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Best Destinations To Visit in Jamaica For Spring Break

Destinations To Visit in Jamaica

Posted on May 17, 2022 by Admin

Best Destinations To Visit in Jamaica For Spring Break

Jamaica for spring break is a wonderful destination for travelers of all sorts. It has amazing weather, rich nature, sandy beaches, and lots of attractions. No wonder many students choose it for their spring break. 


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Here are the best destinations to consider while visiting Jamaica for spring break. 


Negril Beach and Cliffs


The other name this place holds is Seven Mile Beach. It is one of the most beautiful locations in the country and the whole Caribbean. If you are into relaxing in the sun and enjoying recreational swimming, it is the place to go. 


People can go fish swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, and even horseback riding here. Boat rides are available as well. 


Here, one can stay in one of the many resorts and hotels located in the shades of coconut palms. Although it is quite popular with tourists, it is one of the peaceful destinations to consider. Next to the beach, there are Negril Cliffs, where people love to come for sunset views. 




It is the capital of the country, a versatile and cosmopolitan city. It is quite contrasting to the tranquil nature sights, but it would be a shame to miss this amazing location. 


It also has a lot to offer tourists. Some of the most beloved attractions are: 


  • Bob Marley Museum; 
  • Trench Town Culture Yard Museum (where the reggae was born); 
  • Port Royal; 
  • National Gallery; 
  • National History Museum; 
  • Emancipation Park; 
  • Devon House;
  • Dub Club. 


Here, students can walk the streets, taste some amazing food, and listen to music. You can also explore the culture and experience the reggae origins, as well as the modern state. 


Blue Mountains


These are the highest mountain ranges in the Caribbean. The Blue Mountains are famous for the coffee that grows here. But they are also one of the most picturesque destinations to discover while in Jamaica. 


It is a truly breathtaking view, whether you witness sunset or sundown. And on a clear day without any clouds, one can even see Cube or Haiti from the highest points of the range. 


Here, you can hike the mountains, visit coffee plantations, or marvel at rich exotic flora. 


Dunn’s River Falls


If you are staying near the Ocho Rios, it is a must to visit Dunn’s River Falls. This is a one-of-a-kind place with 180 meters of terraced waterfalls. Prepare for the trip with some clothes you do not mind getting wet and wearing some water shoes. 


With a guide, tourists can get to the top of the falls and relax in the pools. Also, nearby there is Bob Marley’s village – Nine Mile. If you are interested in the tour to his birthplace, it is easy to combine two attractions in one day. 


Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park


It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This stunning park has not only natural but also cultural significance. For some time, it was a place for slavery refugees and the indigenous people. 


The park is the ideal place for nature lovers as it has:


  • breathtaking scenery; 
  • rain forests; 
  • coffee plantations; 
  • mountains covered with jungles; 
  • 800 species of various plants;
  • 200 species of birds 


Travelers can go on an adventure here and explore the site looking for wildlife or unique spots. 


Doctor’s Cave Beach


This is another fascinating place to enjoy a beach vacation in Jamaica. Here, you have the whitest sand and the clearest waters; it feels like a postcard. 


The name comes from the British osteopath that declared this water to have healing powers in the 1920s. He claimed that swimming here helped cure people and thus attracted lots of visitors from all over the world. 


However, the cave that is also in the title was destroyed by a hurricane in 1932. The beach is near an area of many exciting shops, restaurants, and hotels. The Montego Bay Marine Park is also nearby. 


Rose Hall Great House


Are you interested in ghost stories? Do you enjoy history trips? Then mark this place as one of your destinations. Rose Hall was once a huge plantation with a marvelous home looking over the ocean. It is restored now and welcomes visitors. 


Students can go for a day tour, of course, but if you want to have a spookier experience, book the evening one. It happens with the candlelight, and you’d get to hear plenty of ghost stories. Maybe you’ll even get to see the White Witch that used to live here once. White Witch is the name Annie Palmer got for her cruelty to slaves and being part of the murder of her three husbands. 


So, if you want to hear some crazy stories, Rose Hall has got them for you.


Martha Brae River Rafting


Another popular attraction in Jamaica is bamboo river rafting. It is a relaxing experience where the guide will welcome you on a bamboo raft and take you down the river. 


You’d get to marvel at nature and tropical views. Down the river, you’ll meet some local vendors that offer refreshments or souvenirs. It can be an extremely romantic experience if you come here as a couple. 


Guides also entertain travelers with stories about the river and legends that cover this place. And the best part is that you do not need to do anything except relax on the rift and enjoy the ride. 


Blue Lagoon


This is a heavenly place to relax. It used to be called the Blue Hole. But after the film Blue Lagoon was filmed here, it was renamed. And it is even more beautiful than in the movie. It is one of a kind place that any visitor needs to witness. 


It is a beautiful natural phenomenon with the clearest water. You can see the water shift its color from royal blue to turquoise under the light of the sun. 


Tourists can also go for a boat or bamboo raft ride here. Or they can simply enjoy the waters surrounded by wonderful greenery.


In Summary


Jamaica is a stunning place that has a lot to offer to visitors. Here, you can sunbathe on sandy beaches, swim with fish, or explore national parks. You can visit the cosmopolitan capital and historical sites and dive into flora and fauna outside the city. So, why wait? Plan your getaway with AirlinesMap and experience the best budget trip ever.


Whether you decide on hiking or relaxing in a lagoon, Jamaica for spring break is always a good time. 

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