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Caribbean Airlines Web Check-in Online And Boarding Pass


Iere House, Golden Grove Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, 150123

+1 868 669 3000


Founded - 2006

Key people - Garvin Medera

Trinidad & Tobago

Caribbean Airlines

Check-in arrival time at airport:

Domestic: 60 minutes before scheduled departure
International: 90 minutes before scheduled departure

Minimum required check-in time with baggage:

Domestic: 30 minutes before scheduled departure
International: 60 minutes before scheduled departure

Caribbean Airlines Web Check-In And Boarding Pass information

Airlines offer web check-in facilities to make the life of their passengers easy and convenient as the web check-in allows them to avoid long queues and helps them in saving their time. Caribbean Airlines web check-in and boarding pass facility is effortless and saves a lot of time for their passengers.

Document Required for a Web Check-in

Passport or any government-issued document for identity proof
E-ticket number
Name and details of your flight

What Is A Web Check-In?

An airline's web check-in service allows passengers to check in for their flight from their homes. Web check-ins are similar to normal check-ins, except that the person who booked the ticket can do them independently. Also, while doing the web check-in, the person can also select their own seats, choose their meals e.t.c. 

Ways To Do Caribbean Airlines Web Check-In

No matter what the destination is, check-ins are a straightforward process and can either be done by going to the airline's official website or going to the agent at the airport. Here we have mentioned the different ways through which you can do your web check-in.

Online Check-In

You can do your web check-in just by going to the airline’s website and submitting the required information. Follow these steps to get your online check-in done:

  • Go to the airline's official website.
  • Select the Check-in option from the airline's website.
  • Enter your booking reference or E-ticket number and last name in the given fields.
  • You can do it right now if you want to check in other passengers.
  • Select the seat on your flight.
  • Click on the confirm button, and your web check-in is done now.
  • Now, you can download your boarding pass.

Mobile Check-In

Mobile Check-ins is as simple as downloading an app. Follow these steps to get your mobile check-in done:

  • Download the airline app either from the play store or the apple store.
  • Press the check-in tab in the app.
  • Enter your last name and booking reference/e-ticket number in the given fields.
  • Press the confirm button.
  • The check-in is done now.
  • Select the seat on your flight and make a payment.
  • You can download /your boarding pass and print it.

Kiosk Check-in

When it comes to Caribbean Airlines, Kiosk check-in can be done depending on whether kiosks are present at the airport. Follow these steps to get your Kiosk check-in done:

  • Find the airline's kiosk at the airport.
  • Touch the screen to start the check-in process.
  • Enter the required information like the E-ticket number or booking reference number and last name in the given fields.
  • Your check-in is done.
  • You can print your boarding pass from the Kiosk.

Counter Check-in

Counter check-in can be done by going to the check-in counter at the airport and asking the agent at the counter to help you with your check-in. Follow these steps to get your mobile check-in done:

  • Find the Caribbean Airlines counter at the airport.
  • Give your booking details to the person present at the counter.
  • The person at the counter will verify your booking, confirm the check-in request, and then they will issue your boarding pass.

How To Get Your Boarding Pass?

A boarding Pass is a document issued by the airline to its passengers that when shown at the boarding gate allows entry to the flight. You can get your boarding pass after you have finished your check-in. If you have done your check-in online or on your mobile you can download the boarding pass and print it whereas if you plan to do it at the airport counter, the ground staff of Caribbean airlines will issue you the boarding pass. 

Caribbean Airlines Web Check-in For Special Assistance Passengers

Caribbean Airlines offers web check-in services for passengers who require special assistance and want to make them as comfortable as possible. Special Assistance passengers can do check-in in the same way as the other passengers can but special assistance passengers need to come to the airport 2 hours before the flight’s departure so that the ground staff of the airline can help them with whatever assistance they need. 

Caribbean Airlines Web Check-In Not Allowed For  

The airline has come up with its web check-in service to make the life of its customers easy but there are a few situations under which the passengers can’t get the benefit of this facility. Here we have explained both the situation under which a web check-in facility is not allowed:

  • If the passengers are traveling on interline flights or code-share flights which means the connecting flight of the passenger is of some other airlines' connections or flights
  • Passengers on standby listing can’t do their check-in online. They have to go to the airport to get their check-in done.

Benefits of Doing Caribbean Airlines Web Check-In

There are various benefits of doing your check-in on the web or mobile. Here we have stated all the benefits of doing web check-in:

  • Time-Saving: The web check-in process is time-saving as you don’t have to stand in long queues and wait for your turn to come, you can do it within minutes either on your laptop or mobile.
  • Convenient: Web check-in methods are convenient as you can do it from the comfort of your home without even stepping the food out of your home.
  • Seat Selection: You can select the seat of your choice while doing the check-in online as compared to the offline method where you don’t get the option to select your own seat.

Caribbean Airlines Check-In And Closing Time

Every airline has fixed a particular time window between which you can do your check-in after which, the airline won’t allow you to do your check-in and your ticket would be canceled and you won’t be able to ask for a refund, hence it is important to know about the airline's check-in and closing times. The airline check-in starts 24 hours before the flight’s departure and closes 1 hour before it, thus if you haven’t done your check-in by then, you won’t be able to board your flight. Also, whether you are doing your check-in online or offline, the airline asks you to come to the airport 3 hours prior to the departure of your flight as baggage and security check-ins can take a lot of time.

Caribbean Airlines Customer Care Service

The airline has a dedicated service staff and wants to provide a safe and comfortable travel atmosphere for its passengers. It provides open communication It offers channels where passengers can voice their opinions, queries, and complaints. The airline can be contacted in the following ways:

  • The airline can be reached at 00 1 800-523-5585.
  • You can Fax the airline at  +1 868-669-0336.
  • You can write to the airline at its headquarter, P.O. Box 2094 Piarco, Trinidad, W.I.


☞ What else can I do while doing my check-in online?

You can select your seat and print your boarding pass while doing your check-in online.

☞ Can I get the seat of my choice on my flight after my web check-in?

Yes, you can get the seat of your choice on your flight.

☞ Can I select my seat during check-in for my flight?

You can select your seat while doing your check-in online.

☞ Can I do a web check-in for my family?

Yes, the airline web check-in facility allows you to do a check-in of a maximum number of nine travelers.

☞ What is the official website of Caribbean Airlines for customer service?

The official website for online check-in is experience.

☞ What is Caribbean Airlines' web check-in phone number?

The airline customer service number is 00 1 800-523-5585.

☞ Can you get Caribbean Airlines boarding pass online?

Yes, it is possible to receive a boarding card for Caribbean Airlines through the website. After you have completed the online check-in process, it is time to select a seat and print your boarding card.

☞ Why is Caribbean Airlines's online check-in not working?

There is a possibility that this issue is due to a combination of factors, including those listed below. This may be due to technical difficulties, incorrect information, or flight restrictions.

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