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What Is Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

Guide For Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Posted on December 09, 2022 by Admin

What Is Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

Missing a Southwest flight is any traveler's worst nightmare. Sometimes it happens that no matter how much planning is done, there are some forces that work against the travel plan. In this case, the flight is missed.

If you would like to know more about Southwest Airlines' missed flight policy, visit their official site or contact their Custom Care team.

Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy

If you make sure to reach the airport at least 2 hours after departure. So Southwest Airlines offers compensation or a seat on the next available flight to the same destination for the missed flight as per their Missed Flight Policy or connecting flight policy.

Here are some Southwest Airlines policies for missed flights that may come in handy during the situation:

  • If the flight was missed due to incompetence of the airline like delay in providing the boarding pass or in security check-in then Southwest Airlines will provide compensation.
  • If the flight is missed due to weather issues or natural disasters then the flight will provide compensation.
  • Southwest Airlines is also committed to providing you with a seat on the next flight to the same destination.
  • If the flight was missed due to a severe medical emergency or in case of death then provide the evidence for the same and claim the compensation from the flight.
  • When a passenger misses a flight Southwest Airlines will put the name on the standby list so that the airline can provide you a seat on the next flight to the same destination.

What Happens If I Miss My Flight on Southwest Airlines?

This is life and it can happen if you miss Southwest Airlines. Then you need not worry as this airline has got you covered. As responsible airlines, they will try to accommodate you on the next flight.

The standard norm is giving a seat to a customer who has arrived within 2 hours of his scheduled flight (the flight he missed). If you are late or don't get a seat on a flight, the airline will put your name on a standby list. Thus you will get to board the next flight that goes to your destination.

However, it is not a compulsion that everyone on the standby list will get a chance to fight. It will be made available only if the seat is vacant on the flight.

Here is what to do when you missed your flight on Southwest Airlines:

Get Help From Airport Counter 

  • At the Airport there is a Southwest Airlines counter. Reach their kiosk and communicate with the person available. 
  • The person is appointed by the airlines and will guide you with the next process, flight details, and other queries regarding the missed flight. 

Get Help With Southwest Official Website

If for some reason you can't make it to the airport, Southwest Airlines' official website lists ways you can contact the airline. Get their contact details or the postal address of the airlines.

You can get the details by the methods mentioned below:

  • Open the web browser on the phone or screen.
  • Visit the homepage of Southwest Airlines
  • Click on the option “Need Help”
  • A new tab will open showing their contact number
  • Call on the number and connect with the customer care person to get the queries resolved.

How To Get Southwest Missed Flight Refund

If you missed a flight for a genuine medical reason or through no fault of Southwest Airlines, you can apply for a refund.

  • Contact the airlines by either calling them or sending them an email.
  • The customer care executive will ask for the booking details and reason for missing the flight with sufficient proof.
  • If the reason for booking details and missed flight is found eligible then you will be given a refund.
  • A refund will be made to the original payment source.


To err is human and sometimes a flight can be missed without any error. Southwest Airlines understands the situation and thus has pre-determined rules to help you with a better flying experience even if you miss your flight. As a responsible customer, communicate with the airlines and inform them.


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