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3 Highest-Paying Aviation Jobs in the World

Posted on July 16, 2022 by Admin

3 Highest-Paying Aviation Jobs in the World

If being up in the sky and constantly traveling has been your dream forever, you are now in the right place. Choosing an aviation job is definitely a path for you then, however, the options are countless. This all depends on your skill set, expectations, and training. That being said, when you possess enough competence, you will find out how everyone wants you hired and work for them. 


We’ve put together a short list of some highly coveted jobs in the aviation industry, many of which will provide you with a lucrative income. Pick the one according to your interests and knowledge and start working towards your dream today. 


The aviation industry is truly unique and very satisfying once you make the first move. You might consider becoming an engineer, or the main hero and steering the plane as a pilot. If you fall into the second category, a strong resume might be your advantage.  If you decide to pursue a career as a pilot, a pilot resume writing service can be helpful in securing the job. Be sure to consider all the top paying aviation jobs listed below. Good luck and see you in the air!



This is the one we’ve all dreamed of as little kids. Being up in the air as the captain is one of the most rewarding feelings ever. But it comes with great responsibility and thousands of training hours. In order to become a pilot, a specific license is necessary.


Pilots generally work for airlines or private customers. The first option is based on a regular schedule, and one thing is sure. You will always be away from home for a decent amount each month. Most airline pilots work around seventy-five flying hours per month. The second option is to become a private pilot, meaning you will fly individually requested business or private flights. 


The pilot’s duties include pre-flight preparation, mid-flight communication, following strict procedures while in the air, and finally landing. A small amount of paperwork and documentation happens at the end of each flight.


A pilot’s pay can range anywhere from $90.000 to $150.000 per year, depending on how tight your schedule is. It is also worth noting that in some areas of the world the demand for pilots might be higher, resulting in an even bigger income.


Air Traffic Controller

If you are a heavily focused person with a long attention span, this job might be just for you! This is one of the highest paying aviation jobs due to the responsible nature of your duties. 


As a traffic controller, you will be accountable for guiding pilots and keeping track of all the paths in the air. If you're highly focused and have a good reaction time, you should mention more info about your hobbies and strong sides in the resume. Maybe even your passion for poetry will help you become a better candidate.


Similar to a pilot, this job splits into two categories. You can either work as a tower controller responsible for the traffic at the airport, monitoring radars and constantly updating paths. Or you can become a controller of approach and departure.


If you chose this job, expect an income level of about $130.000 per year (if hired by the government) or a bit less if working in technical fields related to science.


Aerospace engineer

If you wish to be a creator and designer, the engineering path should be a no-brainer for you. In this job, you will develop aircraft, work on complex research to ensure top aerodynamics and safety, and deal with all parts connected to the aircraft.


Just like in every branch mentioned by far, engineers get to have plenty of choices as well. You can go for parts manufacturing, physical research, or the already mentioned design and development. Out of the ones mentioned, it’s the physical development that is rewarded with the highest salary of about $130.000 per year.


Be aware that in order to become an aerospace engineer, you will be required a license stating that you can work as an engineer. Such licenses can be issued by your local authority in this field.




Now that you know the highest-paying jobs in aviation, it’s time to make your choice accordingly and start building your future today. If working with aircraft has always been a dream of yours, we encourage you to pursue your new career. It requires hard work and dedication, so if you ever feel overwhelmed, check over here again for motivation. The choice can seem tough, but once you make your move and gain competence in your area, everything will become crystal clear. 


If you are responsible, highly focused, and eager to learn, aviation has plenty of valuable options that will surely give you satisfaction. And the best part? The jobs are not only satisfying because of the value you provide, but they also provide significant income. Making six figures a year and working your dream job from childhood? Who wouldn’t want that?


We wish you good luck with your new choice, and always remember in hard times… This is a job you’ve always wanted, and no turbulence shall disrupt you!