Feel Free Again in One of These Overlooked English Beauty Spots

England Beauty Spots

Posted on June 26, 2020 by Alex

Feel Free Again in One of These Overlooked English Beauty Spots

Going on a holiday breaks you from the mundane commitment-oriented life. You can break free from the routine lifestyle to a more enchanting one. More importantly, you can connect with yourself to nature to bring back the original you. England is a place of many hidden marvels. It is highly recommended to visit the ‘not so crowded’ places to enjoy a lot and be with nature all the time. There are many places in England that are not explored so far. Let us see a few of those that can bring absolute solace in your life.

Yorkshire Wolds

A series of low hills in the counties is a spectacular destination to visit. The artistic effect of nature can take you to cloud nine. The incredible landscape and the lush green cover on the hills make it a must-visit place in England. The closer you get to the trees the nearer you go to the tranquility. The fragrance of the flowers and the green bushes are a gift from mother nature. It is a privilege to visit Yorkshire Wolds and it is a place that is not too crowded as well. 

Lincolnshire Wolds

The poetic version of the Wolds can be seen and felt. Lincolnshire Wolds offers a relaxed atmosphere that can make you go intoxicated with the feel of the soil. The lush green valleys and you walking around the plants can give an artistic feel to you. The rolling landscape of Lincolnshire is a living marvel that has already been written in the poetic verse of Tennyson Trail. Enjoy the poetry bringing nature closer to you. The hospitality of the locals will amaze you and this is one place that brings back the child in you.

Peak District, Staffordshire

This time into the rocks.  Of course, this National Park houses a whole world inside. With lush green valleys and eclectic rocky mountains, Peak district is one place to visit for a lifetime. The adjoining villages offering warmth, the entire place is calm. The breeze at the top and the sunshine in the land brings immeasurable pleasure. This place also houses much wildlife with rare species, Peak district Staffordshire is a heaven in the making. This an unseen and unheard location and it is highly recommended to visit soon before it gets crowded. 

The South Downs National Park

This is one of the National parks in Hampshire. Relatively new, has plenty of space to walk around and play. The wonderful landscape and its panoramic view make the trip an exquisite one. Opt for the British airways reservations to visit the world’s most incredible National Parks. With numerous flowering plants and shrubs, this place looks like a green carpet. Get discounted tickets on British airways.

New Forest National Park

This is the oldest national park in the country. You can spot ponies just like that. Numerous footpaths, for long and short walks. This place offers the utmost relaxation. Travelers who are peace lovers will never like to leave this place. The sound of the breeze and chirping birds in between gives a different atmosphere altogether. You may also come across a 2500-year-old fort in the park. 

It is a gift to visit places and that too when it comes to nature, it is the best plan to unwind. American Airlines reservations are also open and you can soon fly to these destinations.