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Air Seychelles

Creole Spririt Bldg, Mahe, East Africa, Seychelles, 386

Phone : +248 4 391 000

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Air Seychelles

Air Seychelles is not a very big airline with respect to the size of fleet and served destinations but their quality of service at unbelievably affordable prices is one of the best among the airlines all over the world. It is the national airline company of the Republic of Seychelles. Their official website provides all the necessary information about the flights of Air Seychelles.

Air Seychelles

The slogan of Air Seychelles says “Flying the Creole Spirit” which aptly suits their popularity in their country. Government of Seychelles owns 60% shares of the company. Its headquarter is located in Mahe, Seychelles. Remco Althuis is appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles. It is the best option if you want to fly to Seychelles. Despite being a smaller airline company, Air Seychelles claims revenue of more than US$ 100 million every year.

Air Seychelles History

It was established in 1977 by merging two other companies named Inter-Island Airways and Air Mahe. The international journey was started in 1983 to Frankfurt and London. Initially,  they used for Britten Norman Trislander for providing air services. Later they bought Short 360 aircraft to provide better services. In February 2012, Etihad Airways bought 40% shares of the company for US$ 45 million. Air Seychelles is also one of the members of Etihad Airlines Alliance. After this huge investment, Air Seychelles introduced flight to Abu Dhabi in March 2012.

Air Seychelles Overview

The fleet size of Air Seychelles is 7 which consists of 2 Airbus A320-200 and 5 Viking Air DHC-6-400 Twin Otter. They have ordered 2 units of Airbus 320neo and they were scheduled to arrive till the end of July 2019. But recently their arrival date is postponed. They have a codeshare agreement with several other airlines like Air France, Virgin Australia, Etihad Airways and many more like them.

Air Seychelles Destinations and Hubs

As mentioned earlier also, Air Seychelles is not a very big airlines company. They cover 7 destinations across 6 countries and their hub is situated in Seychelles International Airport. Mumbai is one of the major destinations served by Air Seychelles. Apart from Etihad Airways Alliance, they are also a part of Vanilla Alliance which has Air Austral, Air Mauritius, Intl Air lles, and Air Madagascar as other members. Apart from these destinations, they have planned to include Tel Aviv, Israel in their list. The first flight for Israel is scheduled on 27 November 2019.



Air Seychelles Speciality

Many people underestimate the potential of Air Seychelles by their size. You will notice that all of their aircraft are well maintained and have all the security features as per the international standards. The crew members’ hospitality will win over your hearts and you will wish to fly again with them. Their meals and entertainment options are also quite well. And all this provided to you at a very low price. In short, Air Seychelles provides you all the services which you expect from any international airline company.

Air Seychelles Baggage Allowances

For economy class, the maximum weight of allowed checked baggage is 30 Kg and for business class, the passengers can carry bags whose total weight is 40Kg or less. For flight within Seychelles and Mauritius, the baggage allowance for checked baggage is 40 Kg. The sum of all the three dimensions of your luggage must not exceed 115cm. You can also carry a hand luggage with you. The maximum permissible weight for hand luggage in economy class is 7Kg and for business class, it is 12 Kg. You can also carry sports equipment used in cycling, Golf, Surfing, diving, and fishing. The excess baggage rates are very cheap in Air Seychelles and you can check them on their official website.

Air Seychelles Foods and Beverages

Air Seychelles provides different varieties of meals during their flights. They have divided the meals into various classes depending upon the type of person eating it.

  • Religious Meals: There are different kinds of meal available for different community. Like there is a separate cuisine for Hindus, Jain, and Kosher. Apart from all these, all the meals prepared are according to Halal.
  • Vegetarian Meals: If you are a complete vegetarian, then also you don’t need to worry as Air Seychelles have a different menu for vegetarian people.
  • Nut or Peanut Allergies: If you have some allergy to peanuts or nuts, you can opt for this category.
  • Medical and Dietary Meals: If you a calorie-conscious person, you can choose from different meals available in this category. There are various sub-categories available in this section like Gluten-Free Meals, Diabetic Meal, Low Fat Meal, etc.


Air Seychelles Booking


You can book tickets at their hub at Seychelles International Airport or you can just visit their website and book tickets from your home. When you will be traveling with them, you should have all the necessary documents with you. If you are traveling outside your country, your passport and visa must be valid.



Air Seychelles Classes

There are three classes in Air Seychelles.

  • Economy Class: In economy class, you will be provided fewer services as compared to business class but the ticket price will be cheaper.
  • Business Class: Some of the services which are included in business class are a complimentary meal, TV, and movies for entertainment, complimentary drinks of a wide range of varieties and many more like that.

Chartered Flights: If you want to have personal flight experience, then you can opt for this. This service is only available to three locations within Seychelles namely       Denis Island, Bird Island, and D’Arros Island.

Air Seychelles routes map

Get the Latest updated Air Seychelles flights route map. Guided information of Air Seychelles destinations and hub airports. Air Seychelles serves near about 2 domestic destinations and international destinations around the world. Air Seychelles fly to over 2 destinations worldwide including most popular city domestic and international. Air Seychelles has expanded its fly range of domestic and international routes in conjunction with its code-share partners.

Air Seychelles Details.

Air Seychelles is located in Seychelles at Creole Spririt Bldg , Mahe, East Africa, Seychelles . Direct official website of Air Seychelles is and customer care phone number is +248 4 391 000.

Steps to find all Air Seychelles route map.

You can visit the official website and check the latest update route map of Air Seychelles. If you are a travel agent or travel company you can simply use the GDS system (Amadeus, sabre, Worldspan, etc.) to get an updated destination map of Air Seychelles. Still, you are facing difficulty to find Air Seychelles routes you can visit and call direct Air Seychelles customer care number +248 4 391 000. The Customer service agent of Air Seychelles gives you the best and latest routes information.

Air Seychelles route maps & Destinations

Looking for direct Air Seychelles flights, routes or flight schedules operated by another Air Seychelles? Search for Air Seychelles below to view their route map, destinations, and time schedules. You can download all domestic and International maps of routes served by Air Seychelles. Note: Air Seychelles may cancel any destination including domestic and international. The does not take any guarantee any promising information displayed on this page all information about Air Seychelles taken from various sources for complete information you may call Air Seychelles phone at +248 4 391 000 or visit official website

List of Air Seychelles destinations

Here you can find total 2 of all Air Seychelles route map. Overview of all Air Seychelles flights and destinations: 

Air Seychelles destinations.


  • Air Seychelles

    Praslin Island Airport


    Praslin Island

    Seychelles International Airport


    Mahe Island

  • Air Seychelles

    Seychelles International Airport


    Mahe Island

    Praslin Island Airport


    Praslin Island

Air Seychelles FAQ's

1. How many destinations does Air Seychelles fly to?

Air Seychelles flights to 2 domestic destinations and international destinations including Seychelles and around the world.

2. How can find latest destinations of Air Seychelles?

You can visit official website of Air Seychelles here or can call direct Air Seychelles customer care phone number at +248 4 391 000. Also you can download complete destination map from airlines maps guide website at

3. How many destinations Air Seychelles fly worldwide?

Air Seychelles fly 2 around the world including domestic and international.

4. Where can download all Air Seychelles route map?

You can visit guided website airlines map and can get all routes map and download XLS file of Air Seychelles routes.