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Southwest Airlines

2702 Love Field Dr, Dallas, TX, , 75235, US


TIPO Commercial

Fundado - 1971

Gente clave - Bob Jordan

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Southwest Airlines Reservations & Flights Booking Informations

Southwest Airlines is one of the main airlines in the United States and is mostly known for its low-cost carriers as compared to all other airlines. This airline carrier a more domestic airline service than any other United States airline and, for this reason, Southwest Airlines Reservations online offers its services to 121 destinations within the United States and adds 10 more countries. Moreover, the business class of Southwest Airlines is different from any other Unites states airline because it utilizes a rolling hub and point-to-point network and also offers a free checked southwest airlines baggage facility.

Overview Southwest Airlines

  • In the year of 1966, Southwest Airlines was founded and in the year of 1967, it was called Air Southwest Co. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. The Air Southwest Company offers frequent flights because it is known for routing within the United States with a maximum number of domestic passengers. Generally, the short route emphasizes short aircraft, which means it costs less to the airways regarding maintenance and turnaround times. Hence, Southwest Airlines uses the 737-Boeing aircraft for its short routes.
  • Southwest Airlines always returns good value to its shareholders. Till the year 2010 onwards, the airlines gave back 12.9 billion dollars to the shareholders through repurchasing and dividends of major items. Over time and within the first three months of 2020, Southwest Airlines paid back more than 639 million dollars by repurchasing stock whose worth was approximately 450 million dollars to their shareholders. At the time of COVID, this repurchase program was suspended due to its financial effect.
  • Southwest Airlines are operating 735 aircraft till February 2022. In the history of Southwest Airlines, it operates only Boeing 737 aircraft (not in the year 1979,1980, 1983-1985). It is also known as the largest operator of the Boeing 737 across the globe. Additionally, in the year 2021, Southwest Airlines ordered 100 Max7 jets, the largest purchase of the Boeing jet model. This purchase increased in size by a total of 234 jets over the following few months.

About Southwest Airline

In the year of 1967, Southwest Airlines if founded by Herb and Rolling King. Initially, they started their flights regionally, and over time they expanded their services to many other countries as well. Because they offered domestic flights initially when they started the airline, since that day this airline is known for its domestic air services worldwide, which are economical as well. Now the airline offers its airport services in 42 states. According to the airlines, they offer travel services to approximately 4,000 people daily with the help of their 60,000 workers.

Southwest Airline Destinations and Hubs

  • Southwest Airlines does not have any hubs, but the airline has concentrated flights from its few locations.
  • As of July 2022, Southwest Airlines has 100 destinations as per their schedule. Moreover, these destinations are generally covered by 42 states because Southwest Airlines offers more than 4,000 flights between 15 major locations daily. Southwest Airlines now has eight service centers and customer support stations, which are in Atlanta, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, Phoenix, and San Antonio, and lastly, in the main location of the airline which is Dallas.

Southwest Airline Amenities

  • Southwest Airlines offers entertainment in which they are offering Live tv as per traveler choice, Movies, and radio with the help of iHeartRadio.
  • For connectivity purposes, the airlines offer messaging via WhatsApp and iMessage.
  • The traveler can take the benefits of this service directly on a smartphone device, moreover, it does not require any SignUp or app download.
  • All the facilities are free of cost.
  • The airlines also offer drinks and food, if the traveler flies between US and Hawaii then the airway offers the traveler a free snack and he can also select from the available options. Additionally, the airlines offer non-alcoholic drinks as well.

Steps for Making Reservations and Bookings on Southwest Airlines

While planning for the traveling it is always advisable that booking and the reservation must be done before the trip. In the below content, we are elaborating on the procedure step by step both the ways online as well as offline. By following the steps anyone can make southwest airlines flight online bookings for their desired flight. Moreover, while making the priority booking always offer less fare for the tickets.

Southwest Airlines Online Bookings and Reservations

  1. While doing the southwest Airlines flights online bookings follow the steps
  2. Directly go to the official website of the airline
  3. Select the kind of trip (which means one-way ticket or two-way ticket)
  4. Type the details:
    • Name of the traveler 
    • Select the starting point and the endpoint location
    • Select the date of traveling 
    • Also, select the date of the return (it is applicable if the traveler book the round trip) 
    • A number of travelers
  5. To select the desired flight, press the search button
  6. Now the screen will give you the list of airlines for the same date
  7. Select the flight as per your requirement
  8. Make the payment
  9. After the payment is confirmed, then you get the ticket confirmation email

Southwest Airlines Offline Booking and Reservation

Southwest Airlines offline booking in two ways:

  1. By phone: Using this technology, a passenger can make a reservation by calling a customer care executive through Southwest Airlines contact number (1-800-435-9792). In this traveler have to select the desired option by selecting the appropriate number key and later has to provide all the right details to the agent after reservation the details are forwarded to the traveling phone no or email id.
  2. At the airport: Every airport has a ticket counter for specific airlines. A traveler has to approach the ticket counter and request the ticket booking. After all the mandatory details the ticket is confirmed.

Southwest Airlines Manage Booking

Provides the following instructions for managing southwest airlines reservations and bookings:

  1. Visit the official website of the airlines
  2. From the “Main page” select the “Manage reservation” option
  3. A new page opens which needed a few details regarding the southwest airlines reservation of the air ticket:
    • The six-digit confirmation code
    • First and last name of the traveler
    • Select the search option
    • Select your flight, now you can view and manage anything related to your southwest airlines online ticket print
    • Itinerary details- Print and view
    • Flight details- Can share
    • Check-in time for the flight
    • Boarding pass- Reprint or print
    • Flight- can be canceled, update and change
    • Status of the flight

Seating Classes offered by the Southwest Airlines

The seating classes offered by Southwest Airlines are known for their “open boarding policy”. By this policy, any traveler can sit in any seat as per their comfort zone. There is no sitting number is marked on the ticket either. Moreover, the seating occupancy is done on a first-come, first-served basis, which means whoever comes first has their preference and occupies their favorite seat first.

Wanna get Way sitting class: It is the general basic fare sitting class which offers the following facilities:

  • Checked bag- 2 bags which are free
  • Snacks and beverages are also free
  • If any traveler is a rapid reward member then he can earn 6x in fare earning
  • This sitting class ticket is non-refundable.

Seats at any time: These sitting class tickets are refundable

  • Like, wanna get way sitting class, if any traveler is a member of a rapid reward earning program, then he will get 10x  fare earnings.
  • In this class, travelers can be on standby, which is an additional feature offered by the seat at any time during the sitting class.

Business Premium Places: this is the superior Class sitting offered by Southwest Airlines flights online bookings.It offers the same facilities as wanna get away, but additionally offers more features like:

  • Superior quality Alcoholic drinks
  • Preference for  boarding
  • Priority in the security queue

Useful Information About Southwest Airlines 

Southwest Airlines is the best airline because it offered more flexibility as compared to any other airline. Whenever a traveler purchases a ticket, he is more inclined about the fare and services Southwest Airlines provides because its ticket fares are very nominal. The most important thing is that Southwest Airlines allows the traveler to cancel the ticket 10 minutes before the departure of the flight.

Baggage policy

Southwest Airlines offers the most attractive baggage policy as compared to all other airlines. While traveling with Southwest Airlines, a traveler can carry two pieces of baggage free of charge, of which one is a shoulder bag or the second can be a personal bag. For more than 2 bags, a traveler has to pay 75 USD for each bag. The 2 bags are free and are offered to every traveler without any sitting class consideration. The maximum weight of the bag must not exceed 23 kg. Make sure that the 2 free bags that are allowed by the airlines must follow the weight and dimension limitations that are set by the airlines. The carry-on bag is always stored in the traveler's seat overhead compartment, so make sure the bag is 16*10 inches wide and tall. And the bag must be kept under the seat of the traveler so this bag is not larger than the free space under the seat, which is 16.2*13. 5*10 long, wide, and tall.

Online web check-in

Southwest Airlines offer online check-in by using the PNR number. The Southwest Airlines web check-in starts 48 hours before the time of the flight departure and closes 12 hours before the departure time of the flight for economy class. Travelers can check in via mobile by selecting their preferred seat at a decent fee. If a traveler check-in via mobile, then the confirmation and the boarding pass are both forwarded to the email ID. While doing online check-in, the traveler does not have to report 3 to 4 hours before the airport before the flight departure because online checking saves all the time and the traveler directly has to report the baggage area and proceed to the security check.

Cancellation and Refund

  • In Southwest Airlines, a traveler can cancel their flight tickets (Anytime and business class) with a full refund, but make sure the cancellation must be done 10 minutes before the departure of the flight. The airline also offers the facility to convert the refund into travel funds which can be used in the future of another booking. If a traveler has to cancel the basic ticket which is the "Wanna get away" ticket, then the traveler gets the travel refund in the term rewards which is equal to the amount of the ticket which is canceled.
  • A traveler gets a refund not only based on their type of ticket and also the type of payment they performed at the time they purchase the ticket. If the ticket is non-refundable then only the ticket reward is given, else a full refund is given to the traveler. If the ticket is purchased with the reward points, then there is no cancellation is acceptable.

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Southwest Airlines Preguntas más frecuentes

☞ If I have baggage with me then what to do?

If you have baggage then you have to proceed towards the baggage security check-in, if you already did the baggage check-in then directly go to the baggage drop counter then proceed to security check-in. Every Airport has a dedicated baggage drop counter for web check-in passengers. If the bags are not checked then go to the baggage check-in counter for bag checking then security and so on.

☞ What is the time limit for the check and how early I can do this?

The check-in process for the flight is open 24 hours before the flight check-in. Within 24 hours, you can print out your boarding pass as well. The boarding pass is available at the ticket counter and check-in –kiosk (its availability depends upon the specific airport)

☞ In a few cases, Southwest Airlines offer their passenger to change their flight option, why?

It is not like that, Many times Southwest Airlines books the alternative flight for their passengers, so booking the alternative flight does not require any additional confirmation from their passengers. At the same time, the passenger can alter the date and time for their ticket for the travelling date for the next 14 days which did not require any additional cost.

☞ What is the “No-Show” policy refer to?

The no-show policy refers to not utilizing reward points. Whenever a traveler cancels the “Wanna Get Away “ class ticket, then the airline offers reward points at the time of cancellation of the ticket. If for any reason the traveler is unable to use the points within the 1 year, then under the “No show” policy these points will vanish.


☞ What rules and regulations apply to the liquid items which are bought by the travelers from the “Duty-Free” shop?

The quantity of the liquid item must not be greater than 100 ml if the traveler is travelling to the US and on overseas aircraft. Any kind of liquid must be carried within the shoulder bag. At the checkpoint, if the security agents pass them, then only the traveler can take them alone with their carry bag else they have to pack the liquid item in their checked bag if the space is available and make sure that the liquid item must be packed properly.

☞ What is the cancellation policy of the business class ticket on Southwest Airlines?

The cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines allows the traveler to cancel their ticket 10 minutes before the departure of the flight. If the traveler cancels the flight ticket within the given time then he is liable to get a full refund for their business class ticket. The refund is added back to the source of the payment by which the method of payment is made. It can be cash or travel fund points which can latterly be used to buy any other flight ticket. Additionally, if the business class ticket is in “No-Show policy” then defiantly the value of the ticket will automatically be converted into the travel fund for further use.

☞ Is this possible to get a full refund for the Southwest Airlines reserved or booked ticket?

 Yes, this is possible to get a full refund on both types of tickets whether it is refundable or non-refundable. To avail of the full refund on the refundable ticket, the traveler has to make sure that he must cancel the tickets 10  minutes before the departure of the flight. The refunded amount can be added to the source of payment or as per the travelling preference the refunded amount can be deposited to the traveler’s account as a travel fund for the next flight booking.


To get the full refund on the “non-refundable” ticket special for the “Wanna get away fare” the traveler has to cancel the ticket within 24 hours of the departure in any way like online, mobile and at the airport.

☞ What is the difference in the sitting class of Southwest Airlines as compared to the other airlines?

The sitting classes of Southwest Airlines are somehow similar to other airlines, but the way they allocate the seats to their passengers is different to other airlines. Southwest Airlines use the “Open seating style”. Which means that there is no assignment in the seats. On the boarding pass, only the boarding group is mentioned no particular sitting position is not allocated to any traveler. They offer the seats on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once the passenger is on board, then he can select the seat as per their preference. The traveler coming last on the flight, then he has no option while selecting the seat.

☞ Does Southwest Airlines offer first-class seating?

Southwest Airlines is a famous low-cost carrier, so it offers more facilities than any other US carrier. Most of the time, Southwest Airlines is flying to domestic locations most of the time, so there is no need for first and premium-class seating. Moreover, it does not have any first- and business-class cabin facilities.

☞ How is the boarding of the passengers done?

Whenever a traveller gets his boarding pass, then there is an assignment of the boarding group over it. The group is categorized into three groups (A, B and c), and while check-in the position of the seat is mentioned(1-60).

☞ To upgrade priority boarding, how much does Southwest Airlines charge?

The upgradation is made as per the availability, if there is availability, then a traveler can book a place in the A1-A15 group, which costs 30 USD for each segment, and it also depends upon the itinerary. To make the update, travellers can approach the ticket counter executive.

☞ When the traveler can check in for his flight?

If the traveler travels to a domestic destination, then 2 hours before the flight check-in is mandatory, but if the traveler travels to an international destination, then 3 hours before the flight reaches the airport is a must. Always keep in mind that if there is a peak time like morning or day, or if any festive season is going on, then carry extra time with you to avoid any disturbance.

☞ How do I talk to a live person at Southwest Airlines?

Quickly make a call on the helpline number 800-435-9792 on your phone and listen to the Southwest Airlines IVR properly. Press a number to select your preferred language. Again press a number to talk to a Southwest Airlines live representative and wait for the response.

☞ Is Southwest Airlines OK to fly with?

Southwest Airlines fleet has an excellent safety record. There have been no fatal accidents involving Southwest Airlines aircraft in the last ten years.

☞ What is Southwest Airlines lost and found phone number?

Please contact a Southwest Airlines employee right once at 800-435-9792, if you notice that there are goods missing from your bag you can directly ask Southwest Airlines agents via call 800-435-9792.

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