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GX Airlines

GX Airlines

Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines Nanning Wuxu International Airport

Nanning, 530011, China

Phone : 0771-5573987

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GX Airlines

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GX Airlines has its website http://www.gxairlines.com/. That provides the passenger with ample details and information to provide best in class services to the passengers.

GX Airlines:

The Airlines promises the customer " Whether you are looking to travel off the beaten track, a complex multi-city itinerary or simply a large range of arrival-departure times and prices, we can help find the flights best suit you. The joint venture between Tianjin Airlines and Guangxi Beibu Gulf Investment Group the GX Airlines was commenced their operations on 13 February 2015 with its first flight based from Guangxi.

GX Airlines History:

GX Airlines is a Joint Venture between Tianjin Airlines and Guangxi Beibu Gulf Investment Group. The 70% of stocks of GX Airlines is owned by Tianjin Airlines and the rest is owned by the Investment Group. The Airlines first aircraft was Embraer 190, leased by Tianjin Airlines. The License carrier was received on February 2015 and the first flight route was between Nanning and Haikou Station in Hainan Province on February 13th 2015. The Airlines hired Foreign Pilots, by August 2019 the Airlines had 8 Embraer 190 Aircraft.

GX Airlines Overview:

The Airlines now owns 26 fleets, the model of the aircraft includes Airbus A320-200, AirBus A320neo and Embraer 190. The Airlines Chairman and President are Wu Chongyan. The Airlines is referred to as Beibu Gulf Aviation and the registered capital of the Airlines is 3 Billion RMB. The annual passenger of Airlines is close to 1.5 million. Airlines is the ‘China's Airhub" for economic and trade exchanges and cultural exchange in SouthEast Asia. Airlines want to expand its fleet size to 50 by 2020.

GX Airlines Destinations and Hubs:

The GX Airlines/ Beibu Gulf Aviation operates from Nanning Wuxu International Airport, that's its main base and the sub-base stations of the airlines are at Haikou and Changsha. Airlines have a network of 60 domestic and international routes. The Airlines navigates around 58 cities. GX Airlines expanded its network by introducing flights to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and other North-East/South-East Asian Countries. The Airlines has added to routes to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand under their leisure tour scheme. Airlines have big plans to expand by 2020 by increasing their destination routes. Airlines serve 3 countries, 57 destinations and 113 routes.

GX Airlines Speciality:

Beibu Gulf Aviation fleet has the scale with a capacity of 13 ERJ190 Planes and 3 A320 planes. The Airline offers Pointing Earning Standard that is segregated as per the class and seat selection. The airlines provide travel insurance for its passenger and the website also an online shopping website, where you can purchase many products for the points, you redeem under we point scheme. The Airlines provide VIP room for its passengers, which a paid service.

GX Airlines Baggage Allowances:

The free Baggage Allowance is classified as per Cabin Seating Arrangement

Y/Y1/B/B1/H/H1 was 25kgs Allowance

K/L1/L/L1/M/M1/X/X1 20 kgs Allowance

V/V1/N/N1/A/U/T/Z/R/A1/U1/T1/Z1/R1 0Kgs Allowance

Sub-Cabin and D/I/J/E/W/Q/P/G/0 They are free baggage allowances as per the documentation.

The Airlines charges differently based on the weight of the bags and the kilometres you are travelling:

Less than 800 kilometres

More than 800 kilometres

The weight classification of the Baggage includes

5kg ,10kg ,15kg , 20kg ,25kg,30kg and 40kgs

There is a price matrix available on the website alongside with digital perks,pre-booking and boarding facility at the Airport

GX Airlines Food and Beverages:

GX Airlines Food: The Airlines has no free food facility, You can, however, order food online, the Airlines offers a wide-range range of food for both vegetarian and meat lovers. You can access the food menu via this link


GX Airlines Beverages: The Airlines doesn't offer complimentary drinks, and the website doesn't have any information on the Beverages. So you are requested to order your beverages along with the order of the meals. The review of the airlines, suggest that they have very limited beverages menu and you can purchase alcohol for a price.

GX Airlines Special Meals: Airlines has no special meals, so you will have to order what you want as per the food menu as per your requirement.

GX Airlines Booking:

You can book tickets for the Airlines on their official website, however there many third party websites that book for the airlines. You can also pre-book hotels and car rental since Airlines has much partnership to provide a better holiday experience for its passengers.

GX Airlines Classes:

There are two main classes of travel namely:

  1. Economy Class - The benefits are small in number and the price is the same. There is usually no freedom of any kind in an economy.
  2. Business-class- It is one step ahead of the economy in terms of services, benefits and available prices.
  3. Organized flights - The best and most private charter flights are.


If you are looking to make GX Airlines reservations visit our website airlinesmap.com or can book with direct GX Airlines official website http://www.gxairlines.com/ You may call our toll free number 888-220-0490 or direct GX Airlines number 0771-5573987. Get more information about GX Airlines Reservations and Flights Tickets to click below.

GX Airlines Reservations and Flights Tickets

Baggage policy.

Find the latest updated GX Airlines baggage policy at GX Airlines baggage policy and allowance or you can visit the official website of the GX Airlines's baggage page http://www.gxairlines.com/ . You may call 0771-5573987 for baggage rules.

GX Airlines baggage policy and allowance

Online web check-in.

Visit GX Airlines site for web check-in http://www.gxairlines.com/ and navigate to manage to bookings. You may have the option of online GX Airlines Web check-in and boarding pass if still, you are facing any problem please call 0771-5573987.

GX Airlines Web check-in and boarding pass

Cancellation and Refund.

It's very easy to claim GX Airlines cancellation and GX Airlines refund call direct phone number of 0771-5573987 or visit official site http://www.gxairlines.com/ manage bookings. You may have the option to refund or cancellation.

GX Airlines Cancellation and Reimbursement

Hub Airports

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