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NO-DOUBT TRAVEL: 5 Tips to Avoid Getting Lost on Your Trip Abroad

Posted on June 22, 2020 by Nancy

NO-DOUBT TRAVEL: 5 Tips to Avoid Getting Lost on Your Trip Abroad


Travelling is so much fun. It enables you to gain loads of fresh experiences which you cannot just attain when you are at home or working all day. You get to learn a lot, meet a lot of people and bring home a lot of souvenirs and irreplaceable memories.


One of the memories you might also take home is getting lost during your trip abroad. Well, while that is funny in a way and while you definitely learn good lessons when that happens, getting lost is still something you do not want to experience. Why? First, it makes you nervous. You cannot deny that. Second, it sort of wastes some time you should be spending on your real schedule and plan.


To help you be reminded or discover what to do to avoid that, check out the list of travel tips below!





When you are going to travel abroad or any unfamiliar places, you have to be given at least some information on your surroundings. You need to have a general idea of what the place looks like, what roads you need to take to go to your destinations, and the distance you are going to traverse the unfamiliar environment.


To do that, you might need a map! You know what a map is already but for the sake of information and reminder, a map is a diagrammatic representation of an area that can be found in a flat surface, like paper, or a digital medium. With a map and the ability to understand how it works and the meanings of its content, you will surely be directed as needed.


Having a map will make you aware of the different ways you can go to a specific area, the routes you can take. It is really handy to have one since you will know when you have alternative routes to use.


Again, the map you can bring for your trip can either be manual or digital. Manual maps are those illustrations on a piece of paper, so you have to manually figure out where you are. Its biggest convenience is that it does not require you to use any electricity, since it’s already printed on paper. It will last forever unless destroyed or damaged.


On the other hand, digital maps use something called GPS or Global Positioning System that uses satellites to accurately pinpoint the location of your device. Smartphones are where digital maps usually are. They can be on tablets and of course, car navigation devices too. Digital maps are extremely convenient to have since they are portable.


We just install them in your digital device, and you get everything there in just a number of clicks. The con is that since digital maps are inside electronic gadgets, you do need to sustain them with power. When your device’s battery goes down, it’s going to be unfortunate -- most especially when it goes off.





Unless you are travelling solo, you need to always stick to your group or at least near places where you can easily come in contact with each other. This will prevent you from getting lost because you have somewhere to go to even in an unfamiliar place. Staying in touch with your group whether it be family or friends gives a sense of relief knowing that you are with them and that you are not nowhere to be found.


Especially if you are travelling in a large group, you have to be wary not to go away from them because since all are enjoying the trip, they might not immediately notice also when someone is lost. Using the buddy-buddy system is important too. If there’s a need for you to temporarily separate from your group, make sure to inform the others and to have a functional device, a proper signal and load to communicate.





Of course, when going abroad to other places, you will obviously be staying somewhere because you do not want to be a homeless tourist. You need a proper hotel accommodation to stay in and keep your baggage safe. You absolutely must know and keep in mind what your hotel's address is because if not, you will most likely have a hard time going about in unfamiliar places. You need to remember it clearly or have it noted on a paper or in your cell phone. Most likely, your accommodation is your starting point before you stroll and enjoy the country.


If you know the address of the place you are staying at, then you could just ask the local people for directions or use your manual or digital map to know where your place is. Even when you are staying at a relative's or friend's place abroad, you should bear the house address in mind.





Since you are going to places that you have probably never been before, or at least you are alien to the surroundings, asking people who are knowledgeable would be of great help. If you need suggestions, you can ask them ideal places for shopping, specific locations you are looking for, famous food and restaurants and loads of other information that you do not know.


There are always people around, so that’s one good thing you should take advantage of.. Locals are best to inquire to. Take the shyness and hesitations off; you do not need them. If you hired a travel guide, you have nothing to worry about.


Also, do not forget that there are language barriers when it comes to asking questions to locals and foreigners like you. Make sure you have some sort of way to communicate with them that both parties comprehend, so you will not misunderstand or be misunderstood.





Doing research and planning ahead about the place you are going to is always the best choice to become prepared in what lies beyond. Learn beforehand about the overall environment of the place. Know about the type of food they serve and their native delicacies. You certainly will look for famous attractions and well-known tourist spots, so search for them online as well. For hotel accommodation choices, it would be chief to book that before flying to the country, so research about the top picks for your desire and your budget.


Take advantage of the Internet and your device. They will help you have a general idea and head start on what the place you're going to is about. Doing this will certainly make you prepared and help you out in your journey to another country.




Nicole Ann Pore, the writer of this article told Us that, Getting lost in a country could be a memory for keeps, but that depends on many things. It’s still never a goal, of course, so get ready well and do well when you are travelling abroad.

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