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Complete Guide On Types Of Visa To Visit Italy

Posted on September 01, 2021 by Alex

Complete Guide On Types Of Visa To Visit Italy



If you are planning to visit Italy, the foremost prerequisite to know is what type of visa you will be requiring. Relax, if you are an EU / EEA national because you will only be requested to provide your identification documents as Italy is a common travel area of the Schengen Zone. However, you will require a tourist visa, a study or job visa, or several other types that may be applicable to you. Due to the presence of Italians in almost all parts of the world, it has regulated the visa application amicably. Thereby you will be applying for your relevant Italian visa through the Italian Embassy or the consulate. 



  • USV (Uniform Schengen Visa) 



This is a short stay visa for Italy and all other Schengen Countries. This is required when you belong to countries that do not have visa liberalization agreements with Schengen Countries (mostly third world countries). Generally, the visa processing methodology is the same for all types of visas with little changes of required documents as per the type of the desired or applied for the visa.



  • Airport transit visa – Type A



If Italy is not your destination country, however, circumstantially you have to land at any airport of Italy for a limited duration for transit to the next flight/country (non – Schengen), then you will be asked to produce the Airport Transit Visa. You must possess a valid visa for your destination country and a valid flight ticket.



  • Transit Visa – Type B



If you are traveling by sea to Italy or any other non-Schengen country and you need to harbor at any of the Italian seaports, you must possess the Italian Transit visa. In addition to regular traveling documents, you must also have Seaman’s Book, the letter from the concerned Shipping organization, contracts documents, and a Medical fitness certificate while applying for the visa.



  • Tourist Visa / Travel visa– Type C



This type of visa is required if your soul purpose of travel is tourism, recreation, or cultural / sightseeing. It will be valid for 90 days in any half of the year starting from the day of your arrival in Italy. Your bank statement of 6 months, details of travel, and hotel itinerary are the additional documents that must be available at the time of application.



  • Limited Territorial Visa



This type of visa is valid only for one specific Schengen country that is Italy.



  • Long Sojourn or National Visa (NV) 



Valid for more than 90 days depending upon different types of terms that apply over this visa as per the Italian immigration authorities.



  • Spouse Visa



If your spouse is an Italian citizen and you intend to visit him/her, you will be applying for Spouse Visa. When doing so, you must have proof of the spouse’s Italian citizenship, an Italian marriage certificate, and a family record book. 



  • Visa for Sports, Film, Cultural or Religious Purpose



If the aim of your visit to Italy is any of the above-mentioned reasons, then you will be applying for an Italy Visa for Culture, Sports, Film Crew, and Religious Purposes. The documents which must be obtained before applying for the visa will include the following: -

  • Event Information regarding the festival you intend to visit through applying for this visa.
  • The invitation letter from the concerned organization.
  • Tickets for entry into Italy for each individual entering through this type of visa.
  • A program of the events which are planned to be attended.
  • Any proof of previous performance if visited Italy. 



  • Medical Visa



Sometimes, people need to travel to Italy to get medical treatment for the prevailing health conditions. This will entail sharing medical reports of the patient, medical attestation from a certified doctor, and a confirmation from the medical officials over the treatment of the patient.



  • Study Visa



This is the visa you will be applying for, in case you intend to study, training or undergoing an internship in Italy. It will be valid for 90 days from the day of entry into Italy. You will need a NOC from your educational institute, an internship agreement, enrolment confirmation letter, and the Declaration of Value while forwarding your application for this type of visa.



  • Business Visa



When your visit to Italy is based on business requirements, meetings, or business deals, you will be needing a Business Visa. In such a case, you must have a letter from the company, a certification proving the registration of the company, and an invitation letter of proof from the host company while applying for the visa. 


Rejection of Visa


Hiding any facts from the visa examiner, any previous violations or having a name in the blacklist, lacking an intention to return to the home country, or failing to mention sponsors in case of sponsor visa, you are liable for getting rejected by the immigration authorities. Also, in case your passport is found to be older than 10 years or it is not valid up to 3 months ahead of your planned return date, you may face rejection of your application.


How Long One Can Stay in Italy over any Visa?


If you are a national of the EU, you can stay in Italy for 90 days, within 6 months. Italian passport holders may stay in Italy for as long they intend.   


How Much Time to Get an Italian Visa?


Minimum 15 days are required as the processing time for a visa, extendable up to 30 days. In some cases where documents show major or minor problems, the process may take 60 days. It is suggested that your application for an Italian Visa must reach authorities as soon as possible but not earlier than 30 days.


Can I extend My Visa?

In exceptional cases only, you can get your Italian Schengen Visa extended. That would only be possible if it is confirmed that you cannot travel back to your home country for unavoidable circumstances like humanitarian reasons. 

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