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Mexico City International Airport, Hangar 9-10, Calle Carlos Castillo Breton, Peñón de los Baños

Ciudad de México, 15520, CDMX

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Mexico city is one of the most beautifully placed and historically rich cities in the world. The capital of Mexico is a wonderful place and Mas Air provides its services to this city. Aerotransportes mas de carga is the actual name of the Mas Air in Mexico. This cargo airlines is the heart of the country as most of the cargo shipment of Mexico has been handling by this company only. The base of this cargo shipment fleet is at the Mexico City international airport. Besides this place it has two hubs at Los Angeles International Airport and Miami International Airport. Mas Air is continuing its services to different countries like USA, Columbia, Ecuador and Brazil. It flies through North and South America and provides all sorts of cargo services.




In 1992, Mas Air started its journey. In the month of April in the same year, the first ever flight took off. LAN Airlines sold 25% share of Mas Air in 2000 which they sold again in 2018. During August 2015, it was announced that LATAM airlines would rebrand to LATAM and Mas Air would rebrand to LATAM Cargo Mexico. On 1st December 2018, LATAM group sold their share of Mas Air and now Mas Air is operating on its own. There’s no share is hold to LATAM group of companies. More than 600 aircrafts are working closely with the company and they serve mainly the Latin American area and some parts of the United States as well. The company moves more than 40000 tonnes of products every year.




With 1450 annual flights over 100 plus destinations across the world, this is one of the most widely used cargo shipment flight carriers in the American region. The company is trustworthy and the reason being their superbly talented and customer friendly crew members and company personnel. They know exactly how they should treat their clients in order to run a good business across the world. They maintain a good communication with the clients and that makes this company one of the most wanted and hugely accepted cargo companies in the world. With the amazing service and wonderful behaviour, the company has acquired huge business within this circuit. Even if you are not a potential customer, they will treat you wonderfully and with equal importance and that makes the company what it is today.




Boeing 767- 300 ERF is the flight that carries cargo to different destinations across the map. The flight in service is a tedious and hugely popular flight carrier in the field of cargo shipment. People depend on this company due to their amazing service records. In case of any big companies that need to send their cargo to different places and to other countries, they always look for Mas Air at the first place due to the amazing reviews of the highly satisfied client base of this company. They have a huge client base across the world and all of them refer Mas Air to their friends circle making it a household name in this region of the world.


Look for discount


There’s a particular time every month when the cargo shipment cost comes down to an affordable range. If you have a small business and you need some air cargo for your business, this particular time of the month should be your target point. So arrange everything according to this and choose the affordable fare list as per your requirement. If you are going to send a huge amount of product to the client end, then you need to check out the fare drop option of Mas Air. This company offers amazing services to its clients. They will serve you with genuine care and they will ship your products beautifully. So choose Mas Air over any other competitors in the area.


Wonderfully packed


The packaging and after sales service of Mas Air is amazing. The product that you are sending through them will never get lost. There’s no record of such mishap in the working life of this company. The packaging is amazing and you will certainly going to get the product as it was during the time of packing. There’s no chance of breakage. No chance of losing your belonging is also the reason behind the huge popularity of this company. People have seen it growing from one aircraft to today’s big fleet. The company is very open about their services. They will enquire about the products you are sending through them and if the product complies with their service rule, then only they are going to serve your request.


After sales service


After the cargo reaches its destination, the company would personally call the owner and ask for the review. This is the amazing side of Mas Air which makes it popular among its esteemed clients. The after sales service is amazing and they provide wonderful discounts to their esteemed clientele as well.


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