5 Blunders you should avoid while renting a car
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5 Blunders you should avoid while renting a car

Failing to inspect the rental car

Posted on September 18, 2020 by Nancy

5 Blunders you should avoid while renting a car

Renting a car while traveling has become such a trend in many countries. It is because rental cars offer many benefits including ease of travel without any stress. Renting an automobile is also the best and pocket-friendly option to move anywhere in the country you are traveling. Before you opt to rent a car in Dubai you should do your research completely and ask questions about the rental car company to know each and everything.

You might have read blogs that offer many tips to rent a car but this blog is about things you should avoid while renting an automobile. Many travelers are not sure about how to rent a car while avoiding mistakes. They are also wondering about additional insurances or paying to refuel the car and many other issues like that.

Below are the 5 mistakes you should avoid while renting a car. Read them carefully to enjoy a safe and stress-free trip.


Failing to inspect the rental car

Make sure to inspect the car properly before you hire an automobile or sign the contract. It is the best way to prevent extra charges. It will also prevent you from being held for existing damage. Inspect the car carefully to find the dents and scratches. Inspect the car interior as well. Most of the car rental companies ask you to sign the inspection form. Don’t neglect it in the case of a hurry and sign it after proper inspection. It will save you from an extra fee when you return the car.


Failing to check place for the refill


Find the place to refill your car right after picking it up. If you are driving away from the airport, take notice of the local gas refill stations. It will be helpful while returning your car because you need to refill it while returning back. If you return your car with an empty tank, the rental car company will ask you to pay for a refill and it will be more costly. 


Failing to return the vehicle on time

If you aren't able to return the car on time, it may result in additional costs. So, always make sure to hire a vehicle according to your trip duration. Like if your stay is short, you can go for daily, or weekly car rental but if your stay duration is not short, we recommend you to take a Monthly car rental service. In this way, you will be able to return the car back right on time. 


Including extra names for drivers in the contract


You need to know that you have to pay more if the rental car is being driven by more drivers. You have to add the name of the additional drivers in the contract and it will cost you more. Also, keep in mind that if the driver's age is from 21 to 25 years, it will tend to be more expensive for you. To cut the additional cost, try to minimize the number of people behind the steering wheel. 


Failing to review car insurance 


The rental car insurance does not save the rented vehicles in the event if any accident occurs. You need to consult your agent to know if the insurance is propitious for you before accepting it. If you have insurance on your personal vehicle, it may assign to a rental car without many hurdles. 




You can bring your own accessories like a child seat, wheelchair (if needed), GPS, etc to save big. Many car rentals are offering new car refueling options but do not opt for this unless you are getting late because the cost will be much higher. Manage all the things before your departure so you will get the full security fee you deposited before. 

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