5 Instagrammable Spots That Will Make You Book Flights To India Instantly

Best Picturesque Places To visit In India

Posted on September 22, 2020 by Alex

5 Instagrammable Spots That Will Make You Book Flights To India Instantly

Eat. Sleep. Instagram. Repeat. With small Instagram breaks accumulating to being more than half of the day, this has officially become the new saying. And what do we see when we browse the same? We see wondrous pictures of people traveling and having a gala time. The consequence of all this is us craving to find such spots at an affordable price, right? Well, your wish has been granted and the tables are ready to turn. 


But for that, you’ll have to take a virtual tour of the 5-most Instagrammable spots in India where we’ll walk you through the path you’ll tread if you happen to book flights to India. Are you ready? C’mon then! 


Jodhpur - The City Bathed In The World’s Favorite Color Blue



Do you have a thing for aesthetics? Intricate doorways? Labyrinths of stairs? Jodhpur can be your perfect getaway. Getting clicked in this blue city will 100% turn your Insta fam green with envy! This colorful affair is hard to resist, especially because it resembles Chefchaouen in Morocco. Surrounding the Mehrangarh Fort, you can plan your itinerary in a way that gives you some leisure time after the Fort tour so you can walk down the streets and get some dope pictures clicked. 


Pro Tip: Choose a vibrant outfit, preferably a flowy dress. Avoid blue-colored attire unless you want to merge with the background or execute a specific idea. Green, White, and Yellow will stand out the best. 


Don’t forget to walk up the stairs to a rooftop for panoramic views of the blue-roofed houses. 


Udaipur - The City That Oozes Out Royalty



If you book flights to India and add this city to your tour, get ready for jaw-dropping, oh-so-gorgeously colored, strikingly larger-than-life corridors, intricately designed archways, flamboyant rooms, and grandiloquent courtyards. Not just this, the ornate windows showcase sweeping views of the city and it’s nothing but breathtaking. The clicks you’ll take at the beautifully-designed City Palace and the Lake Pichola will be hands-down the best pictures of your life because the lighting (which is the exclusive factor that makes or breaks a picture) is next to perfect here.


Pro-Tip: Because the Palace was once home to the Royals, wearing a traditional outfit will have the viewers travel back in time. However, if you want to create a contrast, Bohemian or Hippie outfits with heavy metallic jewelry will pop eyes out. 


Don’t forget to try the world-famous THALI to take your taste buds on a roller-coaster ride. 


Benaras - The City Of Poets Who Talk & Poems That Walk



If you visit Varanasi (Benaras) and happen to ask a question, say “Do I take a left or a right,” don’t be surprised to get a poetic couplet in reply, something like “Left or right, your destiny will automatically take you to your site!” Not kidding! Even though the economy of this city isn’t sky-rocketing, rickshaw pullers can easily be spotted reading Nietzsche. No, not in English. In French itself! How can the pictures of this full-of-life city be any less? Please note that the pictures you’ll click/get clicked will be tragic (because the crowd during Ganga Aarti will drive you mad) and chaotic (because you will hardly have any personal space), but you’ll witness this tragedy turning into beauty amazingly well. What do they say - “Delightful things occur in the aftermath of the chaos.” 


Pro-Tip: Wear comfortable clothes, preferably a Dhoti-salwar with Kohlapuris or juttis. Heels are a big no, no.


Don’t forget to try betel leaves (flavored paan), otherwise, you’ll miss out on the local essence of the city. And oh, the Benarasi sarees! Buy 2. Maybe 4. Or 10. They never get out-of-fashion. 


Pangong Lake In Leh - Where Beauty Overspills In Rhythm



This lake isn’t any random lake, but an artist that creates a new surreal painting with striking new colors every moment. Plus, the colors in its palette aren’t the usual ones but a mixture of fluorescent and pastel - the ones only Mother Nature can create! Right from turquoise to emerald, Pangong leaves no alluring hue untouched and that’s what makes it heavenly magical. The sky and the sea will behave like identical twins and will play games with your mind. Chances are you’ll feel like you’re standing upside-down and you’ll also forget every other job than to keep ogling at the beauty and imbibing its ambiance. 


Pro-Tip: If you ask us, we’d recommend carrying every piece of winter clothing that you have (exaggeration totally intended). Since it’s not possible, carry fur jackets that are waterproof and warm. Also if you are a non-Indian, you’d need to get permits. 


Don’t forget to get clicked. Don’t. Reiterating this because the beauty of the lake makes people forget everything. EVERYTHING. Some even forget to come back…unless the chilly winds drive them away, of course.


Alleppey - Where Backwaters Take You Ahead In Your Travel Dreams



Have you ever had the chance to witness poetry in motion? This place will showcase the best moves you’d have EVER seen. With houseboats floating in pools of happiness, backwaters dancing to their own tunes, and rows of palms swinging in rhythm, you’ll have the chance to get the best pictures clicked here. 


Pro-Tip: Book a houseboat for at least a day to enjoy the stay, else the fun part will remain unexplored. The houseboats come equipped with washrooms, kitchen, ACs, and other amenities. 


Don’t forget to try the platters that are relished by the localities. 


While there are many photogenic places in India, we have shortlisted these 5 as you’ll find umpteen captivating sites near these places. You won’t have to walk long distances to find another picturesque destination; a 10-15-minute walk will do. Besides, these are some of the most sought-after attractions in India that make foreign travelers go gaga over. 


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