7 Things to Know While Moving to Portugal

Immigrants have many things to know while moving to Portugal. Major concern for people who want to travel to this country.

Posted on May 22, 2020 by Admin

7 Things to Know While Moving to Portugal

Immigrants have many things to know while moving to Portugal. This has been a major concern for people who want to travel to this country. In spite of being a Portuguese speaking country, the number of people applying for Portuguese residency is increasing daily. This country is being known for its quality of living. There are many scenic cities in this country with its peaceful streets. Portugal is one of the safest and secure countries in the world.

It will surprise you to know it can also be regarded as one of the colonial empires that colonized 53 countries in the world. You can't talk about climate without mentioning theirs, and this keeps on luring foreign expatriates into the country even from other parts of the continent. There are other things to think about this beautiful country which are the amazing architecture, and stunning beaches to chill during the summer season

Things to Know While Moving to Portugal

The following are things to know while you are immigrating to Portugal:

  1. Accommodation:

This shouldn't be a big problem at all, because there are some companies ready to help immigrants secure a comfortable house. The standard of living is not too high compared to other European countries like the United Kingdom. Algarve is one of the cities for immigrants to reside, because of its beautiful beaches and glorious weather.

  1. Language:

This is one of the first things to know while moving to Portugal. For instance, it will be a bad thing for anyone after finding themselves in Portugal can't even communicate with someone even saying the slightest thing like a good morning. It is better for one to have a basic knowledge of Portuguese because it is going to help them out in a time of necessity.

  1. Schooling:

The educational system in this country is more similar to every other country. It is compulsory to go to school from the ages of 6 to 16 years. In this country, they have both private and public schools. The latter is being sponsored by the government, while the former is owned by private individuals in the country.

  1. Currency:

The official money in this country is Euro (€). It is advisable for anyone who is planning to move to Portugal, should open a new bank account in Portugal where they can transfer all their funds to this new account. There is different bureau d' exchange available to help with this money transfer. It is better to use the one with the best rate to transfer money.

  1. Work:

Finding a job in this country is the same as in other countries in Europe. For you to be eligible for any work, some documents have to be ready such as a university degree, and a work permit. These two things are what most employers will be waiting to see before they are going to consider an immigrant like you to be employed.

  1. Healthcare:

The country has both private and public healthcare. For public healthcare, its services are free for all legal citizens, but the major problem is the lack of health staff to attend to patients. This is the major reason most patients consider going to make use of private healthcare for their medical treatments because they have the available equipment and manpower.

  1. Good Transport System:

There is no way you want to go without being able to find a means to get there. Their transport system had been built in such a way to allow easy accessibility. The major thing to attract you is both the trains and buses are affordable for anyone because transport tickets start from €1. Most citizens don't even make use of their private vehicles, due to the high cost of buying fuel.


In this article, we have been able to see things to know while moving to Portugal. You can also learn extras about obtaining Portuguese citizenship. This country is a great place for one to explore in order to get a piece of in-depth knowledge about this colonial country.