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9 Affordable Destinations to Visit This Summer

Destinations to Visit This Summer

Posted on May 16, 2022 by Admin

9 Affordable Destinations to Visit This Summer

The summer is around the corner, and you have already gotten your booster shot and started arranging things to plan the trip beforehand. Many people choose the standard destinations within their country or internationally. Others choose to come back home and spend time with their family and friends. Regardless of whether you are a family person or crave new adventures, this list will help you look for the most affordable destinations for summer 2022. 


Planning your summer vacation is essential for students. You should always plan, not only because you need to save money, but because setting short-term goals can motivate you to do your best. Especially when you are almost done with final tests and polishing your essays with EssayPro, you deserve to think about relaxation. Even if you can't choose the most luxurious resorts, you still have a variety of options that will help you to recharge. 


It is important to leave all your worries behind. Don’t pack too much clothing, stay in a good mood, and focus on traveling.


Traveling in 2022


Before grabbing your suitcase and sunscreen, you should carefully check travel restrictions and recommendations. COVID-19 has changed trends and daily routines, and it is important to add health safety tips to general rules to follow. It is a good idea to check government web pages and take notes on all the dos and don’ts. 

You should also manage all the necessary documents beforehand. The same rule goes for students who plan to visit a country to study abroad or spend a semester there. So, before you plan your trip, make sure you understand the situation and have all the documents in order. 


Panama City, Florida


This is the most desirable & affordable destination for those who love beaches and quality sunbathing. Panama City can offer you reasonable hotels and flight pricing, bars, and restaurant journeys. Among standard coastal routes, you can count on having a moment to reconnect with nature. 


Panama City has one of the most beautiful parks that you won't be able to see in one day. Frank Brown Park, and Conservation Park, are a must for anyone visiting the city. All you need is to enjoy the moment and pay attention to the services provided. Also, don't forget about Pier Park, the famous attraction that always expands. 


New Orleans, Louisiana


People who love rich history and architecture would be excited to visit this destination. New Orleans is a must to visit and write about. Regardless of the season, you visit the town, you will find plenty of things to do. Museums and local tours should be the first point on your list in New Orleans. 


You can find cheap accommodation right in the heart of the city. Local cuisine and beverages would be a perfect reward after a long day of museum and city tours. As a way to finish your day, you can enjoy New Orleans nightlife in its full glory.


Montego Bay, Jamaica


Montego Bay is a heaven on earth you really want to visit in your student years. The city offers affordable accommodation, versatile cuisine, and vivid nightlife. You can choose between sunbathing and exploring the cultural attractions Jamaica has.


Rest assured that in Montego Bay, you can practice conscious eco-tourism and learn from locals about different activities. Regardless of your primary interest, you can find anything in Montego Bay. You just need to take your time and explore all the available possibilities.


Havana, Cuba


This destination has quite an alluring history, awesome beaches, and diverse culture to discover. Here, you can find various iconic landmarks, from the National Capitol Building to churches and houses. It is preferable to discover more of Cuba, but the capital is a good start for first-timers.


Havana makes all trivial things exciting. A car tour allows you to see Old Havana and ride the original 50s versions of cars. In the evening, the weather calms a bit, and you can enjoy a tour in bars and dance to salsa or jazz beats. 


Hintertux Glacier ski resort, Austria


This is a little different attraction for those who want to find a snow getaway from hot summer. You should be careful with booking your trip, as mountains are famous for poor weather at times. Aside from that, nothing should hold you back from enjoying your skiing experience.


This 365 days a year ski resort should be one of the most vivid experiences you can reward yourself after a tough academic year. It may be rather a secluded experience there, in comparison to other resorts, but it is definitely worth giving it a try. If you plan to go for a trip with your family, consider that this resort is not very child-friendly. 


The Dolomites, Italy


The mountain range in northeastern Italy is an attraction for people who love active vacations. The Dolomites provide you with unique hiking routes, breathtaking sights, and quite a variety of places to stay. If you don’t plan to spend your night at luxury resorts, then you are good to go.


It is a real dream for people who want to test themselves. Everything from rafting, climbing, and cycling is open for your consideration. Without a doubt, you won’t find mountains like the Dolomites. 


Kos, Greece


Many people make the common mistake of only visiting Athens. Meanwhile, Greece has a lot of towns worth visiting and saving a penny. You can find cheap hotel and dining offers at local restaurants, completely hassle-free.


Kos is one of the Dodecanese islands with a variety of sightseeing attractions. You can start with culture and then enjoy your evening at sandy beaches and the warm sea. You might need to stay here for a week to complete all "quests" in Kos. It is a real test for people who challenge themselves with various activities.


Tallinn, Estonia


Tallinn is famous for becoming the heart of the IT industry in Europe. Not only is it a highly technological and fast-growing country, but it also has a lot to offer to visitors. If you love the fusion of past and future, Estonia is waiting for you. 


The town has everything from museums to clubs. It is a perfect option to explore it by walking and seeing all the corners yourself. The old town is one of the top UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and with quite a considerable price, you can explore castles and underground tunnels. 


Sofia, Bulgaria


Bulgaria may not be one of the most famous affordable destinations, but it is worth visiting. Sofia has more than several centuries of history. You can trace it in its architecture, urban design, and other aspects that you must see with your eyes. 


The city has many ancient churches, rotundas, and other attractions worth exploring. You can find plenty of nightclubs and bars to immerse in the city rhythm, too. In addition, Bulgarian cuisine is a must-try. 




To have a perfect vacation, you should know yourself well. Many trip advisors like - Airlinesmap offer only one side of traveling. You don’t have to spend all night in the club to enjoy your trip or specifically go to museums only. Yet, sometimes, the best course is to challenge yourself and change the ordinary route.


The best advice when going somewhere is to learn about cultural differences and know the best spots.

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