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Cargojet Airways

350 Britannia Road East, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L4Z 1X9

Phone : 905.501.7373

Website :

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Cargojet Airways

This is a leading provider of the overnight air cargo services. This airlines operates its wide network across north America, and it carries more than 750000 pounds of the cargo every business night and one can utilise the fleet of the Boeing all cargo aircraft. The schedules of the flight are designed in order to meet the needs of all the flyers. Also, there are some special benefits like late night and early morning arrivals, and these can prove to be the added advantage. The flight timings are decided as per the convenience of the passengers always.


Cargojet Airways


This is a Mississauga based scheduled cargo airline. This operates the air cargo services in Canada and rest of the world. This not only operates the aircrafts but the private charters too. The main base of the same is the Hamilton International Airport. This is a public company with more than 800 skilled staff members. All the staff members of the airline are very cooperative, and they will help you at any time now. The customer care is at your service always and you can contact them at any time now.

Cargojet Airways History


This reputed airlines had started on 21 February 2002 and its operations mainly took place from June 2002. It was named as Canada 300c cargo and the name was changed to Cargojet on 22 February 2002. In 2007 it acquired Georgian Express cargo operations. In May 2016 the company announced its partnership with the Canadian rapper Drake, that named him an

ambassador to the brand.


Cargojet Airways overview

This is a Canada based airlines that gives its customers the best quality services at the best fares. Their services are true value for money, and you will always get the best services from them.

Cargojet Airway destinations and hubs

This is a scheduled cargo airlines that has its base in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. This operates its air cargo services in Canada as well as outside. The main base of the airlines is John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport. This operates across many important places all over the world now.

Cargojet Airways specialty

The airline aims at giving the best services to the passengers and they have the most systematic way of ticketing, check in and everything that is related to flying of a passenger. They make use of the modern technology for all the things here.

Cargojet Airways baggage allowances:

There are certain baggage policies that one needs to understand. There will be check in as you arrive at the airport and the whole baggage will be checked. One person can carry only 20 Kg and anything above that will be chargeable extra. You will not be allowed to take any tools, any liquids on board. In business and premium class, they will allow you to carry more weight but also there is a limit. If the limit is crossed, you will need to pay extra.


Cargojet Airways food and beverages policy

Freshly made food will be served on your seat and you can enjoy your meals. If you want to have some special meal, then you can book them in advance. There will be a varied menu from which you need to select the one that you like. You need to pay in advance for that. You will get the best quality food while you are on board. You can also carry your own food, but you need to make sure the food is not smelly or sticky. Also, you are not allowed to take a juices or drinks with you. The water will be served inside the aircraft and that will be free o cosy. That will be given upon request.

Cargojet Airways booking:

You need to book the tickets online in advance from the official website of the company that is You need to first see which flights you are there and need to see if the flights are full or not. You need to book the tickets and for which you need to make advance payments also. You must make sure you enter the right details as there will not be any changes or alterations later. You need to keep one copy of the tickets while you take the flight.

Cargojet Airways classes.

There are different classes and you need to select the class that can be as per your neds and budget too.

Economy class

This is where you get all the basic facilities and the fares will also be moderate. You can get a baby carrier on request.

Business class

This is the class where you can get a few additional facilities. The fares will also be on a higher side and you can enjoy more space and more comfort at this place. This will provide more space and more comfort too.

Cargojet Airways routes map

Get the Latest updated Cargojet Airways flights route map. Guided information of Cargojet Airways destinations and hub airports. Cargojet Airways serves near about 0 domestic destinations and international destinations around the world. Cargojet Airways fly to over 0 destinations worldwide including most popular city domestic and international. Cargojet Airways has expanded its fly range of domestic and international routes in conjunction with its code-share partners.

Cargojet Airways Details.

Cargojet Airways is located in Canada at 350 Britannia Road East, Mississauga , Ontario, , Canada . Direct official website of Cargojet Airways is and customer care phone number is 905.501.7373.

Steps to find all Cargojet Airways route map.

You can visit the official website and check the latest update route map of Cargojet Airways. If you are a travel agent or travel company you can simply use the GDS system (Amadeus, sabre, Worldspan, etc.) to get an updated destination map of Cargojet Airways. Still, you are facing difficulty to find Cargojet Airways routes you can visit and call direct Cargojet Airways customer care number 905.501.7373. The Customer service agent of Cargojet Airways gives you the best and latest routes information.

Cargojet Airways route maps & Destinations

Looking for direct Cargojet Airways flights, routes or flight schedules operated by another Cargojet Airways? Search for Cargojet Airways below to view their route map, destinations, and time schedules. You can download all domestic and International maps of routes served by Cargojet Airways. Note: Cargojet Airways may cancel any destination including domestic and international. The does not take any guarantee any promising information displayed on this page all information about Cargojet Airways taken from various sources for complete information you may call Cargojet Airways phone at 905.501.7373 or visit official website

List of Cargojet Airways destinations

Here you can find total 0 of all Cargojet Airways route map. Overview of all Cargojet Airways flights and destinations: 

Cargojet Airways destinations.


Cargojet Airways FAQ's

1. How many destinations does Cargojet Airways fly to?

Cargojet Airways flights to 0 domestic destinations and international destinations including Canada and around the world.

2. How can find latest destinations of Cargojet Airways?

You can visit official website of Cargojet Airways here or can call direct Cargojet Airways customer care phone number at 905.501.7373. Also you can download complete destination map from airlines maps guide website at

3. How many destinations Cargojet Airways fly worldwide?

Cargojet Airways fly 0 around the world including domestic and international.

4. Where can download all Cargojet Airways route map?

You can visit guided website airlines map and can get all routes map and download XLS file of Cargojet Airways routes.