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NordStar to Ulan-Ude Airport (UUD), Terminal

NordStar Ulan-Ude airport terminal information

Airport Ulan-Ude Airport
Contact Number 7 495 783-92-49
Address Ulitsa Poselok Aeroport, 10
Total Flights 31
Terminal 1
Ulan-Ude Weather -18 °C

Flights to Ulan-Ude

NordStar offers a variety of flights to Ulan-Ude, including round-trip and one-way flights. Book cheap flights to Ulan-Ude with NordStar and enjoy all the in-flight perks on your Ulan-Ude flights.









NordStar details about Ulan-Ude airport

NordStar operates 31 flights on average to Ulan-Ude every month.


NordStar is located at terminal , Ulitsa Poselok Aeroport, 10

Customer support

For assistance, passengers can connect with a NordStar agent at 7 495 783-92-49 or write to NordStar on their official website .

Ulan-Ude Airport Flight Option

In a month, NordStar offer 31 flights to Ulan-Ude airport in total, of which 31 are direct flights, and 31 are connecting flights.

The passengers can book their last-minute flight tickets from NordStar at the Ulan-Ude airport counter.

The NordStar flight booking counter is available 60 minutes and 90 minutes before the scheduled departure for domestic and international flights respectively. Passengers can book NordStar flight tickets to the Ulan-Ude airport using the steps below:

  • Find the NordStar counter at the airport.
  • Give your ticket details to the agent present at the airport counter.
  • Give the required information to the agent present at the counter.
  • The agent will verify the documents and book your ticket.

What is the NordStar terminal Ulan-Ude Airport?

NordStar operates all flights from terminal at Ulan-Ude Airport, in some cases terminal may change contact NordStar for more details.

Departure Terminal:

NordStar uses terminal at Ulan-Ude Airport. All the NordStar flights departure from terminal at Ulan-Ude Airport (UUD).

Arrival Terminal:

All NordStar arrive at terminal of the Ulan-Ude Airport. Sometimes it may change terminal . In that case, check with the airline customer care staff.

Ulan-Ude Airport Lost and Found support

Passengers may dial NordStar direct at 7 495 783-92-49 for lost and found information at Ulan-Ude airport.

NordStar Baggage Claim at Ulan-Ude airport.

Passenger can claim their baggage at arrival terminal of the Ulan-Ude airport.

Ulan-Ude Airport information.

Airport Address Ulan-Ude Airport, Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, Russia

Zipcode 670018

Phone +7 301 222-76-11

City Ulan-Ude

Country Russia


☞ Does NordStar fly to Ulan-Ude?

Yes NordStar operate 21 from Ulan-Ude airport.

☞ What address of NordStar Ulan-Ude Airport?

NordStar is located at Ulan-Ude Airport:- NordStar Ulan-Ude Airport, Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, Russia.

☞ Can i book NordStar flights to Ulan-Ude?

NordStar to Ulan-Ude have huge inventory out 21 flights. you can book NordStar to Ulan-Ude at cheapest fare option.

☞ How do I select my seat on a NordStar flight to Ulan-Ude?

You can choose your seat at the time of booking your ticket, or any time thereafter if seats are still available. NordStar has several cUlan-Udes options, from economy to premium economy to business cUlan-Udes.

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