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Emirates Web Check-in Online And Boarding Pass


Emirates Group Headquarters, PO Box 686,, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 686

+971 600 555 555


Founded - 1985

Key people - Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum

United Arab Emirates


Check-in arrival time at airport:

Domestic: 60 minutes before scheduled departure
International: 90 minutes before scheduled departure

Minimum required check-in time with baggage:

Domestic: 30 minutes before scheduled departure
International: 60 minutes before scheduled departure

Emirates Airlines is known for its luxury services. Here in the following content, we elaborate on how a traveler can do the emirates web check-in because the airlines offer multiple ways to do things. Although, within the check-in procedure, a traveler can manage their seats or can change their seats as well. The emirates check-in process is the way to ensure your presence at the airport with all the required documents, which are required at the security gate. If the traveler needs to take the emirates flight boarding pass, then he has to move towards the airport check-in counter to get the boarding pass, or else the traveler can directly download it from the official website.

Here Are The Ways To Emirates Airlines Check-In

The check-in procedure is done with the help of the flight boarding pass. Below, we define the step-by-step procedure to do the emirates flight check-in online in various ways. A traveler can select the option, per their convenience, to do a check-in. With the detailed procedure, anyone can do the check-in within their comfort.

Web Check-In

Emirates airlines offer a web check-in facility within 48 hours of the departure of the flight.

Steps to check in with the official website:

  1. Firstly go to the official website (WWW
  2. Select the check-in option from the “Manage to book” option. 
  3. Enter the details:- 
    • First and the last name 
    • The six-digit reservation number appears in the “Booking reference” box. 
  4. After booking reference Select the check-in option. 
  5. Now select the name of the traveler. 
  6. There is a provision while check-in that travelers can change their seats but before the completion of the check-in process.

Mobile Check-In

 Emirates Web Check-in Mobile, follow a few steps:

  1. Download the emirates official application on your mobile.
  2. Select the “Manage” option from the drop-down menu and then select the check-in online option. 
    • Type in the below mandatory details: 
    • Traveler's first and last name 
    • Six-digit confirmation ticket number.
  3. Select the “retrieve booking” option. 
  4. Find out the traveler's name from the list and add the advanced details if needed
  5. The mobile checking process is complete.

Self Check in Kiosk

The emirates self check in kiosk is available in specific airports. All the passengers can manage these services with the help of their smartphones. which offers a safe and convenient experience to everyone.

To do the self-kiosk check the passenger has to enter the details:

  1. The first and last name
  2. The confirmation ticket number
  3. Then proceed to the next option for the final compaction of the process.

The self-check-in kiosk offers the:

  1. Self-printed emirates boarding pass facility
  2. Select the desired seat
  3. Drop the baggage

At The Ticket Counter

At the airport check-in, a traveler has to report 90 minutes prior with the baggage to the departure of the flight. If the traveler is without any baggage, then he has to report 60 minutes prior to the specific scheduled check-in time.

A traveler has to be present physically for the check-in at the airport procedure.

  1. Showcase the travel documents with the passport.
  2. Check-in baggage
  3. A specific seat is allocated to the passenger by the agent of the ticket counter
  4. After all the flight boarding pass is issued.
  5. Then the traveler proceeds to the flight.

Emirates airlines Check-In Times & Boarding Cut-Off 

Check-In With Bags

With the baggage, travelers have to report 90 minutes before the departure of the flight. Emirates Web check-in rules Baggage allowance depends on 3 factors:

  • Route of the Destination
  • The fare of the ticket
  • Class of the ticket

There is stricter regulation of the weight except for the American location and initial point of the travel which is Africa.

  1. For the first class, the weight can be 50 kg maximum
  2. For the business class, the weight can be 40 kg
  3. For economy class, the weight can be 30 kg

The dimension of the bag cannot exceed 300 cm each

Check-in Without Bags (cabin luggage)

The carriages on luggage or cabin luggage, both are the same. In the emirates web check-in process, a traveler has to report 60 minutes before the departure of the flight. The cabin luggage weight depends upon the type of ticket.

  1. For the economy class, a traveler has to carry one bag only with a maximum weight of 7 kg with the dimension of 55 x 38 x 20 cm.
  2. For the business and first-class ticket holders, both carry two pieces of luggage with the dimension of 55 x 38 x 20 cm, and the weight cannot be more than 7 kg.

Check-in With Pets

Due to the high temperature and humidity in the United Arab Emirates, no birds are accepted to travel.

  1. Emirates airlines do not allow any pets to travel in the cabin area. This facility is available for blind people, but a trained pet trainer must accompany them.
  2. If the pet (other than a cat and dog) is too big and cannot fit under the seat, then the emirates can transit the pet via a cargo facility because they maintain the same temperature as cabins. There is no limit to carrying pets on Emirates flights as a piece of checked baggage.
  3. If the duration of the flight is more than 17 hours, then the pet has to travel as unaccompanied cargo for safety reasons.


The boarding in emirate airlines doe does not go zone-wise. 20 minutes before the departure of the flight is the boarding time for all emirates flights. The emirate's approach is slightly different.

  1. The premium members and the elite traveler's board first.
  2. The economy travelers board as per the seat selection where they want to sit. 
    • Passengers who are minors will board first because the relatives of the minor have to be in touch with the trained emirates staff before the actual arrangement takes place. Then the staff will accompany the minor throughout the flight. 
  3. Passengers with disabilities also board first prior then economy class. The emirate staff assists them the way they want and offers them a delightful experience to them. 
  4. Travelers who own a Business class ticket, Emirate slive/ premium members, and first-class members can board to the leisure and get priority whenever the boarding process will start.


☞ What is the sequence to board first with emirate airlines?

Minor and disabled passengers travel first in every scenario because they need special staff assistance from the emirate flights throughout the check-in procedure till the departure time. Then after that business and first-class travelers can board.

☞ What is the meaning of online check-in? When and where a traveler can use it?

Online check-in refers to the official website check-in. This procedure can be done by the traveler before he reached the airport. Online check-in saves time and avoids the basic formalities which are done at the time of airport check-in. the online check-in starts 48 hours before the departure time and shut down 90 minutes prior for all the travelers who own the e-tickets with them.

Always remember that if the traveler does not have the first flight as emirates then the online check-in facility is not available for them.

☞ If any problem occurs while checking in online, then what to do?

The technical issue can be occurred at any time due to multiple reasons. If you are facing any issues regarding the check-in procedure, then it is advisable that you have to complete the check-in process by reaching the airport on the aching the airport on the time. To . To do things normally while doing the check-in process at the airport. Take enough time with you while approaching the airport for the check-in procedure.

☞ If the traveler has done all the steps of checking in online, then at what time he has to report at the airport?

It depends on the type of ticket, whenever you have done all the checking steps online, then still there is a need to be reached the airport before the departure of the flight to complete the travel requirements. At the majority of airports, a traveler has to report 3 hours before the flight departure, which can go a maximum of 6 hours depending upon the airport. Always keep plenty of time with you so that in any worst situation you can reach the airport before the flight departure.

☞ The boarding pass is available after online check-in and is issued after the airport check-in. Are these both are same or different?

Whenever a traveler checks in online, then after that he is not able to print out the boarding pass and cannot use the mobile boarding pass. The boarding pass is issued at the time of the airport check-in process with the presence of legal documents like health and travel documents. Also, make sure to keep these mandatory documents with you before proceeding to the airport.

☞ At which time there is a need to show the mobile boarding pass?

The traveler has to keep a copy of the mobile boarding pass with them at various inspection gates. While reaching the airport location the traveler has gone through various checkpoints and at each checkpoint, he has to show the boarding pass. Initially at the security gate, immigration, then the boarding gate, and till the flight takes off. And always make sure that the mobile screen is always on active mode while passing through all the checkpoints.

☞ Can a traveler utilise his phone to showcase all the boarding passes o the whole group or family?

First of all the mobile boarding pass is available after the online check but at this point, passengers cannot use it or print this. At the airport whenever you request a boarding pass you have to submit health and travel documents for verification every situation, before check-in at the airport, you must have these documents in good condition with you. Every person or traveler is responsible for their boarding pass independently because each boarding pass is sent separately to individual passengers on their mobile number or email id. Every passenger can use the mobile boarding pass if a traveler does not have a mobile phone then they can use e- boarding passes.

☞ What are the general check-in times for emirate airlines flights?

Any passenger can check in online with emirate flights from 48 hours to 90 minutes before the flight departure. The check-in time can vary, it depends on the airport to the airport.

  • If the traveler can make the check--in with the checked baggage then he has to check in 90 minutes before the flight departure.
  • If the traveler makes the check-in without the checked baggage then he can make the 60 minutes before check-in.

☞ A child who travels alone can do the online check-in.

The check-in facility is always useful for hassle-free checking before reaching the airport. But children who are below or under the age of 18, are not allowed to check in online. The minors cannot proceed with the online checking because they are not capable enough to understand every rule and regulation of the airlines or the airport. Hence, expert airline staff is always with them for there any kind of need.

☞ What are the timings for the emirates check-in counter?

The Check-in counter is responsible for the check-in process so every airport has a check-in counter. The emirates check-in counter remains open 3 hours in advance of the departure of the flight. It is mandatory to reach the check-in counter at least 90 minutes prior.

☞ How early a check-in counter for the emirate flights can be opened?

The Check-in counter provides the boarding pass to all travellers after scanning the travel and health documents. So the checking of the documents takes the maximum time, so that a check-in counter is open 24 hours before the flight departure timing and remains open after the 4hours of the flight departure.

☞ What is the e-boarding pass and how a traveler can use this?

Whenever a traveler check-in online, at the same time he is not able to print and use this boarding pass. Because the boarding pass is issued to the traveler at the airport check-in counter. The verification of the online boarding pass with the original documents like health or travel-related documents is required by the destination where the flight is about to land.

  • The E- boarding pass can be issued to the traveler who checks in online. The E boarding pass is the same as the boarding pass issued to the traveler at the check-in counter. The boarding pass gives detailed information regarding the seat and the flight.
  • Whenever the online check-in process is completed, then it also mentions the boarding gate number.
  • After completion of the check-in process and before getting the printout of the boarding pass travelers can view this or with more option traveler can send it to their email as well.
  • Take the printout of the boarding pass, present it to the checking baggage gate, and then proceed to the boarding gate.
  • At last, if you find any difficulty regarding the check-in process or printout, then with the help of a self-check kiosk which is available at selected airports the traveler can make the process by themselves easily.

☞ What a traveler can do whenever they reach the airport?

A traveler can check in online within the huge period, which is 48 hours before the departure of the flight.If a traveler completed their online check-in process or not, there is still a need to go to the airport check-in counter for the verification of the documents, which is mandatory by the departure location, and after the verification, the boarding pass is issued. A few of the airports offer a check-in desk, which offers a touchable screen so travelers can do the separate self-check-in and bag drop kiosks.After all, the bags are checked, then travelers have to wait in the lounge for the announcement of the flight boarding and then take their seats for the final takeoff.

☞ How a traveler can download their emirates e boarding pass?

Traveler who makes their check-in online usually does this with the help of the Emirates application. Go to the app, then select the boarding pass, then select the next option to download the boarding pass. After the download is completed, this can be forwarded through email or SMS with the download link.

At the security gate and various checkpoints, and counters, travelers have to show an e-boarding pass. So to do that, after reaching the airport, travelers have to connect their mobile to the airport wifi and follow the links to show the e-boarding pass on their mobile phone.


☞ A traveler can get the boarding pass after the web check-in with emirate airlines?

The boarding pass is available to those who utilize the online check-in process. Once the traveler completed the online check-in, then they have to select the view option to get the exact view of the boarding pass, and then with the print option travelers can get the printout of the boarding pass. After getting the hard copy or with the link to the boarding pass traveler have to show it at the baggage counter, then the boarding gate, and so on.

☞ Can you get Emirates boarding pass online?

Yes, it is possible to receive a boarding card for Emirates through the website. After you have completed the online check-in process, it is time to select a seat and print your boarding card.

☞ Why is Emirates's online check-in not working?

There is a possibility that this issue is due to a combination of factors, including those listed below. This may be due to technical difficulties, incorrect information, or flight restrictions.

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