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Finnair Web Check-in Online And Boarding Pass


Tietotie 11A, Helsinki Vantaa Airport, Vantaa, Finland, 1053

+358 9 818 0800


Founded - 1923

Key people - Topi Manner



Check-in arrival time at airport:

Domestic: 60 minutes before scheduled departure
International: 90 minutes before scheduled departure

Minimum required check-in time with baggage:

Domestic: 30 minutes before scheduled departure
International: 60 minutes before scheduled departure

Finnair Airlines Web Check-in Online And Boarding Pass Complete Information


To save yourself from the trauma associated with the check-in process, there is one and best solution for all of you. 

Web check-in or online check-in is gaining momentum all over the world. And the reason behind such tremendous acceptance is that it has many benefits with few or negligible losses.

Here on this page, let's know about the Finnair airlines check-in process and boarding pass and forget the days when you used to hustle for the right knowledge.

Finnair Airlines Check-in fee

There is no check-in fee if you opt to check-in without extra baggage or choose free seats. But, if you have used any additional services of the Finnair at the check-in window, then you may need to pay for that.


Documents Required for Finnair Airlines Check-in 

Reservation Code or Ticket Number
One valid photo identification or two valid identification issued by the National, state, or federal government
Passport or Visas
Kela Card
Driving License
Travel Authorisation and consent for travel with minors
Medications and Adequate Health Documents


Finnair Web Check-in Process Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide specially curated for passengers who want to know the right process for Finnair web check-in. 

Read the steps and enrich your knowledge;

  • Visit the Finnair airlines official website.
  • Find the check-in option and click on it.
  • Select the flight and passenger for which you want to check-in.
  • Check your flight details and Click on “Proceed to Baggage”.
  • Add details of the additional baggage that you want to purchase. 
  • Click continue to move further.
  • Find the “continue to seat selection” button.
  • Select suitable seats and submit them.
  • Now, go to the passenger details.
  • Add your passport details and other details as required. Click continue to go further.
  • After verifying the passenger details, click “Continue to Payment”.
  • Pay the charges as required and click “Continue to boarding pass”.


When to do Finnair Airlines check-in?

Generally, Finnair airlines allow passengers to check in as early as before 24 hours of the departure of the flight and close before 45 minutes prior to the flight departure.

We suggest passengers to complete check-ins for their flights as early as possible to avoid any kind of hussle and to ensure a smooth airport experience. If you check-in in advance then you can address other unexpected issues that may arise during your flight boarding. If passenger faces any issue with online check-in, they can choose to check-in at the airport counter. 

The check-in at the airport opens 2 hours before the flight departure and closes 15 minutes before the flight departure time. 


How to Print Finnair Airlines boarding pass?

If you want to print your boarding pass then you need to read these below-mentioned steps;

  • Go to the official website of Finnair Airlines.
  • Login to your account
  • On the dashboard, click on the option to view your flight details. Select the flight to download the boarding pass.
  • Click on the “print boarding pass option”.
  • Your boarding pass will show on the screen. Now, you can choose to print it or save it in PDF format or print it later.
  • You can get your boarding pass at the Kiosk or can ask the staff at the check-in Airport counter.


Different kinds of Finnair Airlines check-in and the ways of doing 

Finnair Airlines offer multiple options to check-in. The passengers can use whatever suits them better. 

The methods of check-in are listed below.

Online Check-in

The passengers can choose to check-in online as it is the easiest yet most efficient method of check-in. 

How to do Finnair Web Check-in online?

To do finnair web check-in online, you need to do the following;

  • Visit the official website of Finnair airlines.
  • Find the check-in option and press it to continue the process.
  • Enter the confirmation number and last name.
  • Submit it. The booking dashboard will open on the screen. Select the flight for which you wanna check-in. Enter passenger details and do as directed.

Mobile Check-in

Mobile check-in facility has given wings to those who do not want to invest themselves completely in a task such as a check-in process.

Through, the mobile check-in facility, the check-in process can be completed from the comfort of your home while sitting on your favorite couch.

How to do Finnair Moblie Check-in?

To do mobile check-in, follow the steps mentioned below;

  1. Download Finnair's mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Open the app and log in to your Finnair account.
  3. Select the flight for which you want to check-in.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the check-in process and receive your boarding pass.
  5. Save the boarding pass on your smartphone or print it out if needed.
  6. Show the boarding pass at the airport security checkpoint and at the gate when boarding your flight.

Airport Check-in

Airport check-in can be used as a last option when no other method of check-in can work for you.

How to do Finnair Web Check-in?

Follow these steps;

  • To check-in at the airport, you have to reach early at the airport.
  • Locate the check-in counter at the airport as soon as you reach airport.
  • Show documents to the staff so that they can match the details with the airlines data.
  • After verifying the details, the airport staff will give you permission to board the flight in form of a document, called a boarding pass.

Kiosk Check-in

This method is used as self-service to get the boarding pass at the airport. Kiosk helpdesk is situated inside the airport premises. A separate computer terminal is dedicated to the self-service kiosk purpose.

How to do kiosk check-in?

  • Reach at the airport and locate the kiosk helpdesk.
  • Get your documents verified at the kiosk and your boarding pass will be issued to you.

Curbside Check-in

Curbside check-in is used when the airport counter is crowded more than usual. The curbside service helpdesk is situated near the airport entrance or the vehicle parking area.

How to do curbside check-in?

To check-in through Curbside, follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Arrive at the airport so that you can complete the check-in process timely.
  • Find Curbside service helpdesk.
  • Hand over copies of your documents.
  •  Get boarding permission.

Tips & Tricks of Finnair Airlines Check-In 

Note down some of the cool tips to complete the check-in process like a pro.

  • Complete the process of check-in in advance through Mobile check-in or Online Web Check-in.
  • Keep your documents in order in a separate place so that you can access them when it is required.


Benefits of the Finnair web check-in Online

There are numerous benefits of web check-in. We have listed the major ones below.

  • Select seats, and upgrade or change them.
  • View flight status, and add baggage.
  • Save time and energy
  • Prefer convenience.


Finnair Airlines Customer Care Service

Finnair Airlines provides the best customer care services to passengers. The passengers can reach them through chat or call.

Connect via call

Passengers can dial the customer care helpline number for any help or assistance they need from the airline staff. The customer care staff at Finnair is generous and trained to provide the best solution to the queries raised during check-in, booking, adding baggage, etc.


To reach the airlines through the chat option, the passenger needs to visit the official website of Finnair airlines. On the website, they need to find the chat option. Trained agents are dedicated to the service of passengers 24x7.



☞ How long before flight can you check-in for Finnair?

For Finnair flights, you can check-in online 24 hours before the departure time and up to 2 hours before departure for most flights. However, it's best to check the specific check-in deadlines for your flight on the Finnair website or through the Finnair app, as these deadlines can vary depending on the departure airport and flight route.

☞ Is it mandatory to do check-in?

Yes, it is mandatory to check-in for your Finnair flight, regardless of your chosen method. This is to verify your identity and ensure that you are on the correct flight. Checking in online, at a kiosk, or through the Finnair app is a convenient way to check-in and avoid long lines at the airport. If you prefer, you can also check-in at the airport counter, but be sure to arrive with enough time before your flight as the check-in counters usually close 40-45 minutes before departure for most flights.

☞ Does Finnair Airlines charge for check-in?

Finnair Airlines does not charge a fee for check-in, regardless of the method you choose (online, kiosk, mobile, or airport counter). However, checking the Finnair website for up-to-date information on any changes or fees is always a good idea, as airline policies can sometimes change.

☞ Can you pick your seats on Finnair Airlines?

Yes, you can pick your seats on Finnair Airlines. Finnair allows you to choose your seat when you check-in for your flight, either online, at a kiosk, through the mobile app, or at the airport counter. Some seats may come with an additional fee, such as preferred or extra legroom seats.

☞ What should I do if the Finnair Airlines Check-in not working?

If you are facing problems with the Finnair Airlines check-in process, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check the Finnair website for any technical issues or maintenance updates that may affect the check-in process.
  2. Try checking in again after some time, as the issue may be temporary.
  3. If you are checking in online or through the Finnair mobile app, try clearing your browser cache or restarting the app.
  4. If you still have problems, contact Finnair's customer support for assistance. You can reach them by phone, email, or through the online contact form on the Finnair website.
  5. If you need to check-in at the airport, go to the Finnair check-in counter, and the staff will assist you with the check-in process.

☞ Can you get Finnair boarding pass online?

Yes, it is possible to receive a boarding card for Finnair through the website. After you have completed the online check-in process, it is time to select a seat and print your boarding card.

☞ Why is Finnair's online check-in not working?

There is a possibility that this issue is due to a combination of factors, including those listed below. This may be due to technical difficulties, incorrect information, or flight restrictions.

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