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Asiana Airlines Cancellation Policy, Refund Policy and Flight Change

Asiana Airlines

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Founded - 1988

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South Korea

Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy Information

Life is uncertain for everybody and every one of us can have emergencies, thus by keeping this thing in mind every airline comes up with its own set of cancellation and refund policies that allows us to cancel our flight and get our money back. Thus, cancelation and refund policy is an integral part of every airline's set of policies. Asiana Airlines cancellation and refund policy refers to the situation in which either you cancel your flight or Asiana Airlines does due to some technical issues and you claim the amount you paid for your flight ticket. Here's the detailed article on the Asiana airline cancelation policy.

Asiana Airline Cancellation Policy

Asiana Airlines Cancelation Policy is as simple as it is convenient. It depends on the rules of the place from where you are purchasing the ticket, for example, if you are purchasing the ticket to or from the U.S.A, and you cancel your ticket within the first 24 hours of booking your flight, you will be eligible for a free refund. Thus, Asiana airline 24 hours cancelation service doesn’t exist as it depends on which country you are flying from. 

Asiana Airline Refundable Ticket Cancellation

Every airline has an option of a refundable ticket for its passengers. If you buy a refundable ticket, the airline will provide you with a full refund upon cancelation of your flight ticket. The passengers have also the option of booking an Asiana Airline refundable ticket on which provides a full refund when they cancel their flight, including taxes. 

Asiana Airline Non-Refundable Ticket Cancellation

Non-refundable tickets are the tickets provided by the airline to its passengers which can’t be refunded. The price of the non-refundable ticket is less than the refundable ticket but the airline won't provide refunds if you cancel your flight. If you have booked Asiana Airlines non-refundable ticket, the airline won't provide you with any refunds. Still, in countries where it is necessary to refund taxes according to the law, the airline will do everything in its hand to obey the law.

Asiana Airline No Show Cancellation Policy

No Show refers to the person who doesn’t appear to board his/her flight after either booking the ticket or doing its check-in. According to Asiana Airline No Show Cancellation Policy, the airline will refund your fees after levying a small penalty based on where you were traveling and whether you didn’t show up after booking your ticket or doing your check-in. Here is the detailed list of the penalty levied by Asiana Airlines according to whether the flight was domestic or international:

Domestic flights Collected in Korea Booked on or before 19 Oct 2022 Booked on or after 20 Oct 2022
KRW 8,000 ($6.48) KRW 10,000 ($8.10)


International flights


  Booked on or before 19 Oct 2022 Booked on or after 20 Oct 2022
Collected in Korea KRW 120,000 ($97.21) KRW 120,000 ($97.21)
Collected overseas USD 120   USD 120 

Asiana Airline Itself Cancelation policy

Asiana Airlines tries to make your journey as easy as possible but in the case where Asiana Airlines has to delay or cancel your flight, the Asiana Airline will provide you with the appropriate refunds. If your flight was delayed or canceled the airline will either make arrangements for you on a different flight or provide a full refund for the used or half-used ticket.

Asiana Airline Cancellation Method

Asiana Airlines provide you with different options through which you can cancel your flight, you can either do it on the web, on your mobile, on-call, or at the airport. Here is detailed information on how you can cancel your flight.

Asiana Airline Online Cancellation method

Asiana Airlines has provided you the service of canceling flights from the comfort of your home and not going through the hassle of getting up and going to the airport. Here is the method through which you can cancel your Asiana Airline flight :

  • Go to the Asiana Airline website.
  • Click on the Find my trip tab.
  • Fill in the required information.
  • Click on the Cancel booking link.
  • Your flight has been canceled.

Asiana Airline Offline Cancellation Method

Asiana Airlines wants to make your traveling experience as easy as possible from flight booking to its cancellation. You can contact them at (1-800-227-4262) and ask the agent on the line to cancel your flight.

Asiana Airline Airport Cancellation Method

Asiana Airlines also allows you to cancel your flight by going to the airport. You can go to the Asiana Airline counter at the airport and ask the agent on the counter to cancel your flight.

Asiana Airline Refund Policy

Asiana Airlines provides refunds to its passengers after levying small cancellation fees based on which class ticket they bought: economy or business. Asiana airline Refund policy is as follows:

  • Asiana Airline Refund policy varies according to the place from which the ticket originated.
  • You can apply for a refund of domestic tickets till the expiry date of the flight ticket

  • You can apply for a refund of international tickets till 30 days after the expiry date of the flight ticket.

  • The person whose name the ticket was issued should apply for the refund in person.

  • In the case of no show for international flights departing from Korea, the airline will charge an additional penalty depending on when the refund request is made.

Asiana Airlines Cancellation and Reimbursement FAQ's

☞ How long does Asiana Airlines take to process a refund?

Asiana Airlines processes the refund as soon as possible but it depends on your card cycle and bank as to how long it takes to show the refund.

☞ How can I check my Asiana Airline flight cancellation refund status?

You can check your Asiana Airline flight cancellation refund status by logging into your Asiana Airline account and finding the refund option.

☞ Asiana Airlines canceled my flight. Can I get my refund?

The airline will either provide you refund or make arrangements for you on a different flight.

☞ How to cancel Asiana flight?

You can cancel Asiana Airlines flight either online or offline.

☞ I purchased my ticket from a travel agent. Can I cancel my ticket online?

You can't cancel your ticket online; you must contact the agent who booked your ticket to cancel your itinerary.

☞ Can I change my ticket to a different date instead of canceling it?

Yes, you can change your ticket to a different date but the airline charges you a small fee.

☞ How can I contact Asiana Airlines?

Asiana Airlines airline customer service number is 1800 427 2262. The service is available 24*7.

☞ What happens if I cancel my Asiana Airlines flight?

That depends completely on what fare type you have booked and whether or not you’ve booked a refundable Asiana Airlines ticket.

If you’ve purchased a basic economy Asiana Airlines ticket, you are not permitted to cancel the ticket for a refund after the 24-hour grace period from when your ticket was booked.

Note: The 24-hour grace period as per The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC). When you book tickets from the United states. 

If you have a non-refundable Asiana Airlines ticket you will be required to pay a few bucks domestic tickets and international ticket fees range from $200 to $500 (depending on the length of the flight. Afterward, you will receive the remainder of your fare, minus the fee, in the form of an e-Credit for use on a future Asiana Airlines flight.

If you have a Asiana Airlines refundable or flex ticket you can cancel anytime before the departure of your flight and you will be reimbursed on your original method of payment.

☞ Can I cancel a Asiana Airlines flight within 24 hours?

Yes, all customers will have 24 hours from the time of their original booking to cancel their Asiana Airlines reservation without being charged a Asiana Airlines cancellation fee, regardless of fare selected.

Note: The 24-hour grace period as per The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC). When you book tickets from the United States. 


☞ What happens if you cancel a Asiana Airlines non-refundable flight?

To cancel a Asiana Airlines non-refundable ticket you will be required to pay between $200-$500 depending on the length of the flight, location, and type of fare. The remaining fare will be given to you as an e-Credit for future use on a Asiana Airlines flight.

☞ Can I get Asiana Airlines compensation for a 2 hour flight delay?

You're legally entitled to get compensation if the delay is the Asiana Airlines responsibility and either: the replacement flight delays your arrival by 2 or more hours. your Asiana Airlines flight was canceled less than 14 days before departure.

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