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Jin Air

Jin Air

653-25 Duengchon-dong, Gangseo-gu

Seoul, ‎07500 ~ 07899, South Korea

Phone : +82 23 660 6000

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Jin Air

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This is a South Korean economical airline. It operates flights to more than six domestic cities and 26 international destinations. It started its first long haul route between Honolulu and Incheon in the year 2015. Since 2013, the airlines were into the cargo services. This is the only widebody LCC operator in Korea. Today this is second largest low-cost carrier of Korea and it carried around 3.5 million domestic passengers. Its domestic traffic has always been lowering for more than past three years as it was more into the international flights. You can see all the details about the airline on the official website that is https://www.jinair.com


Jin Air 

This was last airlines to join the Korea exchange through the initial public offering in the year 2017. In October that announced Jin Air padded approval. This is one of the most economical airlines that offers best deals and packages to its passengers.


Jin Air History

The headquarters of this airlines are situated at Deungchon-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul. This name was officially declared on 15 June 2008 at Seoul. The exact operations of the company started in July 2008 and its root backed in South Korea. The inaugural flight was scheduled between Gimpo International Airport and Jeju International Airport. In October the airlines started with the flights to Macau, Guam and Bangkok.

Jin Air overview

The main aim of the airlines is giving its passengers a wonderful flying experience without making their pockets empty. This is one of the most budget friendly airlines that offer the best fares. The company aims at giving the most economical flights to their passengers now.

Jin Air destinations and hubs

The airline operates through many important destinations like China, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Guan, Laos, Malaysia, Northern Mariana Islands, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, United States of America etc.


Jin Air speciality

The company not only aims at giving the economical services, but they also believe in quality of their services.  They make sure that all the flights fly in time even if the weather conditions are bad. They also make sure that if at all the flights are delayed due to bad weather or any other reasons, there will not be any inconvenience to the passengers, and they are updated about all the changes in the timings of the flight now.



Jin Air Baggage Allowance


Carry-on Baggage

Passengers ca carry with them one carry-on luggage that should not be more than 12 Kg and that must be suitable to the dimension of 115 cm. Additionally passengers can carry on small handbag or laptop case.


Checked Baggage

 The domestic passengers can take 15 Kg with them and anything extra will be chargeable. The passengers who are flying within South-East Asia, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao or Taipei, can take with them 15 Kg of the checked luggage. For passengers travelling to and from China Mainland, maximum of 20 Kg is allowed.


Jin Air food and beverages policy

This is a budget free airlines and the tickets do not include any free food however plain water will be served inside the flights. You can carry your own food except for the liquid items. You can also buy your food while you are on flight and there will be a menu for you to choose from. You can make the advance booking of the meals so that you can get that freshly served on your seat while you are flying.

Jin Air Booking

 You can wither book your flight tickets though any travel agent nearby you or you can also buy them online on your own through their official website. You need to first enter the details like date and time of departure and the destination where you wish to go. Then you need to see if the seats are vacant. If the seats are available, then you can make the booking. The fare will change from time to time. The airlines also offer check in for all its flights. This will open twenty-four hours before the departure time and it will close 30 minutes before the flight time. The passengers who will not be able to check in online can do that at the airport desk. There will be ground staff who will help you out if you do not anything about the check in formalities.

Jin air classes

Economy Class

Economy facilities

The airlines give one class fare on the flights that is the standard economy. You can enjoy your meals and beverages. There will be magazines provided for the entertainment purpose and there will be free WIFI and tablets given to all the passengers here.

Economy seating


You will be able to enjoy specious seating and there will be special crew who will be at your service and they will attend to you whenever there is a need.


If you are looking to make Jin Air reservations visit our website airlinesmap.com or can book with direct Jin Air official website http://www.jinair.com/Language/ENG/ You may call our toll free number 888-220-0490 or direct Jin Air number +82 23 660 6000. Get more information about Jin Air Reservations and Flights Tickets to click below.

Jin Air Reservations and Flights Tickets

Baggage policy.

Find the latest updated Jin Air baggage policy at Jin Air baggage policy and allowance or you can visit the official website of the Jin Air's baggage page http://www.jinair.com/Language/ENG/ . You may call +82 23 660 6000 for baggage rules.

Jin Air baggage policy and allowance

Online web check-in.

Visit Jin Air site for web check-in http://www.jinair.com/Language/ENG/ and navigate to manage to bookings. You may have the option of online Jin Air Web check-in and boarding pass if still, you are facing any problem please call +82 23 660 6000.

Jin Air Web check-in and boarding pass

Cancellation and Refund.

It's very easy to claim Jin Air cancellation and Jin Air refund call direct phone number of +82 23 660 6000 or visit official site http://www.jinair.com/Language/ENG/ manage bookings. You may have the option to refund or cancellation.

Jin Air Cancellation and Reimbursement

Hub Airports

Jin Air route map

Jin Air destinations.



Suvarnabhumi Airport



Incheon International Airport




Mactan-Cebu International Airport


Cebu City

Incheon International Airport




Jeju International Airport



Gimpo International Airport




Jeju International Airport



Shanghai Pudong International Airport




Chiang Mai International Airport


Chiang Mai

Incheon International Airport