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Mistakes Solo Travellers Make on Their First Adventure Alone

These tips will help travellers avoid problems while travelling safely.

Posted on November 13, 2020 by Alex

Mistakes Solo Travellers Make on Their First Adventure Alone

The thought of travelling solo is intimidating, to say the least for first-time travellers. The thrilling experience of wandering in foreign lands all by yourself is inspiring and fun. But you need to equip yourself for the possible hiccups to make sure the adventure goes smoothly.

Preparation doesn’t just include the items in your backpack. You need to learn some basic skills to enjoy the trip while keeping a guard. Here are the common mistakes solo-travelers make on their first adventure alone. plan ahead, book delta airlines reservations online and save up to 40% off on every flight.

  • Not Use Social Media for Ideas

People often forget the power of social media while traveling and use it only for posting travel pictures. You will know the experience beforehand to avoid any disappointment. It will help plan the trip and explore some amazing unknown places.

Use Instagram and Pinterest for planning and exploring. The hashtags and location features will show you places to visit in your holiday destination.

  • Misplace Travel Documents

Many things can happen to your important travel documents. They can get lost or stolen, that leaves you without IDs, passport, or even details of your destination points. It generally happens when people carry these documents in their wallet.

Leave a copy of the important documents at home in possession of someone. Leave your passport and other documents at the hotel.

  • Get Lost

The streets or roads, while you travel, are completely unknown to you, which increases your chances of getting lost in the middle of the travel. People new to travelling often make the mistake of not equipping themselves with a map or some verbiage.

You cannot afford to get lost with no extra money in your pocket or some map. Write down the destination and your hotel location in the local language on a piece of paper.

  • Forget Useful Items

There are a few items that are quite essential, yet people forget to put them in their backpack.

  • Money Belt

A money belt is a more secure alternative to traditional wallets. It is a compact, fabric pouch fastened around the waist. You can wear it under your pants to conceal it. Apart from cash, you can carry some documents and cards in it.

  • Tripod or Selfie Stick

Tripods and selfie sticks are essential camera accessories to take some amazing pictures of your travel. Tripods add the professional element to your photos with more steady shots. At the same time, selfie sticks allow you to take a picture of yourself with the landscape while travelling solo.

  • First Aid Kit

You should always carry a first aid kit whenever you travel alone. There is no knowing when a disaster can strike. Keep it compact with only the required medication. Always have some prescription for your allergies.

  • E-Readers

Books are a great companion when you travel alone. But traditional books are heavy and takes a lot of space in the backpack. You can travel with an e-reader to keep yourself occupied without much weight.

  • No Check-in at Home

For safety reasons, you must send a copy of documents that includes passport, hotel reservations, and driving license to someone at home. Also, add the travel information from the mode of transport to arrival and departure timings. Try to keep your friends and family updated with social media check-ins as well.

  • Chose Money Over Peace of Mind

One major reason to travel alone is to find a quiet place. The whole plan could go south if you chose the wrong city or hotel to save money. There is a possibility that the travel plan is not safe for everyone.

Take help from your friends while deciding on the travel destination. If you are paying a company for all the arrangement, make sure it is reputable and have good feedback.

  • Feel Uncomfortable in Starting Conversations

Not every one of us feels comfortable while starting a conversation with strangers. But you have to break the ice to ask for help.

There is a very good possibility that you might find other travellers heading in the same direction. Therefore, feel free to start a conversation with people to make new friends or get help.

  • Do not Relax

You may have decided to explore an area or city completely. You need to cover the entire area within a few days of your stay. And this kind of travel often leads to mental and physical exhaustion. You will be tired throughout the next phase of travel, and anxiety might accompany you as well. 

Take a day off and take time to relax. Just sit back, order some food, and watch movies all day. It will recharge you mentally and physically to continue your exploration.

In the end, there are only a few trips that go smoothly without any minor setbacks. Therefore, prepare yourself for such situations while not activating the panic mode. Travel only in the tourist-friendly neighbourhood at least for your first time.

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