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Neos is an Italian airline company that offers passengers domestic flights within Italy and also international flights to places in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The airline has a very informative official website called that provides customers with booking portals and also low- cost tickets and even last minute tickets to different destinations in the regions mentioned.


Neos was founded in 2001 and began its operations in 2002 and today this airline operates regular domestic as well as international flights. This is an airline company in Italy that caters to more than 70 destinations all over the world and also has been working with Costa Cruises in the travel and hospitality industry. The airline has a slogan of Volo Come Voglio which in English means “I Fly As I Want” which is a great concept for air travel.

Neos History

Neos is a top airline company in Italy which was established in 2001 and became an operating airline a year later in 2002. This airline company was established as a joint venture between two firms in the tourism industry which are Italian Alpitour S.p.A and the German company, TUI Group. In 2004 the Alpitour Group bought all the shares of the company held by the German TUI Group making Neos a subsidiary company of Alpitour with no shares held by TUI Group. The company slowly built its fleet and today it has a fleet of 12 aircraft.

Neos Overview

As mentioned above, the airline has 12 aircraft in its fleet. The fleet includes various Boeing aircraft, and offers customers technological advance air travel with improved aerodynamic efficiency and state of the air systems. This airline has a modernized fleet to operate domestic as well as international flights in an effective way. The headquarters of this airline is Somma Lombardo which is a town in the Lombardy region of Italy.

Neos –Destinations and Hubs

The main base of the airline company is the Milan Malpensa Airport which is a main international airport in the Milan metropolitan area in Italy. Neos Airline Company offers regular flights within Italy and also to destinations all over the world. This includes both regular flights as well as seasonal flights. Some of the destinations include in countries like China, Egypt, Greece, Mexico, Spain as well as countries like Vietnam. The bases of this airline company are airports like Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport, Orio Al Serio International Airports, Leonardo Da Vinci Fiumicino Airport, Milan Malpensa Airport and Verona Villafranca Airport in Italy.

Neos Specialty

Neos is a major domestic airline within Italy. It is a great airline for tourist travels through the Mediterranean region as it provides flights to all the major tourist destinations within the region. It offers low-cost air tickets to Mediterranean destinations like Italy, Cape Verde, Canary Islands, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal and other countries in this region.

Neos Baggage Allowance

The website of the company offers details of what passengers can carry, what constitutes as special baggage, cargo rules and also excess baggage fee. One Neos flights passengers, in general, are not allowed to carry baggage in the hold of more than 32 kg. When it comes to carry-on baggage allowances passengers are allowed to carry carry-on luggage of up to 5 kgs and all restrictions are mentioned on the company website.

Neos Food and Beverage Policy

Neos Food Policy: Italian food is famous all over the world and NEOS is known for exceptional meals on their aircraft. Passengers on all flights above three hours in duration are served break, lunch, and dinner depending on the timing of the flight. Italian cuisine, great desserts and fine dining options for Premium Classes make this airline popular. Special Meals to adhere to dietary conditions are also provided to passengers on Neos flights.

Neos Beverage Policy: The airline offers fine Italian wines to the passengers traveling with this airline. Besides wines, cold drinks, hot drinks like the famous Italian coffee and other non-alcoholic beverages are all served by this airline.

Neos Booking

Neos has a great website that offers customers with different offers for tourist destinations especially, in the Mediterranean region. Neos’s website has a booking portal and offers passengers online booking, online flight check-in and other information about the flights. Neos flight details also appear on tourism and travel sites and also flight aggregator websites.

Neos Classes

  1. Economy Class: Different airplanes in the fleet have different cabin classes at this airline. Economy Class seats have entertainment services, headphones, monitors on seatbacks and are offered great meals and also drinks including the famous Italian wines.
  2. Upgraded Economy Classes: There are many upgraded versions of the Economy Class which offer customers more comfort and also better amenities. This includes Economy Extra Class, Economy Premium Class, and Economy Extra Plus Class on different Airlines.
  3. Premium Class: The Premium Class is available on flights on the Boeing 787-9 aircraft. The amenities include comfortable seats with footrests and headrests, the modern state of the art entertainment systems and access to VIP lounge of Neos at airports.


If you are looking to make Neos reservations visit our website or can book with direct Neos official website You may call our toll free number 888-220-0490 or direct Neos number +39 0331 23 28 11. Get more information about Neos Reservations and Flights Tickets to click below.

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Baggage policy.

Find the latest updated Neos baggage policy at Neos baggage policy and allowance or you can visit the official website of the Neos's baggage page . You may call +39 0331 23 28 11 for baggage rules.

Neos baggage policy and allowance

Online web check-in.

Visit Neos site for web check-in and navigate to manage to bookings. You may have the option of online Neos Web check-in and boarding pass if still, you are facing any problem please call +39 0331 23 28 11.

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Cancellation and Refund.

It's very easy to claim Neos cancellation and Neos refund call direct phone number of +39 0331 23 28 11 or visit official site manage bookings. You may have the option to refund or cancellation.

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