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Moving to Nashville Guide - All You Need to Know

Posted on February 07, 2021 by Nancy

Moving to Nashville Guide - All You Need to Know


If you already have decided to move to Nashville then this is not a bad plan at all. But, do you know how to start, where to begin this moving journey? In this article, I am going to guide you about the perfect areas and their amenities in Nashville that you can make your decision easier.


The main focus of this guide is to find out the most suitable neighborhoods for your every purpose and also figure out the perfect area for different sorts of people regarding their age, profession, etc.


Though we are focusing on the suburbs of Nashville which are far from the main city, still there are some areas like Hendersonville, Franklin, or Hermitage which are good to stay with.



The Guide

Don’t be excited already! Before executing your move, try to visit there first and explore everything which is necessary for living not for entertainment like Honky Tonk. Because the enjoyment of a recreational center or attraction is a temporary matter. To live permanently in a place, you need to concentrate on things like house rent, living costs, food, groceries, education and transportation. Let’s read:


The Gulch


This small area of south Downtown Nashville is a modern area that is ideal for trendy people. A complete walkable area and you can easily walk to shops, restaurants and nearby amenities of main Nashville Downtown.


The gulch is a model community for young adults rather than families. So if you are a young professional then I strongly recommended this zone for your next place.


Lifestyle in the Gulch maintains a trendy and hip vibe including bars, fitness centers, restaurants, music venues, clothing stores, groceries everything that you need to live. If you are looking to renting an apartment in Nashville with sharing, The Gulch has many options for you. Lots of high-rises and condos are situated here, however, if you are looking for a house, this area is not suitable at all for you.


Besides its walkability, the greenway and bike path is a plus for youths.

Downtown Nashville & SoBro

This time we are here in Downtown Nashville & SoBro, again not familiar for families. The famous honky tonks are here on 2nd Avenue and Broadway. This area is popular for its name “Nashvegas” for its live music round the week, continuous events and parties going on Nissan Stadium, Riverfront, the Ryman and at Bridgestone.


The Gulch is nearby and this is a completely walkable city where you can easily walk throughout the downtown and in other areas as well. Uber and Lyft are available to reach nearby areas also.


As I earlier mentioned that Downtown Nashville is not perfect family guys, however, this area is great for people who moved recently here. For singles and young professionals, this area is blessed by over 60 bars, western wear shops, music stores and boot shops.


Hillsboro Village

This is a walkable urban area with having a variety of housing options that is suitable for both students, young professionals and families as well. We listed this area in our favorite place of Nashville as this zone is well decorated for small families and a lot of sing-family homes, apartments and condos are available here.


This area is situated between Green Hills and Downtown Nashville so you can get everything from nearby, however, you are needing a car to reach othe


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