 kg of luggage.
  • Furthermore, an economy class passenger flying from Europe can bring a 30 kg bag, while a business class passenger can bring a 40 kg bag.

2. Check-in Without Bags (cabin luggage)

  • The bag has a maximum dimension of 45 inches (115 cm) and a maximum weight of 7 kg on while check in Philippine.
  • All the carry-on baggage must fit easily into the overhead compartment and under the seat without any help or assistance from the airline's staff.
  • For the free carry-on baggage the traveller can carry below items:-
  • Laptop
  • Handbag
  • Coat
  • Blanket
  • Reasonable amount of reading material
  • Infants carry baggage
  • Blanket

3. Check-in With Pets

  • On the majority of Philippine Airlines flights, passengers can bring their pets, such as cats, dogs, and birds.
  • The pets are not allowed in the cabin with their owner, but trained service dogs are allowed. Moreover, pets are treated as excess baggage.
  • If the traveller wants to carry pets, then they have to inform the reservation desk 48 hours before check-in whether the pets will be accepted as baggage at the airport.
  • The snub-nosed breed of dogs is strictly prohibited.

4. Boarding

Boarding is referred to as the sitting of the travellers on their allotted seats within the aircraft. Each airline has its boarding queue based on priority.

  • Philippine Airlines recently implemented a new boarding procedure at Terminal 2.
  • There are four lanes in Terminal 2. The name of these lanes is the premium cardholder, passenger, business class ticket holder, elder passenger, infant, or young child.
  • Families who travelled with the group is board first. Moreover, the lane is mentioned on the boarding pass as well, such as "Economical E" in the rear row and "Economy D" in the middle row.
  • This process reduces the congestion in the middle row while packing the bags in the overhead bins.

Philippine Airlines Web check-in and boarding pass FAQ's

☞ How much time is taken for the Philippine airlines do the check-in?

The check-in process requires time because the bag and the personal checking have to be done. If the traveller is flying domestically, he must arrive at the airport two hours before departure, and for an international flight, he must arrive three hours before departure.

The check-in counter closes 45 minutes before the flight's departure. If for any reason the traveller is unable to check in within the mentioned time, then he is not eligible for the flight check-in, even if he has a confirmed flight ticket.

☞ Is there any express check-in facility offered by Philippines airlines?

Yes, Philippine airlines offer an express check-in facility for senior citizens with a maximum of two companions and for those travellers who don’t check bags with them. This facility is available in the domestic and international

Sectors from the Mactan and Manila airports. This is the special check-in counter, which is situated near the entrance of the airport.

☞ For travelling with the infants needed a seat reservation?

  • Children who are less than 2 years of age, do not require separate seats, but the adults who are travelling with the infants, have to inform the authority that they will carry their infant on their lap during the travel.
  • Additional adults who carry the infants must be older than 15 years old.
  • One infant is allowed per adult, if the adult travels with more than one infant, then an additional seat will have to be purchased for a second child.

☞ What is the basic consideration that must be kept in mind while travelling with pets as a piece of checked baggage?

Pets like cats, dogs, and birds are acceptable in checked bags if they follow the below conditions:

  • The container in which the pet is travelling must be secure and leakproof.
  • Have the vaccination certificate.
  • The traveller who carries the pet must be at least 12 years old.

☞ If a traveller purchases the flight ticket from a private travelling company, then is it possible to do the online check-in?

Definitely yes, a traveller who purchased the ticket from an agent, an official website, or a ticket counter can do the online check-in. The traveller can do the online check-in while selecting the below options:

  • Enter the booking number, the booking number can be the airline booking number and agent booking number reference number.
  • Enter the personal details like the first and last name of the traveller
  • Add the frequent flyer number if the traveller has this.

☞ How early from the flight departure is the Philippine airline's check-in counter open?

  • The timing for when airport check-in opens depends on the airport from where the flight is taking off.
  • The Philippine Airlines' check-in counter opens 3 hours before the departure of the international flight.
  • For domestic flights, the check-in counter is open 2 hours before the departure of the flight.

To get the exact timing for the check-in counter's opening time, the traveller can directly call the airport check-in counter.

☞ Which way I can do the online check-in at Philippines airlines.

  • The official website of Philippine Airlines allows travellers to check in online for their Philippine Airlines flights.
  • Choose the check-in tab if your flight departs within 24 hours or 75 minutes for an international flight.
  • For a domestic flight, choose the check-in tab between 24 hours and 60 minutes before departure.
  • No one can make the check-in beyond the defined time.
  • If the traveller has luggage, he must report to the bag drop counter one hour before the flight's departure time for international flights and 45 minutes before for domestic flights.

☞ Why travellers prefer to do the Philippine airline check-in.

In today’s world, time is money, and while doing the online check-in, the traveller can save a lot of time that would otherwise be consumed by reaching the airport 3–4 hours before the flight's departure. Additionally, travellers have to wait in a queue for their turn, which has a maximum waiting time.

Whenever the traveller does the check-in process online, then he has to report to the airport, drop the baggage at the baggage counter, and proceed to the essential security check-in counter.

☞ Does the Philippine airline serve the drink and food on board?

Yes, like other airlines, Philippine Airlines offers food and drinks to their travellers. The food and drink are complimentary to the travellers, but it depends upon the class in which they are travelling.

  • Business class, which has this facility and the option of food types such as Filipino, Western, and Japanese.
  • The business class has the option of drinks like tea, coffee, juice, wines and a selection of beers.
  • In any domestic flight drinks and meals are offered if and only if the domestic flight time duration is more than 45 minutes.

☞ Is it possible that a traveller can change their seat after check-in online with Philippine Airlines?

Yes, passengers flying with Philippine Airlines can change their seats after online check-in, but only for the remaining seats. To change the seat after check-in, the traveller has to visit the airline's home page and then take out the booking details. Select the “select or change seat” option and select any available seat. Following confirmation, the traveller must reprint the boarding pass with any changes.

☞ Who is eligible to check in online on Philippine Airlines?

The traveller who has the confirmed reservation or E-ticket, which is generated after the online check-in process, is eligible for the online check-in. The  kind of traveller does not allow for the online check-in process

  • The minor traveller
  • A traveller who requires assistance in terms of medical
  • Travelers with outstanding payments.

☞ How many Philippine airlines operate daily?

The Philippine airlines fly to more than 29 domestic destinations and 50 locations worldwide such as Southwest Asia, East Asia, the middle east, North America, Europe and Oceania

☞ What is the baggage limit in terms of weight allowed by the Philippine airlines for domestic routes?

The weight allowed by Philippine Airlines is determined by the ticket class. Below are the weight limits as per the class

For the economy class- 2 bags with the 32 kg weight per bag

For the premium class- 2 bags each with the 32 kg weight

For the business class- 2 bags with a maximum weight of 32 kg individually.

For the first class- free bags allowed of 15 kg each bag

☞ While planning the travel itinerary for Philippine Airlines, what information is required?

Any kind of adjustment or amendment to the ticket requires the last name of the traveller. The reservation number is always present at the travelling e-ticket and is used to make any modifications to the ticket. While doing any modification, the traveller must have a credit or debit card to make the payment. For example, if the traveller upgrades the ticket from economy class to first class, then the traveller has to pay the additional fare amount. The additional amount is the difference in the fare price between the two tickets of a different class.

☞ How can a traveller check the departure time of any international flight operated by Philippine Airlines?

The traveller can get the full details regarding the arrival time, terminal, etc. from their e-ticket because the e-ticket contains all the flight-related details. Additionally, the boarding pass has all the details, which are in printed format. Moreover, the flight departure time is also displayed on the monitors that are present near the departure terminal of the airport, and the information counter also announces the departure and arrival times of the various flights.

☞ Does Philippine Airlines allow web check-in?

Yes, Philippine Airlines allows web check-in for its flights.

☞ Can you check-in online for Philippine Airlines?

Yes, you may web check-in for your Philippine Airlines flight before 24 hours of departure and ending 60 minutes before. You can do Philippine Airlines web check-in using simple steps.

  • Online check-in (Web check-in)
  • Philippine Airlines Mobile check-in
  • Philippine Airlines Counter check-in at the airport
  • Kiosk check-in at the airport
  • Call Philippine Airlines customer care at +632 777 59 32.

☞ Do I need to check-in for my Philippine Airlines flight?

Check-in is available starting 24 hours before your scheduled departure of your Philippine Airlines flights. Minimum time requirements for Philippine Airlines check-in, baggage check and boarding may vary based on your departure airport and destination. Find more information and help on how to get started with your Philippine Airlines flight check-in on

☞ How do I print my boarding pass for Philippine Airlines?

  • On your computer, open your Internet browser and go to
  • Click on the box that says “Check-in”
  • Enter your confirmation number and last name.
  • When you've completed check-in, it will prompt you to print your boarding passes.

☞ Can I pay bag fees with the Philippine Airlines online web check-in?

Yes, you make payment online at Philippine Airlines website Under manage booking on Philippine Airlines page add your extra bag and see how much weight allowed in Philippine Airlines flights.

☞ When do I need to be at the Philippine Airlines boarding gate?

Boarding closes at the following times for Philippine Airlines flights.

  • 15 minutes before scheduled departure time for US domestic Philippine Airlines flights
  • 30 minutes before scheduled departure time for most international Philippine Airlines flights to/from the US. Some non-US airports close boarding 60 minutes before scheduled departure time. Check for exact details.

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